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  • TV-14
  • 2014
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.3  (149)

Wicked Tuna: North vs. South is an American television series that premiered on National Geographic Channel in 2014. The show is a spin-off of the popular Wicked Tuna series and features some of the best fishermen from the North and South competing against each other for the ultimate prize- the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna.

The series is set in the coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean, more specifically in the New England area of the United States. The show follows the lives of some of the most skilled fishermen from the North and the South, who are in constant competition with each other to catch the biggest tuna. Each episode focuses on the lives of a different team, as they set out to sea in search of their prize catch.

The teams featured on the show are made up of a group of 3-4 fishermen, each with their own unique style and approach to the sport. They have to navigate through treacherous waters, face unpredictable weather conditions and deal with the challenges of catching the notoriously elusive Bluefin Tuna. The show is not just about the competition but also about the stories of the fishermen and how they deal with the highs and lows of this demanding profession.

One of the most popular characters on the show is Rob Naughton, the captain of the Hot Tuna, a fishing vessel owned by his family. Rob is a third-generation fisherman from Gloucester, Massachusetts, and has been fishing for bluefin tuna for over 30 years. He is considered one of the best fishermen in the North and has built a reputation for himself as a skilled and determined captain. Rob is known to push his crew to their limits in order to catch the biggest fish and has been featured on the show since its inception.

Another popular character on the show is Tyler McLaughlin, the captain of the Pinwheel. Tyler is a young and ambitious fisherman from Rye Harbor, New Hampshire, who has been fishing for bluefin tuna since he was just 13 years old. He is known for his aggressive and competitive attitude and has been a favorite of fans since he first appeared on the show. Tyler is not just a great fisherman but also a savvy businessman and has been featured in various fishing magazines.

The third member of the North team is Timothy James Ott, the captain of the Hot Tuna. Timothy is a young and promising fisherman from South Portland, Maine, who has been fishing for bluefin tuna for over a decade. He grew up fishing with his father and grandfather and has built a reputation for himself as a skilled captain. Timothy brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the show and is often seen pushing his team to their limits.

The South team is made up of some of the best fishermen from the Carolinas, who are in fierce competition with their counterparts from the North. The South team is led by Captain Greg Mayer, who has been fishing for bluefin tuna for over 30 years. Greg is a proud Southerner and brings a lot of southern charm to the show. He is known for his easy-going personality and his ability to get along with other fishermen, regardless of their origin.

The other members of the South team are also highly skilled fishermen who have been selected to compete against the North for the ultimate prize. The competition between the two teams is intense and the show captures the excitement and tension of the battle for the biggest catch.

Overall, Wicked Tuna: North vs. South is an exciting and action-packed show that captures the lives of some of the most skilled and dedicated fishermen in the world. The show highlights the challenges these fishermen face and the determination and grit they need to succeed. It is a must-watch for anyone who loves the great outdoors, the open sea, and the thrill of the chase.

Wicked Tuna: North vs. South is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (21 episodes). The series first aired on August 17, 2014.

Wicked Tuna: North vs. South
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Back in the Battle
11. Back in the Battle
July 25, 2016
Bluefin season begins on the Outer Banks.
Wicked End
10. Wicked End
September 20, 2015
It’s the final two days of the season, and three Southern boats — the Fishin’ Frenzy, the Reels of Fortune and the Doghouse — are all within striking distance of the top spot. As the clock ticks down, the captains are desperate to put meat on deck. The stakes have never been higher: one pulled hook means disaster, but one last catch can mean going home a champion.
On a Fin and a Prayer
9. On a Fin and a Prayer
September 13, 2015
With just five days left before the close of the season, the fleet is feeling the pressure. An accident leaves the Reel Action stuck at the dock, giving Captain Tami and her crew a late start, and tensions onboard reach a boiling point. Meanwhile, the Doghouse and Fishin’ Frenzy have the top spot in sight and are scrambling to keep catching before time runs out. And Captain Griff on the Reels of Fortune finds himself in a dangerous situation while navigating Oregon Inlet — a battle where experience and quick thinking are all that stand between life and death.
Burn Blubber
8. Burn Blubber
September 6, 2015
With the North Carolina season coming to a close and Reels of Fortune battling Fishin’ Frenzy for the top spot, all of the crews desperately struggle to land a fish and secure a paycheck. The Reel Action crew fights to catch up but takes a serious blow when they snag a shark; Tyler and Paul lose a “monstah” paycheck; and Dave and the crew of Hard Merchandise attempt to finally end their dry spell, or they’ll have to cut the season short and head back to Gloucester.
Nine-Foot Monster
7. Nine-Foot Monster
August 30, 2015
In this episode of Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks, seven crews face the Outer Banks hoping to reel in a fish big enough to keep. But with the luck they have had, prospects are not looking so good. The Fishin’ Frenzy crew lucks out with a big catch and cashes in. With barely a bite, the Doghouse is forced to head in and trust that another day at sea will bring them a big catch. The Hot Tuna crew hopes that their dry spell will end and, with the final reel, they catch one of their largest tuna yet, cashing in over $9,000 for it.
Reels of Misfortune
6. Reels of Misfortune
August 23, 2015
In North Carolina’s bluefin tuna fleet, family is at the forefront of the fight to fish hard and make money. On Fishin’ Frenzy, First Mate Nick Gowitzka faces a family emergency unfolding on land that tests his resolve on the water. And Captain Dave Marciano of Hard Merchandise draws on the support of his wife and daughter far away in Gloucester, Massachusetts, as well as a local family fishing operation to help him get through his slump.
Wicked Ride
5. Wicked Ride
August 16, 2015
At the start of the 11th day on the water in North Carolina, treacherous winter weather in the Outer Banks fishing grounds forces captains to push their limits. Southern boat Reels of Fortune holds a meager lead over last year’s local champion Fishin’ Frenzy, while northern boat Hard Merchandise and local all-female team Reel Action have yet to catch a fish.
Salty Gals and Southern Nights
4. Salty Gals and Southern Nights
August 9, 2015
Fishin' Frenzy have a slight lead over Reels of Fortune; Hot Tuna asks Reel Action for assistance; Doghouse is relying on their greenhorn to bring in the catch.
Fins of the Father
3. Fins of the Father
August 2, 2015
Charlie Griffin joins the crew of the Reels of Fortune before picking up his boat from the mechanics. Later, the northern captains play a prank on Tyler McLaughlin.
Bombs Away
2. Bombs Away
July 26, 2015
After colliding with Bonner Bridge, Captain Marciano and Captain Griffin struggle to regroup. The boats are banged up, but it’s too early to tell whether they can salvage their seasons or if they’ll have to hang up their rods.
First Strike
1. First Strike
July 19, 2015
It’s opening day of the Outer Banks bluefin season, and the captains battle it out to make the season’s first catch.
Where to Watch Wicked Tuna: North vs. South
Wicked Tuna: North vs. South is available for streaming on the National Geographic website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Wicked Tuna: North vs. South on demand at Google Play.
  • Premiere Date
    August 17, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    6.3  (149)