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Live Free or Die is a television show that documents the lives of individuals interested in living off the land and becoming free from modern societal trappings. The show follows five different individuals on their quest to raise food and make money from the land. Live Free or Die is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (30 episodes). The series first aired on September 30, 2014.

Where do I stream Live Free or Die online? Live Free or Die is available for streaming on National Geographic, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Live Free or Die on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV, National Geographic online.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic
3 Seasons, 30 Episodes
September 30, 2014
Action & Adventure Drama Reality
Cast: Dan Nachtrab, Jeff Wilburn
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Live Free or Die Full Episode Guide

  • Series highlights are shown.

  • Frontiersman Colbert lives a rustic existence in the swamps of Georgia.

  • Thorn takes Delia hunting, Tony and Amelia deal with unruly pigs, Matt hosts a turkey roast, and Colbert finishes building his cabin.

  • Thorn makes a pine pitch to fix some holes in his boat. Elsewhere, Tony and Amelia sell their goods at a local farmer's market.

  • The homesteaders get ready for the soon-to-be Spring season.

  • Amelia makes ready turkey tail mushroom tea. Also, the homesteaders struggle to modernize their way of life.

  • The homesteaders run into challenges preserving meat and locating resources, so they must use their intuition and tallents to carry-on.

  • With winter's arrival, frontiersman Colbert relies on his trapping skills to provide furs to sell at market. Thorn dangerously tries pig hunting after a failed deer hunting season while Matt sets out with his newly-constructed bow and arrow in search of small game for winter. Homesteaders Tony and Amelia attempt to boil salt from seawater to prepare the deer meat from Tony's successful hunt.

  • The need for food supplies to live through the winter season becomes important as the deer hunting season comes to an end.

  • The homesteaders share some original methods of preparing for the upcoming winter season. Included, homestead yogurt, homemade jerky, and the caveman zip tie.

  • Tony and Amelia's slash and burn project gets out of control, and Derik's mules escape.

  • A sudden storm forces Colbert to cut short a fishing expedition in his new canoe. Blacksmith Derik attempts to fix his roof with the help of his mule, but the stubborn animal refuses to cooperate. Woodsman Thorn sets out in the dead of night to hunt bullfrogs; they prove a lot harder to catch than he imagined. And desert nomad Tobias discovers that his only water source is disappearing under the burning hot Arizona sun.

  • Primitive blacksmith Derik must be resourceful in order to get his mules home. Woodsman Thorn attempts to trap crayfish. Desert nomad Tobias is desperate for protein. And homesteaders Tony and Amelia deal with an overabundance of rabbits.

  • Tony and Amelia race to save their bees. Thorn tries to control a massive bonfire. Colbert finishes a critical step of his new cabin, and Tobias builds a shelter to protect him from the harsh desert.

  • Deep in the swamp, frontiersman Colbert tries to escape the plague of mosquitos. Woodsman Thorn takes to the forest to stalk an elusive turkey and homesteaders Tony and Amelia try to stop their chickens from destroying their garden.

  • Derik's plan to collect water from a distant spring is shattered when a motorcycle spooks his mule. Tony and Amelia want to try their hand at turkey hunting. Tobias struggles to find water as he continues his 80-mile hike to his new campgrounds, and Colbert prepares to meet up with a friend from before he decided to "re-wild."

  • Tobias sets off on a journey through the Arizona Desert with only what he can carry on his back to survive. Colbert is hot on the scent of an elusive feral hog. Thorn arrives in an area known for its beaver hunting. And Derik is finally ready to hit the road, but any sudden noise or change in weather could put their journey -- and lives -- at risk.

  • Colbert has just a few days left to capture enough pelts to use for trading over the course of the year. Thorn builds a small fishing vessel called a "coracle." Tony and Amelia have decided to make sycamore syrup, in hopes of adding it to their list of bartering items. Tobias sets off on an 80-mile journey north to establish a new primitive base camp.

  • In the second season premiere, Georgia frontiersman Colbert faces rising waters, putting his home in danger.