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American Hoggers is a reality TV series based around the lives of a family of professional hog catchers in Texas where the show is based wild hogs are considered a nuisance animal and do not require any specialized hermits to be captured or killed. They are however extremely aggressive and territorial and because they travel in packs they are detrimental to farmers and their livestock as they will destroy any crops they come across costing farmers thousands and even sometimes means of dollars worth of damage to crops and feed, which in some instances, can cause a farm or ranch to go broke and go into foreclosure.

So do the job of these particular family members to catch and sometimes kill as many of these nuisance animals as they can find the show is based on watching this particular group of individuals catch and capture these hogs how it's done watching the animals get captured and relocated in some instances were trapped and killed in others and all of the action and drama that goes with a high stress and dangerous job such as capturing wild animals, as well as the family drama and personal relationships involved with running a business and trying to keep a family's head above water in tough economic times.

American hoggers is a television show that gives a unique perspective into a little-known, yet action-packed profession, as well as giving the viewer an insight into the type of individual that would willingly undertake such a profession as a career. There are some highly unique and entertaining personalities that can be witnessed to revealing this particular television show as it takes a very special kind of person to run around the farmers and ranchers of Texas in a side-by-side ATV (all-terrain vehicle) with dogs hogs and a gun rack attached to it.

This show is definitely on the unique side of entertainment and if a viewer is looking for a less than typical reality show to occupy some of their spare time than they definitely cannot go wrong by spending half an hour with the family that is American Hoggers.

American Hoggers is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (43 episodes). The series first aired on October 19, 2011.

Where do I stream American Hoggers online? American Hoggers is available for streaming on A&E, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch American Hoggers on demand at Philo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Hoopla, Apple TV online.

4 Seasons, 43 Episodes
October 19, 2011
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Lea Penick, Jerry Campbell, Krystal Campbell, Robert Campbell
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American Hoggers Full Episode Guide

  • As the war against the Creeks begins, a confident Ronnie risks all his money, but will it pay out?

  • When Jerry and revenge-obsessed Ronnie clash in an all-out hog-off, Jerry unleashes his secret weapon. Meanwhile, the girls get back in action in a big way, and Robert helps Katie go after one huge, ornery hog.

  • Krystal makes a mistake during the thick of the watermelon hunt that threatens the life of a loved one. And Jerry gets a big surprise when he goes all the way down to Mexico on a job.

  • Annoyed that Jerry is going to be their competition on the watermelon farm job, the girls head out on a night hunt to get a head start.

  • Jerry must depend on Katie as the team plugs away on the Dean Smith job. Krystal and Lea continue to struggle on the watermelon farm and are stunned when the farmer tells them he's bringing in someone else to help--Jerry Campbell!

  • Jerry starts missing Krystal and wishes she would return to the team. Meanwhile, Krystal uses her semi-automatic and Lea slings arrows when they get a job hunting exotics to make enough to get their Jeep out of repo jail.

  • Jerry is hired to clear hogs off the ranch of Dean Smith, an Olympic medalist and former stunt double for John Wayne. Jerry takes his work here very seriously; Robert says he hasn't seen Jerry so motivated to hunt in a long time.

  • Jerry is pleased with Katie's progress, and welcomes her into the Campbell clan by giving her a six-shooter bearing the family crest. But Katie takes things too far when she's about to shoot a hog surrounded by dogs, and Robert has to step in to stop her.

  • Tom proposes a friendly wager between the guys and girls to see who can catch more hogs. The girls agree, and add one condition: dead hogs don't count.

  • In the fourth season premiere, Tom shocks the girls when he brings on Dynamite to help out.

  • Jerry wishes he had Krystal back on the team, but he knows he's got to lean on Katie as the team plugs away on the Dean Smith job. Krystal and Lea continue to struggle on the watermelon farm and get a big shock when the farmer tells them he's bringing in someone else to help--Jerry Campbell!

  • Krystal and Lea clash with Tom Walker while helping a cow rancher protect his herd. Robert tries to convince Jerry to return to hunting.

  • Thankfully Jerry didn't suffer a heart attack, but the doctor tells him to ease off the things in his life that cause him stress or next time it could be worse. Jerry is left pondering his future as a hog hunter.

  • Krystal and Lea risk it all by moving their hunting operation to Florida.

  • Krystal and Lea's dogs disappear; Ronnie adds a new team member.

  • Krystal and Lea's dog gets hurt; Shep is attacked by a wild hog; and Ronnie gets fired.

  • The girls face off with Jerry in a competition to catch the most hogs.

  • Ronnie Creek's truck is stuck and his crew refuses to help him because they're tired of his obsession over an elusive 500lb hog.

  • Jerry allows a hog to escape. Krystal and Lea buy a Jeep in an effort to start their own business.

  • After only a few days into their new job, the Creek Boys are fed up with Ronnie's obsession with taking down Jerry Campbell. Meanwhile, the reigning Hog Boss, Jerry Campbell, is under attack by a wild sow and his own daughter.

  • Business is booming for the reigning Hog Boss in Texas, but Krystal, Robert and Lea aren't seeing any of the profits because of Jerry's latest investments. Later, Jerry ruins a hunt because he lost his latest prize.

American Hoggers Video Clips & Extras

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