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Wild West Alaska is a show that features Wild West Guns, the most successful gun shop. Wild West Alaska build guns for protection against Alaska's wildlife (the bears and wolves out number Alaska's residents) and for hunting purposes. In one episode viewers will see one of the technician make a deal with a customers for a gun, you will have to watch the show to see if the trade legit.

In addition to building guns, Jim West and his crew also indulge in one of their favorite hobbies, guns. If you have not figured it out by now, guns rule the show.

Wild West Alaska is not only about guns; it is about the shop being a one gathering spot for their community. In addition to the gun shop being a gathering spot, the employees of Wild West Guns really care about each other; a few of the employees help one of the female employees catch fish for her wedding reception.

Wild West Alaska is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (38 episodes). The series first aired on January 13, 2013.

Where do I stream Wild West Alaska online? Wild West Alaska is available for streaming on Animal Planet, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Wild West Alaska on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Animal Planet, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes, Pluto TV online.

Sunday 8:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
4 Seasons, 38 Episodes
January 13, 2013
Comedy, Documentary & Biography, Kids & Family
Cast: Ken Feinman, Carolyn Nolin
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Wild West Alaska Full Episode Guide

  • Jim hires a new sales person and Phred is upset. Jim sets up a shootout to see who should go to Vegas for a gun show. Niels invites Bryan and Danny to go snow shoeing with him and Ken gets his feelings hurt.

  • Danny and Regina take Phred on a much needed fishing trip; Ken wants to celebrate his 20 years in Alaska; Bryan and Hans take Corey Cogdell hunting.

  • Ken and Hans get suckered into helping Mustache Ken at Uncle Joe's Pizza; Bryan and Phred help a bear punching woman save her dog; Niels makes Camo Mark do inventory.

  • Phred and Bryan build a survival kit for a woman who is spending the winter out in the bush of Alaska. Hans and Niels both enter the Cabin Tavern Chili cook off. Jim has Ken coordinate a sale to bring in business and Ken plans a western themed sale.

  • Hans and Ken compete against each other to win a local scavenger hunt. Phred lies to a cute boy and tells him that she knows how to fly fish just to get a date. And when a boat captain comes in looking for a rope gun, Bryan and Mitch construct one.

  • Phred and Regina's kayak adventure leads to extracting ice from nearby glaciers and just like that the glacier - slushy, or "Glushy" is born. Hans and Ken go on a bachelor party hunting trip while Bryan, Mitch, and Neils compete in a rubberband gun making

  • Hans and Ken battle in a local scavenger hunt. Phred lies to a cute boy, telling him that she knows how to fly fish just to get a date. And when a boat captain arrives looking for a rope gun, Bryan and Mitch make one from scratch.

  • An Alaska sized wilderness sales retreat has Phred Hans Ken and Niels going crazy when a zany camp counselor makes them resolve their problems at work. Bryan and Mitch head out to go fishing but duty calls on the trail when they need to fix people's guns.

  • After Missing a few payments on his RV, Ken stands to lose his "love palace" on wheels if he doesn't come up with the money fat. He may have a chance to save it if he canpull off a successful "Midnight Madness" sale at the shop.

  • Hans, Niels take their friend Misha, an unlucky hunter, on an Elk hunt with Russell in hopes of helping Misha bring home meat to his family for the first time. Jim's suspicions get the best of him when his favorite gun has turned up missing.

  • Unable to pay a few payments on his RV, Ken may lose his "love palace" on wheels if he doesn't come up with the money. One possible solution would be to pull off a successful "Midnight Madness" sale at the shop.

  • Phred must decided who to take on a moose hunt with her and Corey Cogdell. Hans and Niels try to convince Ken to see Northern Lights while a customer needs Mitch and Bryan to fix his gun in time for an important event.

  • After quitting Wild West Guns, Ken gets a new job as a tow truck driver, which turns out to be more of a challenge than he thought. Hans is supposedly travelling the world, but Phred has her doubts. Could Hans still be in Anchorage? Phred and Ken team up.

  • In the third season premiere, the situation becomes hairy after Ken hires Hans' arch nemesis. Hans disappears and the rest of the gang wonders where he could be while blaming Ken for causing the rift.

  • It's Christmas at Wild West Guns and everyone is gearing up for the holidays - and more than that, figuring out how they'll spend their holiday bonuses. But when Ken's deal that paying for it all goes south, he's convinced Christmas is destroyed.