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Coyote Peterson and his Brave Wilderness crew plunge into the rainforest of Costa Rica where they encounter Central America's most lethal pit viper! The journey is strewn with obstacles and danger as we Return to the Wilderness!

Animal Planet
1 Season, 17 Episodes
February 9, 2020
Cast: Mario Aldecoa
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Coyote Peterson: Brave the Wild Full Episode Guide

  • Coyote races to Australia in search of the Perentie monitor. After a grueling week, the team makes one final attempt to capture the lizard and builds a makeshift birds nest filled with fresh eggs, in hopes of capturing the Phantom of the Outback.

  • Coyote and his crew venture to Australia's northern territory to investigate the saltwater and freshwater crocodiles. While there, they reveal the difference between them and hope to bring awareness to each species.

  • Coyote and his crew venture through the Outback in search of two iconic monitor species. As he swims through the watery oasis, he strategically stalks the Merten's water monitor in hopes of having a face-to-face encounter.

  • Coyote hunts for the Sydney funnel-web spider.

  • Coyote and his crew head to Australia's wilderness seeking different species of dragons. There, his biggest challenge is finding each creature in order to determine how they have managed to cohabitate with humans.

  • In the Outback, Coyote and his crew set out to find three iconic gecko species. As night falls, Coyote begins his search to examine the nocturnal insect predators, and encounters the rare knob-tailed gecko, camouflaged by its rock-like appearance.

  • As night falls on the arid Outback, Coyote and his crew set out in search of the continent's non-venomous snake group, pythons. He encounters one of these nocturnal constrictors in action and he must use all his energy against its immense power.

  • Coyote Peterson and his crew set to Brazil to find the legendary green anaconda, the biggest snake in the world. Coyote battles the powerful currents of the Formoso River before coming face-to-face with this aquatic beast.

  • Follow animal expert and adventurer Coyote Peterson around the world as he gets up-close to the most fascinating creatures.

  • Animal expert and YouTube personality, Coyote Peterson, goes on an adventure encountering some incredible and dangerous animals.

  • Coyote explores the coastline of Australia in hopes of discovering the most toxic aquatic creatures. As he battles the jagged rocks and crashing waves, he encounters a stonefish lurking beneath the mysterious tide pool water.

  • Coyote and his team travel to Australia to find the wobbegong shark. As night falls, they search the treacherous tidepools for this sly nocturnal predator and ponder whether these fearsome fish are a threat to humans.

  • Coyote heads to Australia's Devil Ark conservatory and reveals the history behind the critically endangered Tasmanian devil. As he is exposed to their habitat and routine, he discovers the manpower needed to conserve this species.

  • Coyote Peterson's dangerous past encounter with honey bees has lead him to join forces with bee conservationist, Chris Brinton. A stunt involving Peterson and 10,000 bees dispels misconceptions and reveals their passive nature.

  • Coyote demonstrates how capturing elusive big cats on film is a near-impossible task, but with technological advancements such as trail cameras, nature enthusiasts can see predators like jaguars up close in their natural habitat.

  • Coyote Peterson heads to Brazil to swim with Yacare Caiman in piranha-infested waterways, studying their perfect-predator personality as jaguars and capybara lurk from the shoreline.

  • Coyote Peterson heads to the swamplands of Texas in search of a giant alligator snapping turtle known as Raphael. Coyote is determined to prove that this turtle is the largest living creature of his kind.

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