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Aggressive dogs, nervous dogs, excitable dogs -- Cesar Milan has made his career helping all kinds of problem dogs and their owners. He makes a point of training the human half of the equation -- the pack leader, as he calls it -- to learn how their canine companion's mind works and how to use loving but firm discipline to control unwanted behaviors. This has become a staple of his television appearances.

The new show Cesar 911 does not stray far from this formula, but this is plainly a case of not tampering with something that works. The core of the show is Cesar Milan himself and his efforts to train two dog owners per episode to become better pack leaders. Cesar is called in by friends and family members, hence the play on 911 in the title. Unlike previous Cesar Milan shows, there is follow up after the initial sessions, which allows Cesar and the audience to see how the new pack leaders are doing and where more improvement is needed.

Cesar 911 is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (42 episodes). The series first aired on March 7, 2014.

Where do I stream Cesar 911 online? Cesar 911 is available for streaming on NAT GEO WILD, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Cesar 911 on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV online.

Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on NAT GEO WILD
5 Seasons, 42 Episodes
March 7, 2014
Cast: Cesar Millan
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Cesar 911 Full Episode Guide

  • Desperate colleagues call Cesar Millan to help some of the worst workplace dogs featured on Cesar 911.

  • Cesar Millan addresses canine chaos that tears at the fabric of household harmony.

  • Cesar comes to the aid of a Grandmother and Grandaughter, whose dog Izzy is a terror in their peaceful home, and Marianne, whose dog Bear is an outcast in "Dogtown U.S.A."

  • Cesar helps Ivan tame his pack of three Chihuahuas who are disrupting the house.

  • Cesar helps Jolene's German Shepherd who has an aggressive side and Sandra, who is overwhelmed by her daughter's Viszla puppy.

  • Cesar helps an aggressive yellow Labrador and a hyperactive Boston Terrier.

  • Cesar receives a call from two women who are concerned that their friend canâ€ôt control her adopted Golden Retriever-Chow mix Leon. Cesar can tell that Leonâ€ôs owner is contributing to his anxiety and aggression, so he arranges to work with Leon at the Dog Psychology Center. Cesar begins a step-by-step rehabilitation of Leon, and teaches the owner how to be a pack leader.

  • Cesar is in Singapore working with an out of control dog named Elffy, who has a biting problem.

  • Cesar is in Singapore working with a fearsome dog named Yoshi. After Yoshi attacked a dog in the community dog park, his owners have kept him locked in their apartment for the past year. Cesar arranges for the owners to let Yoshi out of the apartment for the first time in a year, and he promptly tries to attack. Cesar realizes Yoshi has never had a pack leader to teach him how to behave.

  • Cesar helps a rescue dog in Hong Kong named Duk Duk who has been attacking his foster family while he recovers from an eye surgery.

  • Cesar works with Target, a terrier/Chihuahua mix named that lashes out due to tense behavior.

  • Owners of energetic lab mix named Tic Tac wish to live on a boat in a local marina, but there's only one problem: Tic Tac's unruly behavior.

  • Cesar helps a shih tzu/Pomeranian named Truffles who, despite being physically adorable, barks and nips at anyone who gets too close. Cesar then works with Tiara, whose boss's Chihuahua mix John Henry is wreaking havoc at her workplace - a good-hearted business that helps developmentally disabled adults find volunteer work in their communities.