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This show takes you to the depths of how the animal kingdom really behaves. There are bears that leap in water in order to get their food, tigers that run and splash through rivers. You can also see how animals interact with humans on a voluntary basis as well as when they are provoked.

Animals Gone Wild is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on May 15, 2014.

Where do I stream Animals Gone Wild online? Animals Gone Wild is available for streaming on NAT GEO WILD, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Animals Gone Wild on demand at Amazon, Hulu, National Geographic, Vudu, FuboTV, Sling, Google Play, Apple TV online.

Thursdays 7:30 PM et/pt on NAT GEO WILD
3 Seasons, 24 Episodes
May 15, 2014
Nature, Documentary & Biography
Cast: Josh Goodman
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Animals Gone Wild Full Episode Guide

  • These gigantic beasts are on a mission - and don't care who gets in the way. Get ready for the most daring and devilish of the animal kingdom. When an elephant with a vendetta goes charging into a crowd, the situation takes a turn for the worse. Meanwhile, a fun-loving elk finds its way onto a backyard trampoline, and a pack of hyenas just won't give up their seat at the table.

  • Some animals are brutishly destructive: When a black bear chews up a woman's kayak despite her many protests, she could be left stranded in the wild. Other animals get by using their heads: A pod of killer whales tilts a seal right off an iceberg and into their mouths. From terrorizing goose tornadoes and hammerhead swarms to animals going over the edge, these fighters are scheming to stay alive.

  • These are incredible close calls: A humpback whale nearly belly flops on top of frightened kayakers. A family of black bears enjoy a day in the pool, and it's all in good fun until they find themselves on the brink of disaster. From dolphin projectiles to side-swiping moose and and monkeys looking for a fight, these are the most rock 'em sock 'em renegades.

  • Llamas take over the streets in Arizona, making for one nerve-racking rodeo. An otter pulls a fast move on a hungry orca. A bull shark takes its chances around a gang of hippopotamuses. There are unlikely foes: a troublemaking dolphin strikes, a sea lion gets revenge on a thresher shark and a heron dukes it out with a rat. Predators do what it takes to survive, but fate can take surprising turns.

  • From fearless survivors risking it all to untamable wild spirits fighting for freedom, it can be frightening fighting to survive in the wild. Divers have a close call with a great white shark. A sea lion turns the tables on Russian fisherman. A snow bunny uses its speed and agility to survive an avalanche. Predators lie in wait and prey fight for their lives. Every story is a struggle for survival.

  • Mother Nature's meanest creatures prove that you can't always go it alone. When a buffalo calf is nearly taken down by a lion, the rest of the herd marches in to save it. A man stumbles into a rattlesnake den and quickly learns: "the more, the scarier." From white-knuckled wipeouts and unlikely rescues to meal-snatching savagery, it's clear that the higher they climb, the farther they fall.

  • From tiny heroes to giant marauders, nature' wildest continue to shock us. A French bulldog chases off three black bears in one risky standoff. A kitten survives in middle of heavy traffic. A sea lion with major stamina shows that being out of water won't stop this terror. With battles between deadly predators, dangerous traps and heart-pounding ambushes, each triumph is a treacherous one.

  • A cornered leopard is a danger to the villagers who want to chase it from their town. A group of golfers is surprised to find an earth-shaking battle between two alligators on the green. A pair of bears scale a sheer rock wall. From out-of-control rampages and heroic confrontations, to no-holds-barred battles and dangerous deep sea encounters - these are the animal world's craziest situations.

  • A baby elephant is surrounded by a pack of hungry lions. A parade horse reacts violently to a loud celebration. Invasive Asian carp leap from a river in a frenzy. You won't believe what happens next. From fish-out-of-water conflicts and rebellious animal assaults, to dangerous predator rescues and odds that seem impossible to beat - these are nature's jaw-dropping moments.

  • A wily leopard dives onto its prey and a crafty fox steals and eats a video camera.

  • A circus lion shows why these animals should be in the wild and swimmers get surprised by whales.

  • A great white comes between a shark and its meal and a python sinks its teeth into a massive croc.

  • A group of fishermen encounter a giant anaconda. Beachgoers witness a massive gathering of sharks. A field researcher gets on the wrong side of a captive moose. These are true tales of living on the edge. From enraged animal assaults and impossibly unfair face-offs, to predator invasions on our turf and mistaken identities turned dangerous - these are the risk-takers and rule-breakers.

  • A pod of orcas targets a tiger shark and a hefty koi fish turns the tables on some kittens.

  • A man on an elephant underestimates a Bengal tiger's reach and a deer is swallowed by a sinkhole.

  • A pair of giraffes battle viciously for dominance and a buffalo tosses a lion like a rag doll.

  • An elephant has a run-in with a carload of tourists. A lion shows his natural instincts can't be tamed. A tiny Chihuahua takes on armed robbers. These unforgettable brushes with death remind us that everyday survival can be precarious.