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Secrets of the Zoo goes behind the scenes at The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio, one of the largest and most popular zoos in the country. In this one-hour series, veterinarian extraordinaire Dr. Priya Bapodra and the zoo staff provide medical care to animals, recover and rehabilitate rescued animals, work to preserve endangered species, and educate the public through its animal ambassador program.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on Nat Geo Wild
2 Seasons, 18 Episodes
July 29, 2018
Documentary, Reality
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Secrets of the Zoo Full Episode Guide

  • A 600-pound manatee named Agua is released back into the wild after years at the zoo.

  • Phoebe the elephant goes into labor; Aurora the polar bear gets a root canal.

  • A mandrill named Tatu has keepers on edge in a life-or-death struggle, and Cedric the Anaconda goes on a hunger strike for three months.

  • A silverback Gorilla named Oliver gets his annual exam, and baby pronghorns meet their adult roommates for the first time. Keepers try to figure out why Gobi the Bactrian Camel has been mysteriously gaining weight, and a Serval cat named Kenya gets stage fright when she performs in Jungle Jack Hanna's anniversary show.

  • A bonobo's exam gets off to a rocky start; a Bactrian deer needs medical attention.

  • A tiny loris goes in for a CT scan; Febreze the skunk sees a heart specialist.

  • The staff throws a polar bear "bon voyage" party celebrating their polar bears Neva and Amelia Gray before they head off to the Maryland Zoo. Priya gets to work with her husband on a shark exam. Brie the kangaroo visits the dentist, and an unlikely friendship is formed at the Wilds between Albert the baby takin and Elmur Fudd the baby camel.

  • A sloth bear with lung issues and a gator breaking out of restraints are featured.

  • Everyone at the zoo is waiting for the birth of Zuri's baby, which will be the first giraffe birth at the Columbus Zoo in more than twenty years.

  • The staff at the Columbus Zoo can hardly contain themselves as they prepare to make a home for an orphaned baby gorilla.

  • Barry, a penguin stuck in molt for almost a year, has hopefully seen the last of his bad-hair days, and the zoo welcomes their newest veterinarian.

  • The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium makes room for three adorable new cheetah cubs, who capture the hearts of Dr. Priya and Suzi.

  • The keepers make their morning breakfast rounds at the Heart of Africa exhibit, a young bull elephant has a play date while his expectant mother gets an ultrasound, a rare okapi gets a checkup, a cougar has a concerning abscess and it's a winter herd roundup at The Wilds.

  • Baby fever spreads through the zoo as a cheetah repopulation program goes into full effect, a takin has a hitch in his getalong and Jack Hanna causes chaos through the zoo as he prepares to delight a crowd, while the park's most chill residents get a frozen spaghetti seal treat.

  • The team hits the coasts for animal conservation, returning two rescued manatees to their native waters.

  • Fergus, a male kangaroo, is ready to join the mob, but first the zoo team attempts to make a love connection between Fergus and a female roo named Beatrice. Mac, the zoo's oldest silverback gorilla turns 34 and the zoo is going all out!

  • The zoo doctors go into hero mode, attempting to replace a missing bone in a cheetah's shoulder and rescuing 16 macaws from a hoarding situation. They also perform pregnancy tests on rare mares, give baby polar bear cubs swimming lessons and treat rambunctious -- but loveable -- flamingos with leg problems.

  • An orphaned baby manatee is rescued from the wild, and the zoo staff manages to retrieve an important urine sample from a beloved manatee mom. It's a big new world for the zoo's newest additions -- adorable tiger cubs. A male oryx joins a herd of females, while the zoo staff collects lifesaving blood from a giraffe, and has some fun feeding their hyenas.

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