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ESPN's award winning documentary series 30 for 30 will return for a second go around. The monumentally successful series focuses on exploring in depth important and intriguing sports stories in a unique way. Pitched by ESPN columnist Bill Simmons, also known as "The Sports Guy," 30 for 30 brought athletes, events, and cultural trends from the last 30 years into a greater light. Simmons also serves as the executive producer for the series and is committed to giving the individual directors of each installment of the series full creative control.

The format of the series involves personal interviews with athletes, coaches, sports columnists, and other figures who were involved. The first episode, "The King's Ransom," explored the effect the trade between the Edmonton Oilers and Los Angeles King, which brought superstar Wayne Gretzky to Los Angeles in 1988, had on the landscape of the hockey world.

Another highly popular episode, "Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. The New York Knicks," focused on the heated rivalry of the 1990s between the New York Knicks and the Indiana Pacers and featured insight from Miller himself, filmmaker and super fan Spike Lee, and many other players, coaches, and media members involved at the time.

30 for 30's "Jordan Rides the Bus" brought Michael Jordan's attempt at a career in baseball into an entirely new perspective, while the powerful "Fab Five" focused on the cultural ramifications of the phenomenal 1991 Michigan University basketball recruiting class.

The success of 30 for 30 encouraged ESPN to add similar documentaries to its lineup such as "Roll Tide/War Eagle" and "The Announcement," perhaps the most powerful episode yet, which gave its audience one of the most emotional and in depth looks into the life of Earvin "Magic" Johnson and his battle against HIV to date.

30 for 30 will return for a second promising season in the fall of 2012. The new episodes will be supplemented with bonus interviews, articles, and podcasts on, executive producer Bill Simmons' new website. Some of the topics confirmed to be explored in the next installment of 30 for 30 include Auburn University two-sport superstar Bo Jackson's career and the 1983 North Carolina State basketball team's thrilling run to the NCAA championship. The series will keep the same format and bring along mostly the same crew, with directors maintaining the full creative control that made the series so successful in the first place.

Tuesday 8:00 PM et/pt on ESPN
4 Seasons, 92 Episodes
October 6, 2009
Documentary & Biography, Reality, Sports
Cast: Ice Cube, Chuck D, Brent Musburger, Patrick Ewing
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30 For 30 Full Episode Guide

  • A look at the relationship between NFL coaches Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick. Co-produced with NFL Films.

  • The life and times of professional wrestling legend Ric Flair.

  • The story of Zaevion Dobson, a 15-year-old high school football student in Tennessee who died while shielding his friends from gunfire.

  • Tommy Morrison was one of the best heavyweights of his time; a handsome,

  • Redskins replacements crossed the picket line to play in the NFL, but for most of them, what was billed as the last shot at a dream became a nightmare as these ''scabs'' braved ridicule and threats of violence for one last chance at glory.

  • Chronicling the saga of the 1988 Carter High School football team that took on the best that Texas had to offer, including the Odessa Permian team that inspired Friday Night Lights, only to have its state title stripped. Directed by Adam Hootnick.

  • He was the Beatles of soccer - a handsome, charismatic lad from Belfast, Northern Ireland who worked wonders with the ball and thrilled Great Britain.

  • Chronicling the history of Mike Francesa and Chris Russo's "Mike and the Mad Dog'' radio show, which ruled afternoon sports talk from the New York studios of WFAN 660 for nearly 20 years. Featuring in-depth interviews with colleagues and fans.

  • George Best, Northern Ireland's legendary star, remains one of the most naturally gifted soccer players ever. Best's skill and exuberance lifted Manchester United, but his career was over before he turned 29, the result of his battle with alcoholism.

  • After the thrilling 1984 NBA Finals, Part Three explores the saga from 1985 to 1987 as the teams’ disdain for each other gradually turns to respect. The Celtics and Lakers - Bird and Magic in particular - transform the fans' view of the game from simple black-and-white to full-blown Technicolor. By the end of their last battle of the 80s, while there’s still animosity, there’s also a hard-earned respect for each other.  It’s a rivalry that forced America to no longer view the league in black and white.

  • Part 2 of 3. The Celtics-Lakers rivalry ramps up in the 1984 Finals as a cast of characters--led by Larry Bird and Magic Johnson--who changed the NBA finally went head-to-head for a title. Directed by Jim Podhoretz and produced by Jonathan Hock.

  • To some, John Calipari is one of college basketball's greatest coaches. To others he represents everything wrong with college sports. Somewhere in between lies one of the most compelling and complicated figures in American sports. This is his story.

  • A bold challenge, a fearless experiment and ultimately, a spectacular failure. In 2001, sports entertainment titans Ebersol and McMahon launched the XFL. It was hardly the first time a league had tried to compete with the NFL, but the brash audacity of the bid, combined with the personalities and charisma of Ebersol and McMahon and the marketing behemoths of their respective companies " NBC and WWE " captured headlines and a sense of undeniable anticipation about what was to come.

  • Ever since he shocked the sports world by winning the PGA Championship 25 years ago, John Daly has been one of the most popular - and polarizing - figures in a sport that cherishes its traditions and minds its manners.

  • The 1980s Houston Cougars transformed college hoops.

  • The fall of two of the Mets' biggest stars of the 80s.

  • It took the jury less than four hours to decide O.J.'s fate.

  • The crime of the century gave way to the trial of the century.

  • The police arrived at the condo on Bundy Drive at 4:25 a.m. on June 13th, 1994, and found a grisly scene that had left two people dead including the estranged wife of O.J. Simpson. It was just the start of a chapter of American history like none other, one that would lay bare the realities of race, power, the legal system, the media, and so much more in Los Angeles, California and far beyond.

  • OJ Simpson resided in a wealthy, privileged, and predominantly white world, and where OJ - race be damned - was one of the most popular figures around. But just a few miles away from his Rockingham estate in Brentwood was a very different reality. A reality lived by millions of other black people at the hands of the Los Angeles Police Department and its chief, Daryl Gates.

  • To many, the brutal deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were the crime of the century. But to truly grasp the significance of what occurred, one has to travel back to much different, much earlier origin points.

  • Director Andy Billman journals the hardships of Cleveland's major sports franchises over the past 5 decades and the impact that has affected the psyche of a typical Cleveland sports follower.

  • A look at the Shaquille O'Neal-led Orlando Magic teams of the 1990s and how they fell short of an NBA title.

  • Looking back, 10 years later, at the 2006 Duke lacrosse case in which three athletes were accused of rape, only to have all charges lifted the following year. Director Marina Zenovich investigates the case's main issues of sex, race, class and violence.

  • The documentary focuses on a legendary cast of characters, including head coach Mike Ditka, QB Jim McMahon and the inimitable William "The Refrigerator" Perry who made Chicago Bears as riveting off the field as they were on it on their way to winning Super Bowl XX.

  • Even though the Buffalo Bills of the early 1990's went to four Super Bowls in a row, they never brought home the wanted Vince Lombardi Trophy.

  • "The Prince of Pennsylvania" stories John du Pont's wrestling passion.

  • The rise and fall of the USC Trojan football team spanning over almost a decade while under the leadership of Pete Carroll.

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