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This drama series takes a look at the dangerous culture of drug dealing in urban neighborhoods. Betrayals, disappointments, occasional triumphs and, of course, money and violence are all part of the deal. The series is web-based and has inspired several other urban-centric web series.

Money And Violence is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (37 episodes). The series first aired on August 7, 2014.

Where do I stream Money And Violence online? Money And Violence is available for streaming on Lionsgate, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Money And Violence on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play online.

2 Seasons, 37 Episodes
August 7, 2014
Cast: Andrew Ayala, Jacob Berger, Choppa, Rene Guercy
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Money And Violence Full Episode Guide

  • Rafe, Miz, Shane, and Kane tie up loose ends. Bodies continue piling up in the streets.

  • A business deal goes south. Kane and Shane investigate what happened to a friend.

  • Miz and Rafe both settle old scores. The guys attend a wake. The police finally catch up with Shane.

  • Barz, Kane, and Shane struggle to work together. Black makes some moves. Victor sends a warning to Ronaldo.

  • Gunner and Leon are out for blood. Shane comes up with a business plan. Rafe plots against and old enemy.

  • Kane has a bad first day working for Shane. Rafe helps Miz recoup his losses. Joe keeps his distance from Ray.

  • Joe witnesses a horrific incident. Miz deals with the fallout of his bad luck. B.R. finds an unlikely ally as he schemes against his old friends.

  • Shane is stuck with Joe, who has made a questionable friend. Miz becomes a target.

  • Shane goes on the run. Rafe breaks his code to help Miz, which could lead to trouble.

  • Miz, Rafe, and China's scheme reaches its end game. Miz is put back to work by Capone. Kane contemplates how to deal with Mister. Shane meets with his brother.

  • Rafe gets back on his feet. Ronaldo looks for a snitch. Detectives come to the block. Shane learns his brother is getting out of jail.

  • Rafe is out of commission. Shane helps Kane deal with the outcome of his showdown with Mister. Miz prepares to take the next step in a business relationship.

  • Shane warns Shay that he's coming for Tai. Gunner and his wolves gear up for a showdown. Black and Rafe exchange words. A betrayal could prove fatal.

  • Kane earns his first big payout. Capone hints to Miz that he may be ready for something bigger. The Yardies turn on B.R. The guys go after a big score.

  • Shane confronts Tai about his treachery. The Yardies grow restless about B.R.'s behavior. Rafe, Miz, and Kane act on a lead from Shane.

  • With the New Year fast approaching, everyone is preparing themselves for the changes on the streets of Brooklyn.

  • Miz informs Rafe of some bad news. Miz gives Shane a second chance.

  • Miz learns the Jamaicans struck back. Shane starts questioning Tai's loyalty. Kane struggles to find his footing.

  • Rafe confronts Miz about leaving him in the dark. The problem between Shane and Leon escalates. G, Fresh and B.R change their approach.

  • Shane closes in on the source of his bad luck. Kane continues to look for income. Miz gets ready for a fight.

  • Tai advances to the next step of his plan. Miz's plug asks for a favor. Kane bumps into an old mark.

  • China finally charms Cash into divulging his secrets. Shane is left defenseless. G, Fresh and B.R. take drastic measures.

  • Rafe remains skeptical of the new job. The tables are turned on Shane. G and Fresh try to make sense of their comrade's death.

  • Maggz leads Miz to the Jamaicans. Shane finds out that everything that glitters isn't gold. Rafe nearly misses an opportunity.

  • Black hands a great tip to Rafe. Shane hustles to repay his debt to Miz. Maggz stumbles across the information he needs.

  • G and Fresh call in reinforcements. Miz and Maggz find a witness to their friend's murder. Joe leaves Shane high and dry in his moment of need.

  • A job goes terribly wrong. Shane attempts to bounce back from his altercation. Kane bumps in to an old friend. Miz investigates a friend's murder.

  • Rafe makes a new friend. Tai puts his plans in motion. Shane has a really bad day. Miz finds himself the center of conflict.

  • Rafe receives a helping hand on some cash. Shane and Tai bump heads. G and Fresh prepare for the fight ahead.

  • Fresh returns to Flatbush for a surprise visit. Miz gets word of impending war. Tai brings Shane to see a business associate. Rafe offers Kane an exit before moving on to the next job.

  • Kane learns a valuable lesson on his first job with Rafe. Jessica bumps into Shay for the first time since moving to Brooklyn. The Yardies find their man through an unexpected source.

  • The Yardies' tempers start to run high. Everybody hits Eastern Parkway for the Labor Day parade.

  • The Yardies want revenge for their fallen friend. Miz brings Shane into the fold for the next job. Rafe makes a very tough decision.

  • Kane gets pushed to his breaking point. The tables turn on Rafe. Miz collects on an old debt.

  • Rafe opens up to Miz about his financial situation. Kane can't find a job.

  • Miz and China discuss their next mark. Jessica unpacks her new life in Brooklyn. Kane gets robbed on his way to see Rafe.