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  • 2003
  • 1 Season

Denise guides viewers on burning fat and building muscle in her daily fitness show, which is filmed in beautiful, tropical locations. Denise Austin provides her viewers with the basics of healthy living and exercise. Each episode teaches the viewers about staying fit naturally, making healthy eating choices and not skipping meals to lose fat. Austin also teaches that it's OK to choose the use of sugar and butter compared to artificial sweeteners and margarine. The main emphasis of the show has been always portion control, proper nutrition, and exercise.

Denise Austin's motivation encourages viewers to stay fit regardless of age. Each episode emphasizes sensible, solutions for weight control and fitness; Austin teaches a proportional program of exercise and proper nutrition, and steers people away from fad diets as a quick fix for weight loss. Her exercise shows often incorporate a variety of exercises including yoga, pilates, boot camp training, and cardio.

In her endless dialogue of positive affirmations, Austin teaches throngs of daily watchers that fitness is attainable, no matter your weight or age.

Denise Austin is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (10 episodes). The series first aired on May 20, 2003.

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Fat Blasting Yoga
111. Fat Blasting Yoga
May 20, 2003
Now everyone can get that long, lean, sculpted look in a fat-blasting yoga workout that will leave you focused, refreshed and toned from head to toe.
Personal Training System
122. Personal Training System
September 7, 2004
In Denise's new Personal Training System, not only will you get a workout that is right for you from beginner to advanced, you'll also get the motivation you need to continue on your journey to a new healthier you!
Fit Kids
123. Fit Kids
December 28, 2004
America's Favorite Fitness Expert Denise Austin gets kids in shape with an energetic workout that is fun for all kids of all ages!
Hit the Spot Pilates
125. Hit the Spot Pilates
September 6, 2005
In Hit the Spot Pilates, Denise Austin, America's favorite fitness expert, has designed a series of workouts that lets you target specific areas of your body, all with a Pilates twist!
Burn Fat Fast -- Cardio Dance and Sculpt
126. Burn Fat Fast -- Cardio Dance and Sculpt
December 20, 2005
In Burn Fat Fast: Cardio Dance and Sculpt, fitness phenomenon Denise Austin fine tunes your body into a fat-burning machine!
Fit & Firm Pregnancy
129. Fit & Firm Pregnancy
September 5, 2006
Congratulations! You are beginning the most exciting and challenging chapter of your life: having a baby! But that doesn't mean you can't stay in shape.
Body Makeover Mix
130. Body Makeover Mix
December 30, 2013
Ditch your old fitness routine and shake things up with Denise Austin: Body Makeover Mix! Designed to dramatically slim and sculpt your body, all three toning workouts combine today's most effective exercise methods.
Hit the Spot Target Toners
131. Hit the Spot Target Toners
December 30, 2013
Denise Austin has done it again! HIT THE SPOT: TEN 5-MINUTE TARGET TONERS is the perfect way to treat yourself to a magnificent upper - and lower - body toning workout that targets every major muscle group to shape a lean, strong and healthy body.
Get Fit Daily Dozen
132. Get Fit Daily Dozen
December 30, 2013
Denise Austin does a body good with her effective new workout system, GET FIT DAILY DOZEN. With 12 easy exercises in 12 minutes a day, you can get and stay fit with a program that fits your schedule.
3-Week Boot Camp
133. 3-Week Boot Camp
December 27, 2013
Jump on the fast track to weight loss and lose up to two dress sizes with Denise Austin: 3-Week Boot Camp! In just three weeks you will trim inches, shrink fat and feel great!
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Denise Austin is available for streaming on the Lionsgate website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Denise Austin on demand at Vudu.
  • Premiere Date
    May 20, 2003