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The wildly inspiring and quirky talk show starring the famed exercise guru, actor, and comedian, Richard Simmons, is back. With the help of his celebrity friends, Richard Simmons brings joy to a live audience as he fulfills the dreams of everyday people. Features a vast array of celebrity guests including Rosie O' Donnell, Jay Leno, Maury Povich, Rick Springfield, and Kenan Thompson.

Richard Simmons' Dream Maker is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (65 episodes). The series first aired on November 9, 1999.

Richard Simmons' Dream Maker is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Richard Simmons' Dream Maker on demand atAmazon, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes online.

3 Seasons, 65 Episodes
November 9, 1999
Cast: Richard Simmons
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Richard Simmons' Dream Maker Full Episode Guide

  • This episode features the dreams of fans who want to look like their favourite celebrities.

  • This episode features Tricia, the mother of two kids who has a big dream of competing in Miss America pageant.

  • This episode features Julie who has suffered from severe kidney disease since the age of 9 and has received kidney donations from her family 4 times.

  • The episode features a young girl named Janae who wants to thank her mother for the great support she has given her in every phase of her life. Janae met with her internet boyfriend Darren who proposes Janae.

  • The episode features a single mother of quadruplets who choose to leave an unacceptable situation along with her children

  • This episode features the dream of a wife (Rustina) for her husband (Ed). Rustina wants her husband to get laser eye surgery.

  • This episode is about the dream of Melissa, who has a secret crush on a boy (Matt) since she was in high school. She wants to express her feelings to Matt through this show.

  • This episode features Steven Gould's dream. He wants to meet the star of NBC'S "Passions", Lindsay. His dream comes true!

  • This episode features a mother trying to find her son. Evelyn was forced to share her son's custody with her ex-husband, but after two years father and son both disappeared.

  • This episode is about finding the right person for a friend. Jaclyn dreams for her friend Anna to find a nice young man to date.

  • This episode features Tammy who dreams of meeting her favorite TV star of "The Parkers" Mo'Nique.

  • This episode features Ingo Rademacher; the 'General Hospital' star surprises a woman in the audience who has been one of his biggest fans for over 20 years.

  • This episode features Carol Foster and Marilyn Zimmerman. Dream Maker takes them to visit Charlie O'Donnell, the voice of the show Wheel of Fortune!

  • This episode features Tracy who dreams of getting a sexy make over for her husband.

  • This episode features Charlene, member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She dreams of quitting smoking. Lettie, her daughter, fears losing her mother Charlene due to her excessive smoking.

  • This episode features parents who are willing to do anything to make sure this holiday season is special for their families.

  • This episode is about Eric who works back stage. Dream Maker gives him $1000 to buy new clothes for himself.

  • This episode features Ken and Sabrina. Ken is madly in love with Sabrina would like to propose and marry her. They are going to get married today on the show.

  • This episode features Charlene who dreams of becoming a Rockette.

  • This episode features Dial-A-Dream and Families Feuding for a Vacation. A mother's ten-year-old autistic daughter loves watching television, but needs a new one. The Dream Maker grants their wish over the phone by giving her a new TV.

  • This episode is about Joanna and her struggles with her daughter's (Elizabeth ) dwarfism every day. She dreams of thanking her daughter's role model, Patti.

  • This episode features a stand-up comedian in New York, who loves comedian Joy Behar from "The View" and dreams of meeting her at the show. The Dream Maker grants her wish and takes her on set to meet Joy and have a great time.

  • This episode features a Father/Daughter Reunion. John dreams of the day when he can be reunited with his birth daughter given up 30 years ago. The Dream Maker surprises him with the first meeting of the two in three decades.

  • This episode features Diane who dreams of doing something special for her ex-husband and his new wife who is her best friend. The Dream Maker grants her wish for this unusual threesome to stay happy.

  • This episode features an 800 lb Man. The Dream Maker visits a man in New Jersey who is in need of help due to remarkable weight concerns.

  • This episode features the show's biggest fan who writes in to have the Dream Maker grant her wish of a visit to the set of Hollywood Squares, which comes true as the Dream Maker joins her to jostle with Whoopi and others.

  • This episode features Cindy Margolis. Derrick and Josh are two men who e-mailed the Dream Maker with the same dream of doing anything to meet actress and supermodel Cindy Margolis.

  • This episode features Kathy, who dreams of her daughter Callie, stricken with alopecia which causes her hair to fall out, to wear a real-hair wig to make her look as natural as possible.

  • This episode features Natalie, who dreams of putting an end to a long search for her sister after they were adopted by different families.

  • This episode features Drake Hogestyn. Dianna writes in her dream of surprising her mother, who's watched "Days of Our Lives" for 35 years with a star who appears on the stage and visits the Dream Maker and the ladies.

  • This episode features a young woman in Arizona who has always dreamt of taking a ride in the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile. Dream Correspondent Kat Carney makes it happen, along with a visit from the Weinermobile just outside the studio.

  • This episode features three teenage girls, Meredith, Catherine and Stephanie. They have wanted to become professional models since childhood.

  • This episode features Julie, a housewife with her four children. Julie is a very busy housewife who's always wanted a cosmetic power peel.

  • This episode features Tammy and Ed. Tammy is about to propose to Ed.

  • This episode features Cindi, Kristi's mom who wishes her daughter could go back home for a dance. Kristi misses her friends after moving to a different high school.

  • This episode features Ricardo meeting his family for the first time. Marcy would do anything to find her husband's father and finally met Ricardo's father and two sisters.

  • This episode features a lady named Dixie who wishes something could be done to help her sister ( Judy ) feel better about her appearance. Judy also meets Anthony who saved her life after an accident for the first time.

  • This episode features Christine who is in search of her missing brother Dan. Jason and Jonathan are twins waiting to meet their brother for the first time.

  • This episode features a woman named Gale who was pressured into giving up her baby for adoption. Lydia, her daughter, is meeting her mother for the first time after 28 years.

  • This episode features a story about a woman named Delores who suffered from domestic abuse for 20 years and dreams of having the scars removed. She has no idea her daughter Tanya is about to surprise her.

  • This episode features a surprise given to Richard from his ex-colleague from General Hospital.