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In this horror anthology series, a family of monsters who watch a different scary story on TV each week. The stories they watch always include other monsters, and they're sometimes based on the work of famous authors such as Stephen King. The series aired on Syfy from 1988 to 1991.

Monsters is a Comedy Horror & Suspense Science Fiction series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (72 episodes). The series first aired on October 22, 1988. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.3.

Monsters is available for streaming on the Lionsgate website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Monsters on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, The Roku Channel Free online.

3 Seasons, 72 Episodes
October 22, 1988
Comedy Horror & Suspense Science Fiction
Cast: John Bolger, Pamela Dean Kelly, Michael J. Anderson, Carlos Lauchu
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Monsters Full Episode Guide

  • In an abandoned hotel, Mack meets a happy drunk named Freddy who can create anything he wants out of thin air, but everything he creates ends up having some critical flaw.

  • Greedy corporate executive, Lawrence Bauer has taken over from ethical, older CEO Tom Hart. He's successful because he's been consulting voodoo priestess Matilde for the past year. The voodoo gods now demand that he sacrifice body parts for giving him wealth, but he refuses to do so. Instead, he kills Matilde when she threatens to send zombies after him.

  • A man is pushed to the brink of insanity as he battles a large finger that rises out of the drain of his sink.

  • Martin Lander is a womanizer and newspaper columnist with a beautiful girlfriend, Linda. He's being stalked by a woman with a sultry voice who keeps calling him and leaving messages on his answering machine. Even though he changes his phone number, she keeps calling and leaving messages. When Linda comes over, the woman calls and embarrasses Martin.

  • A frustrated and ambitious scriptwriter plans to use the information that one of the top producers at the Hollywood studio he's working for might be a werewolf to finally advance his career.

  • A sleazy, late-night, radio talk show host brings in a beautiful, mysterious guest who claims to have an alien that might be the answer to all of the hatred and violence in the world.

  • To pass the U.S. citizenship test, a Greek lothario with a big secret must first agree to a physical, which he desperately wants to avoid. Instead of taking the test, he tries to seduce the female immigration officer in charge of his case to get a free pass.

  • Two beat cops tell their boss about the strange occurrences in the city. They've recently witnessed normal people being turned into surgically reassembled freaks. He offers to show the two what's really going on.

  • Ben suggests that his newlywed son, John, and daughter-in-law, Kate, spend their wedding night in the same hotel room where he spent his honeymoon. When a mysterious woman kidnaps John in "the dark room," Benjamin refuses to save his son.

  • Two old, gentlemanly friends are playing a game of chess when a sinister, telepathic alien invader shaped like a giant tentacled eyeball arrives to eat their brains.

  • A modern, independent wife and mother is about to learn that no woman can defy the misogynistic household gods, who have the power to turn the life of any housewife who refuses to submit to them into a living nightmare.

  • An unhappy wife asks her depressed, workaholic husband to play his clarinet for her like he did in their youth. When the music causes severe pain in his abdomen, he's taken to surgery. What they find trapped in him is beyond bizarre.

  • A greedy wife tries to get her dying, rich husband to give her control over his buildings for the poor so that she can sell them. Inspired by Dicken's Christmas Carol, the husband's strange doctor tries to scare her straight.

  • A nice, young, southern faith healer uses the miraculous cleansing ability of the corpse of the most evil man in the world to run a small, popular, sin-extraction business. A female reporter and a cynical psycho-killer try to debunk him.

  • After a nuclear war, only two factions remain: the soldiers who launched the nukes in their small locked shelter and the nuclear holocaust vampires led by their vampire messiah outside. Only a short digital door code keeps the monsters out.

  • Jealous, wheelchair-bound Edward kills his wife Victoria's long lost, alpha male ex, Hunk, who has suddenly returned for her. Being scientists, the two use microchips that mimic the human mind to rebuild Hunk.

  • Black comedy about two normal, loving human parents who are constantly trying to keep their cute, demonic, cannibalistic mutant baby boy from devouring the neighbors. Meanwhile, a wannabe serial killer is stalking the area.

  • During the Vietnam War, two US marines and their allied South Vietnamese guide end up trapped in a maze of underground Vietcong tunnels haunted by the undead restless spirits of the soldiers killed in the war.

  • A female representative of a space mining corporation visits the company's mining facility located on an uninhabited planet and run by a mutant slave to see why his output is behind schedule.

  • A young man ends up in a South American jail for killing a kid with his car. He counts on his rich father's lawyer to get him out, but a weird old political prisoner tells him he's been placed in "the bad cell" that no one ever leaves.

  • A woman visits her estranged sister in their family's remote cabin and discovers that she is pregnant and living with a mysterious man. After the mysterious man seduces her as well, she discovers his real insectoid nature too late.

  • A psychiatrist attempts to use a man who can turn into an unstoppable monster whenever his repressed anger is let loose to murder his wife through hypnosis.

  • A female scientist who spent 12 years raising rats in a stressed environment in the hopes of evolving their intelligence faces the terrifying results of her experiment.

  • A kid who doesn't like his mother's new boyfriend discovers the man's true reptilian nature when he wears his dad's old glasses.

  • A lonely bookstore owner goes to extreme lengths to transform her appearance in hopes of attracting the attention of her favorite customer.

  • A rich kid is kidnapped for ransom by two ruthless criminals and is taken to a remote cabin. In the cabin's basement, he finds a mysterious but benevolent beast-man who offers him a supernatural way out, but there's a price.

  • An astronomy student believes she has contacted an alien and is getting messages from intelligent life in outer space, but it turns out the source is closer than she thinks.

  • A man, sent to investigate why a subway maintenance crew is paid so highly, gets more than he bargained for.

  • A man who is in a hospital, following a car accident, begins to see terrifying apparitions of giant insect-like creatures.

  • Anya, a girl who comes from a family of wolves, plans to marry Stanley, but her father objects because Stanley is a were-hyena.

  • Following a blow to the head, Alex's nightmares appear to be becoming reality. When his girlfriend asks a psychologist for help, the doctor suggests Alex enter the dream world and face his subconsciousness.

  • Roy Barton, who lives with his mother and sister, discovers a toy in his cereal box that miraculously comes to life as a mischievous reptile.

  • John Dennis is a traveling salesman. While staying in a sleazy motel, he meets a beautiful woman and her husband, staying next door, with a dark secret.

  • A girl volunteers to go into isolation for nine months in return for vast wealth, only to realize the loneliness is driving her insane.

  • A man and two women trapped in a museum basement accidentally awaken a 3,000-year-old, Druid mummy after exposing it to a bloody handkerchief.

  • An old dying man asks his archaeologist daughter to reveal the location of an ancient Native American spring rumored to be the Fountain of Youth, but discovers a terrible price must be paid to achieve youth and immortality

  • A married woman finds her deceased grandmother's exotic plant in the basement. It's the mythical mandrake root, an ingredient used in black magic to create the perfect lover that unfortunately feeds on human blood.

  • Mr. Ross, an elderly man, is terrified of death so he makes a deal with the Grim Reaper. He is granted more life, but in return he has to deliver many deaths.

  • A greedy alien named Arcturus tries to enslave a demon to grant his wishes, but instead captures a poor insurance agent from Chicago named Arthur Gammet. To avoid a lifetime in a cage, Arthur decides to summon his own demon in an attempt to free himself from Arturus' control.

  • A private detective looking for a missing person discovers an innkeeper who sells mysterious jars.

  • During a terrific thunderstorm, a salesman takes shelter in a farmhouse and is surprised when he ends up sharing a room with the farmer's daughter.

  • A woman turns to voodoo to get the man she loves to leave his wife.

  • Allison is infatuated with recently killed, hunky movie star, Tony Sterling. She summons him back from the dead, but he has other plans than love for her. Her nerdy best friend, who loves her, contacts the dead guy's Hollywood agent for help.

  • A newlywed couple book themselves into the basement suite of a fancy hotel which turns out to be the lair of a monstrously sized arachnid.

  • A father gets a shock when he discovers that one of the sculptures in an artist's studio is of his missing daughter, Penny, and begins to suspect that the artist is a serial killer.

  • Raymond and Cliff, two brothers, attempt to rob an old woman, but when she bites Raymond the brothers kill her. Soon Raymond's wound turns into the face of the old women.