Watch TV Shows on Lionsgate

Lionsgate offers several different channels, which include Epix, Pop, Befit, Defy Media, and Kix. Their channels cover a wide variety of subjects and issues, and each channel is geared toward a unique audience. From movies, to television entertainment, to sports and Internet media Lionsgate has built dynamic channels for unique audiences.

Epix is a premium entertainment network. It includes some of the biggest movies, including new releases, comedy, sporting events and music. It can be watched on all media devices, and reaches nearly 10 million subscribers. It is delivered to millions of homes every day.

Pop Media is an agreement between Lionsgate and Columbia Broadcasting Network (CBS). The unique venture combines the unique features of both companies to deliver a winning combination of television and film. It is currently delivered to 80 million homes. Some of its syndication series include "Entertainment Tonight," and "The Insider." Its motion pictures include "The Hunger Games," and "Twilight." It has also produced "Orange Is the New Black," and "Madmen."

Befit is an ad supported fitness channel, originally started on Utube. It offers fitness with some of the best trainers in the business. Defy media exists to deliver some of the best content across the Internet. Some of the content delivered by Defy Media includes "Break," "Clevver," "The Escapist" and others. Kix is a channel largely serving Asia. It offers an excellent mix of high impact action movies, with extreme sports shows, reality television, and television series.