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In this action thriller series, an unassuming musicians finds that he has telepathic superpowers after being struck by lightning. Like all good-hearted people with superpowers, he decides that he will use abilities to protect his city from criminals. Matt McColm, Earl Holliman, and Jayne Heitmeyer star.

2 Seasons, 44 Episodes
September 19, 1997
Cast: Matt McColm, Jayne Heitmeyer
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NightMan Full Episode Guide

  • Keyes kidnaps Raleigh and frames Johnny. But Night Man is ready to rid the world of Keyes once and for all.

  • As the title states, Nightwoman returns, this time to protect a queen from her evil husband and his voodoo priestess.

  • Night Man fights Lucien Norcus, an illusionist who uses his powers to to trap people in his eternal hell. Also: Johnny learns he was separated at birth from a twin brother.

  • Night Man must face Gore, a less intelligent but more powerful duplicate of Slade.

  • Saskia has been kidnapped by Keyes, and Raleigh fears House of Soul will be destroyed.

  • Keyes returns and uses his high-tech computers as well as special Tarot cards to kidnap Night Man's friends. Keyes also suggests he and Night Man may be brothers. Guest starring Keegan Connor Tracy ("Bates Motel," "Once Upon a Time").

  • Tragedy seems to follow an orphaned girl whom Johnny mentors. Tragedy turns dangerous when Lilly is kidnapped by a demonic priest, and it turns out Lilly's father is a god from Celtic lore.

  • Night Man accidentally resurrects a mummified Egyptian queen, with predictably disastrous results. Queen Neftalah is on a quest for eternal life and supreme power.

  • Alien bounty hunter Zentare returns to Earth to protect an alien princess from assassination.

  • Night Man must save a beautiful young woman with combustible superpowers from an evil scientist, who is bent on stealing her powers. Guest starring Sarah Wynter ("24").

  • Johnny finally lands a date with Briony, but she is abducted by an ex-con who has been stalking her.

  • In what may be the most 1990s storyline ever, Night Man fights a gang using high-tech, motorized Roller Blades.

  • An evil space traveler who can stop time goes on a crime spree here on Earth. He promises to destroy Night Man's reputation if he doesn't help.

  • A serial arsonist hits Chinatown, and Night Man thinks it may have to do with an ancient prophecy involving Chu Yung, the Chinese god of fire.

  • Night Man and Black Knight join forces to stop the murders of government-protected witnesses. Guest starring Andrew Bryniarski (Leatherface in the 2003 "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" remake).

  • A new video game, Fear City, has gamers eagerly awaiting its release... until it is linked to a number of disappearances. The game's boss, the Bogey Man, is behind the madness.

  • When he brings a famous magician back from the dead, a sorcerer sets about to bring back an army of the dead to rule the world. Guest starring Mark Lindsay Chapman ("Swamp Thing").

  • An alien leads a cult on Earth, who are trying to control the youth of the city. Guest starring Tyler Labine ("Reaper") and Brendan Fehr ("Final Destination").

  • While Night Man is searching for his stolen car, he meets a new crimefighter: The Black Knight. Can the two work together? Guest starring Lyn "Red" Williams ("Mortal Combat: Annihilation").

  • When Johnny's father gets caught up in the evil plan of a genius computer tycoon, only Night Man can save him. Guest starring Kim Coates ("Sons of Anarchy").

  • When Johnny's friend is killed, he worries that he isn't doing enough to protect the city. Johnny is killed in a car accident and goes to heaven to discover his true purpose.

  • A star athlete is hit by a car - but he makes a miraculous recovery. Night Man suspects cloning might be behind his recovery. Guest starring Jaime Pressly ("My Name is Earl").

  • Chang returns with an evil plot to get rid of Night Man. Guest starring James Lew ("Luke Cage").

  • Night Man finds the wreckage of a UFO - and a path of dead military men, left by the UFO's pilot.

  • Johnny is framed for a crime, and the evidence against him is so convincing, he starts to wonder if maybe he did do it.

  • Night Man battles Chrome again, but this time, Chrome has a secret ally. Guest starring Fabiana Udenio ("Austin Powers") and Michael Weston ("Houdini and Doyle").

  • A scientist turns his cop daughter into Night Man's "female counterpart" after an accident leaves her paralyzed.

  • The House of Soul is haunted by ghosts. No surprise, given its name. Jerry Springer guest stars.

  • Night Man battles a sorceress who knows the secrets of Johnny and his loved ones. Guest starring Jacinda Barett ("Poseidon," "Urban Legends: Final Cut").

  • The hunt is on to stop a criminal gang from smuggling a shipment of tainted heroin into the city. Guest starring Ian Patrick Williams ("Dolls," "Re- Animator").

  • A descendant of J. Edgar Hoover's unfreezes some of the worst gangsters of all time: Al Capone, John Dillinger, and Bonnie Parker. Guest starring Jon Polito ("The Big Lebowski") and Kiersten Warren ("Saved By the Bell: The College Years").

  • Night Man meets a former KGB assassin and senses a worse future for her: as a pawn in the Russian mafia.

  • A basketball prodigy is at danger of falling in with the neighborhood crime boss. Who will do a better job saving him: Johnny, or Night Man?

  • Night Man faces off against Chrome, a villain who got his powers from the same bolt of lightning. Now he wants Johnny's powers.

  • After being beaten in prison, a convict undergoes an experimental procedure to rebuild his face. But it also gives him the ability to change his face at will.

  • A drug lord takes a club full of people hostage until he gets what he needs: a new, healthy heart. Guest starring Henry Darrow ("The Hitcher," TV's "Zorro").

  • The city is evacuated after a massive earthquake is predicted. With no one there, the city is at the mercy of international terrorists, planning a heist.

  • Johnny officially becomes Night Man - appropriate, since his new powers don't allow him to sleep.

  • Musician Johnny Domino gains superpowers after being struck by lightning. Guest stars pop singer Taylor Dane.

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