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Originally airing on the A network, then W network in Canada, "1-800 Missing" was presented to American audiences on lifetime TV. The show followed similar themes and plot lines as other popular crime-based television shows; CSI and Law & Order to name just two. The show featured a strong heroine as the main character. Running for three seasons, the show was canceled in February of 2006. Reruns and syndicated episodes are still available through streaming outlets and on DVD.

1-800 Missing, eventually renamed Missing, centers on Jess Mastraini. Following a freak accident, she becomes psychic . Unsure of what to do with her new talent and terribly upset about the occurrence she begins to use her gift for good. As a member of the FBI Task Force she works to solve missing person cases. Each episode features a new case that must be solved. Each episode the cases vary in complexity, age of the victim and the circumstances surrounding the disappearance. Throughout the shows run guest appearances and co-stars have come and gone. Jess' partner, for the majority of the show's run, was Nicole Scott, a devil-may-car agent who is street smart to a fault. Nicole is originally skeptical of Jess, her straight-laced style and her alleged abilities. As the show progresses, however, the pair become close confidants as Nicole slowly reveals what makes her tick.

The show also features a plethora of other agents who are often confided in about the cases that are being worked. The small team of special agents who work such cases become close as the series progresses and relationships and tensions stem from the collaborations.

The show was presented towards a female audience and received positively because of its dual story lines that focus on both the crime in question each episode and the linear storyline regarding each characters personal life and relationships.

3 Seasons, 55 Episodes
August 3, 2003
Cast: Caterina Scorsone
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1-800 Missing Full Episode Guide

  • The team searches for this serial killer named Carol Eisenberg who along with her husband killed five girls. Now she has escaped from prison. Also Jess warns Antonio that someone may harm him.

  • Nicole gets to know her mom and tries to get to know her better. They also try to find a missing Department of Justice agent and try to find out why and who blew the cover of the DOJ agent.

  • Nicole and Jess travel to Budapest Hungry to track down a missing bridegroom.

  • Nicole and Jess are on the search for a woman named Caroline Dunn who went missing during spring break. The team believes she went missing with her boyfriend Luke.

  • In what may be the most bizarre case yet for the FBI squad, the team must find missing twin girls in order to figure out who killed their parents and why!

  • Antonio, Jess and Colin give up their vacation time to help Nicole investigate the disappearance of her nephew.

  • When the teenage perpetrator of a high school hostage crisis disappears, the agents solicit some unusual help from their suspended boss, Pollock, to investigate the school psychiatrist's records.

  • A federal prosecutor is kidnapped. The team is given a new temporary boss who isn't as nice as he originally seems. Nicole and Antonio clash again over whether Antonio will leave the FBI to save their relationship.

  • The case, finding a criminal attorney's kidnapped secretary, is complicated by Jess's visions of a recently-deceased agent with similar characteristics.

  • A convict about to go to trial for murder kills two police officers and escapes. He then steals a woman's car and kidnaps her.

  • The agents search for a young boy who goes missing while his grandmother babysits him. Their investigation leads them to his family, who have hired an aggressive lawyer.

  • The agents search for a wealthy businessman who disappeared from his hotel. They try to get the truth out of his girlfriend, who discovered him missing in the middle of the night.

  • Jess has a vision that leads her and Nicole to discover a 10-year-old skeleton. When the body is identified, Pollack orders them off the case.

  • A mother and her young children witness a middle-aged woman being kidnapped in a parking lot. Jess has a vision while trying to corner a suspect that nearly lets him get away.

  • Jess and Nicole are called in to help when a hurricane breaches destruction on a small North Carolinian town and dozens of people go missing. Jess' visions lead them to a young boy but shockingly, he's kidnapped from the hospital.

  • The team shifts into high gear to find an abducted newborn while dealing with a traumatized mother. Jess' visions are challenged due to the infant's lack of life experiences.

  • A pregnant woman is snatched off the street. Jess' visions regarding the case are more intense than ever. As the woman is just days from delivery, the team enlists the help of the woman's fertility doctor.

  • A biophysicist disappears along with the only sample of a deadly virus she created. She claimed to have been followed by men in black suits.

  • A married woman goes missing. Her suspicious husband becomes a quick suspect in the kidnapping but as Jess and Nicole probe into her past, they discover a shocking secret and are amazed to learn that the woman had created a new life for herself.

  • Antonio's ex-wife's sister is kidnapped. The team wonders if she was taken by a bitter victim of his ex-wife, who is a successful District Attorney or if it was done randomnly.

  • After arresting a dangerous man on the run, Jess and Nicole find a man shot in the head hanging on to life in the trunk of the car he was trying to steal. The man has amnesia and doesn't remember anything.

  • Nicole goes undercover when a criminal she formerly went undercover with kidnaps an innocent woman because she is related to one of the agents who put him in jail. She learns of a deadly plan of revenge for his years in jail.

  • The team searches for a missing veterinarian and a missing working woman from the same Maine town. The veterinarian disappeared from a dock behind his house when his wife stepped away for a few minutes and the woman was reported missing from work.

  • Jess, Nicole, and Antonio search for a missing woman who was delivering subpoenas. They soon discover that one of her deliverees has also disappeared. The case exposes a world of loneliness, corruption, and identity theft.

  • After a horrific car accident, a famous pop star's bodyguard is seriously injured. Meanwhile, the singer, who was in the car, has vanished. The investigation leads them to an obsessed fan who has been sending the singer letters.

  • A senator's senior aide's five year old daughter is kidnapped. The unlikely kidnapper leads Jess and Nicole to a missing reporter who was working on an article about Chinese people being smuggled into the United States.

  • An empty police car is found with blood on the dashboard and two police officers have gone missing. Jess and Nicole quickly discover a police department full of corruption.

  • A rebellious teenager has an argument with her parents, storms out of their suburban home and drives away. When she returns hours later her parents and younger brother have disappeared.

  • A woman is found murdered in New York City's Central Park but before police arrive at the scene the medical examiner, the hearse, and the driver disappear along with the body.

  • A public bus that was traveling from Boston to Atlantic City, New Jersey is found in rural New Jersey with the twenty passengers (including an 8-month pregnant woman) and the driver mysteriously absent.

  • A woman sees her son, whom she believed died ten years earlier in a car accident along with his father, on television at a football game. The boy's father's body was found and the boy was assumed to be dead in the horrific car accident.

  • A woman fearing for her life makes a panicked 911 call. The next day blood is found in the hotel room she shared with a fraternity boy on a one night stand. Nicole and Jess expect that they are searching for a body but find out that they have been misled.

  • Jess goes to Quantico to train to be an FBI agent after Brooke transfers to San Francisco. Jess is passed from the training school by powerful John Pollock to work with her new partner.

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