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  • TV-Y
  • 1996
  • 1 Season
  • 6.3  (241)

Bruno the Kid is a animated television series that aired for two seasons from 1996 to 1997. The show follows the adventures of an 11-year-old boy named Bruno Buckingham who operates as a secret agent for the International Espionage Agency (IEA), going on missions to stop various supervillains from taking over the world.

The show is produced by Film Roman and it stars popular Hollywood actor Bruce Willis as the voice of Bruno's mentor, the highly-skilled spy known as Jarlsberg. Jennifer Hale also voices Bruno's IEA handler, the no-nonsense Wendy Worldwide. Other voice actors that contributed to the show include Lynne Thigpen as Bruno's teacher, Mrs. Ardonian, and Paul Dobson as Bruno's arch-nemesis, Dr. Venom.

The premise of the show is quite simple. Bruno is a normal kid who also happens to be a highly skilled agent for the IEA. He is recruited by the agency after he successfully stops Dr. Venom from stealing a dangerous weapon. From then on, Bruno is embroiled in a series of dangerous missions that take him all around the world.

Each episode sees Bruno and his team of agents take on a different villain intending to wreak havoc across the globe. The villains that Bruno faces include the likes of the Arctic Avenger, who wants to freeze the world, the electrifying Charge, who wants to shut down power grids, and the shape-shifting Chameleon, who has his sights set on stealing valuable documents. With the help of his gadgets, his wit, and his team of agents, Bruno always manages to thwart each villain's plans.

One key aspect of the show is its use of gadgets. Bruno is always armed with the latest in spy tech, from his handheld communicators to his flying skateboard. Each gadget plays a crucial role in helping Bruno and his team succeed in their missions. However, Bruno's gadgets sometimes backfire, leading to some comedic moments in the show.

Another notable aspect of Bruno the Kid is its animation style. The show utilizes a mix of traditional and computer-generated animation, which was somewhat ahead of its time in the mid-90s. The result is a visually impressive show that still holds up well today.

The show's characters are well-developed and engaging. Bruno is a likable protagonist, with his youthful enthusiasm and resourcefulness making him a compelling lead. Jarlsberg serves as a mentor figure to Bruno, but also has his own tricks up his sleeve. Wendy Worldwide is a no-nonsense spy who always gets the job done. Even the villains are given some depth, with Dr. Venom having a personal vendetta against Bruno that drives his actions.

Overall, Bruno the Kid is an entertaining show that is perfect for kids and adults alike. It has a unique blend of action, comedy, and gadgetry that is sure to keep viewers engaged. With its all-star cast and impressive animation, it's a show that is deserving of its cult following.

Bruno the Kid is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (36 episodes). The series first aired on September 23, 1996.

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You Go, Girl
36. You Go, Girl
May 26, 1997
Medusa has a "Molecular Reorganizer" which can turn water into gold and vice versa. She plans to steal the world's supply of gold in order to control the world. Leecy sneaks along on this mission and finds out about Bruno's secret life.
35. Virus
May 19, 1997
Castrato brings down the GLOBE jet, equipped with a computer full of secret GLOBE information. Bruno retrieves the computer, but must take it back so Castrato can download a virus that will erase all the secret information he's learned.
Dead Boy Walking
34. Dead Boy Walking
May 12, 1997
Melbourne and Sydney G'Day plan to infect the world with a deadly virus, then sell the antidote and rake in the money.
Bullet Train
33. Bullet Train
May 5, 1997
A man calling himself "The Engineer" takes over a new computerized rail system and threatens to derail every train on the planet.
Bye Bye Jarly: Part Three
32. Bye Bye Jarly: Part Three
April 28, 1997
Continued from Part Two.
Bye Bye Jarly: Part Two
31. Bye Bye Jarly: Part Two
April 21, 1997
Continued from Part One.
Revenge of the Giganerd
30. Revenge of the Giganerd
April 14, 1997
Eugene Scuzzybus uses Lazlo Gigahertz's technology to send a hypnotic signal through electrical wiring, making a zombie of anyone who looks at a monitor or TV screen. Lazlo joins Bruno and Jarlsburg on their journey to stop Scuzzybus.
The Last Christmas
29. The Last Christmas
April 7, 1996
Mad toy inventor Klaus Von Claus puts computer chips inside a popular type of doll, allowing him to bring them to life. He plans to use them to destroy the world on Christmas Eve at midnight.
Soda Jerk
28. Soda Jerk
March 31, 1996
Koos Koos manufactures a soft drink that contains a violence-inducing chemical. He plans to capitalize on arms sales when he starts an unstoppable world war.
27. Funworld
March 24, 1997
Vorga Lopez plans to overthrow her brother's government in Brazuela. She holds his son hostage at an amusement park, with the entire Brazuelan treasury as ransom.
For Your Snake Eyes Only
26. For Your Snake Eyes Only
February 17, 1997
Former Las Vegas magician Snake Eyes kidnaps 12-year-old religious leader Rama Rama, and will sacrifice him, causing mass riots and chaos, unless Rama Rama orders his followers to leave the scared Temple of Paneer.
Who's There?
25. Who's There?
March 10, 1996
Dr Nick Knock develops a "Weather Anomalizer" that can alter the weather. He plans to use it to exact his revenge on the scientific community at a reception for Nobel Prize Winners.
Send in the Clones
24. Send in the Clones
March 3, 1996
Von Trapp uses DNA samples to create an army of clones of infamous people throughout history, who will help him take over the world.
Bye Bye Jarly: Part One
23. Bye Bye Jarly: Part One
February 24, 1997
The bad guys, with Von Trapp as president, get together to take over the world. Their first step is stealing a new secret radar system. Jarlsburg loses his confidence and retires from GLOBE, leaving Bruno to deal with a new partner.
Meteor Showers Bring No Flowers
22. Meteor Showers Bring No Flowers
February 17, 1997
Mad inventor Leonardo Linguini builds a "Cosmic Hole Puncher" which he will use to punch the atmosphere so meteorites can reach the earth's surface. He will destroy every major world capital unless he receives a billion dollars.
My Dogs Are Killin' Me
21. My Dogs Are Killin' Me
February 10, 1997
Lazlo Gigahertz gains control over the dogs of the world, and plans to sic them on their masters unless he receives a billion dollars.
The Unfriendly Skies
20. The Unfriendly Skies
February 3, 1996
Ann T. Mayhem and sons hijack plans and steal their parts to build a superplane. They then threaten to bomb countries unless they receive a ransom.
Dr. Nozone
19. Dr. Nozone
January 27, 1996
Sunblock manufacturer Chick E. Love steals CFCs in order to eliminate the ozone layer and sell more sunblock.
Book 'Em Bruno, Murder One
18. Book 'Em Bruno, Murder One
January 20, 1997
Ho Don Po develops a plastic explosive that allows him to set off dormant volcanoes; the lava flow will turn the ocean property he owns in Hawaii into beachfront property.
Shake, Rattle & Roll
17. Shake, Rattle & Roll
January 13, 1997
Lazlo Gigahertz creates an earthquake-causing machine, with which he plans to destroy the world's largest cities.
The Spy Just Like Me
16. The Spy Just Like Me
January 6, 1997
Von Trapp has built a large "Grosse Gun" and will bombard oil fields unless OPEC gives him all of its oil. He uses a "kinder-spy" of his own to anticipate Bruno's every move.
Fade to Bruno
15. Fade to Bruno
December 30, 1996
Hollywood director Stuart Pede puts subliminal messages in a movie that will make teenagers kill world leaders and do whatever else he tells them.
14. Bruno-palooza
December 23, 1996
Armand Geddon steals the explosive Ultra-Blastite, to be triggered by Slather's high notes at the upcoming "Peaceapalooza" concert.
Jungle Bogey
13. Jungle Bogey
December 16, 1996
Dr. Benny Butterfinger steals the Thelma - a silent, undetectable plane - and will start bombing world capitals unless he receives three billion dollars.
The A-maze-ing Adventure
12. The A-maze-ing Adventure
December 9, 1996
Lady Di Archer steals a ceremonial scepter so that war between Jumai and Bakare will continue and diamonds can't be mined.
The Fission Mission
11. The Fission Mission
December 2, 1996
Mister X kidnaps world leaders, and the ransom is the uranium he needs for his atomic warhead detonator device.
Searching for Booby Vicious
10. Searching for Booby Vicious
November 25, 1996
Former chess champion Booby Vicious builds a device to take out radar systems. Bruno must win a game of riddles within 24 hours, or he'll destroy the major cities of the world.
Mind Over Matter
9. Mind Over Matter
November 18, 1996
Von Trapp kidnaps Profession Wisensteain, creator of a mind-reading machine, and builds one of his own. He plans to use it on Swiss bankers to get the combinations to their vaults.
Chip Happens
8. Chip Happens
November 11, 1996
Ramon Ramon shoots down the GLOBE satellite and steals the chip inside, which will enable him to control all electronic communications in the world.
Give Pizza a Chance
7. Give Pizza a Chance
November 4, 1996
Lazlo Gigahertz kidnaps several European leaders and uses Bruno to replace them with robots.
Moonbeam & Other Strangers
6. Moonbeam & Other Strangers
October 28, 1996
Dr. Moonbeam steals DOGSLED defense weapons and threatens to destroy national landmarks.
High Tide
5. High Tide
October 21, 1996
Cy Cologne plans to melt the world's icebergs, which will cause an enormous tidal wave that will destroy half the world.
Take Me Out to the Bomb Game
4. Take Me Out to the Bomb Game
October 7, 1996
Castrato steals a nuclear missile and detonator, and plans to use it unless he receives 50 billion dollars and the New York Yankees.
North by Southwest
3. North by Southwest
October 7, 1996
Mister X buys stolen Russian warheads and plans to blow up Mount Vicemore at the unveiling ceremony.
Spies, Lies, & Bavarian Pies
2. Spies, Lies, & Bavarian Pies
September 30, 1996
Von Trapp steals the BOOM disc from Jarlsburg and plans to hold the world hostage.
The Adventure Begins
1. The Adventure Begins
September 23, 1996
Colonel Muckbar buys the BOOM disk from Lazlo Gigahertz and threatens to blow up the Hoover Dam unless he gets two billion dollars.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 23, 1996
  • IMDB Rating
    6.3  (241)