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  • TV-14
  • 2002
  • 1 Season
  • 6.3  (341)

An adventure series about Judson Cross, an adventurer/tracker who boasts that there is nothing he cannot find. Cross operates from the Florida Keys with a team of renegades who risk their lives for adventure. Inspired by the real-life adventures of explorer Barry Clifford and his search for lost artifacts.

Adventure Inc.
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22. Trapped
May 12, 2003
Adventure Inc is having lunch in France when an intruder enters and hides a computer disc on the property. Intelligence agents show up and demand the disc - and don't plan on leaving any witnesses.
Point of No Return
21. Point of No Return
May 5, 2003
While stealing the Crucible of Geber from a gangster's home, Gabe finds a woman being held captive and rescues her. But Ana wasn't in distress, and turns on her would-be saviors.
The Price of the Oracle
20. The Price of the Oracle
April 28, 2003
When an ex-girlfriend ends up in the hospital with a fever that puts her into a coma, Judson sets out to find out what happened to her. She was searching for The Oracle, and the locals are not happy to have strangers snooping around.
The Last Crusader of San Giovanni
19. The Last Crusader of San Giovanni
April 21, 2003
The team seeks the treasures of the Knight's Templar on behalf of the Vatican. Along the way, they meet an old friend. The officials want them to stop their search, and Adventure Inc starts to suspect the Knight's Templar is still alive and active.
The Man Who Wouldn't Be King
18. The Man Who Wouldn't Be King
April 14, 2003
Judson is lured to an island and worshipped as "the chosen one." But extortionists have other plans for him. Guest starring Shivani Ghai ("Dominion") and Pooja Shah ("EastEnders").
Spirit of the Mask
17. Spirit of the Mask
April 7, 2003
The team finds the Iron Mask of the Yeveh in West Africa, but it is stolen before they can return it. The theif puts on the mask and the murders begin.
Wave of the Future
16. Wave of the Future
March 3, 2003
The team thinks they have discovered a synthetic gill that would allow humans to breathe underwater. A search for the doctor who created the gill sends them to a mental hospital. The doctor believes he is from Atlantis.
The Search for Arthur
15. The Search for Arthur
February 24, 2003
The team helps search for the Isle of Avalon, the burial place of King Arthur. But not everyone wants their help. Is the sabotage they face the work of locals, or the results of a curse?
Legacy of a Pirate
14. Legacy of a Pirate
February 17, 2003
When a ring from a missing pirate treasure shows up at auction, Judson is accused of theft and smuggling. It turns out that treasure wasn't sunk as previously thought, but is buried in a castle, hidden by an owner who would do anything to keep people out.
Echoes of the Past
13. Echoes of the Past
February 10, 2003
The CIA comes after Mac, who used to contract with them. Mac can't remember a lot of her time with the CIA, which leads to problems. Guest starring Chris Geere ("You're the Worst") and Henry Ian Cusick ("Lost").
Angel of St. Edmunds
12. Angel of St. Edmunds
February 3, 2003
The team is hired by a monk to find the bones of St. Edmund which, when combined with a gold statue, are said to have magical protective powers. Guest starring Blake Ritson ("Da Vinci's Demons").
Secret of the Sand
11. Secret of the Sand
January 27, 2003
While traveling through the desert, Gabe falls into an underground system of caves. A local ruler agrees to help Adventure Inc find their missing friend, but he seems more interested in finding the hidden caves than in finding Gabe safely.
The Plague Ship of Val Verde
10. The Plague Ship of Val Verde
January 20, 2003
The team becomes unwitting guinea pigs for a biological warfare experiment. Guest starring Zoie Palmer ("Lost Girl").
Fatal Error
9. Fatal Error
November 25, 2002
A Mars mission simulation fails, causing five people to disappear. Adventure Inc come in to find the team. The company CEO, however, doesn't care about the team; he just can't have a failure on his hands. Guest starring Alan Van Sprang ("Shadowhunters").
Magic of the Rain Forest
8. Magic of the Rain Forest
November 18, 2002
Judson's ex-girlfriend is kidnapped by a lumber company and held for ransom in the rainforest. Along the way Judson meets a young boy who can apparently raise the dead. Guest starring Noam Jenkins ("Saw" franchise).
Curse of the Neptune
7. Curse of the Neptune
November 11, 2002
Adventure Inc is hired to salvage a WW2 ship that is reportedly cursed. The survivor's family warns against the salvage mission. Is it because of the curse, or is the family hiding something?
The Fate of the Liverpool Flyer
6. The Fate of the Liverpool Flyer
November 4, 2002
While looking for a sunken ship, Judson discovers residential construction is set to begin on a historical site. Judson tries to stop construction and is attacked and left to die in a cave.
Village of the Lost
5. Village of the Lost
October 28, 2002
A search for a religious artifact leads the team into a standoff with the Russian mafia. Guest starring Ksenia Solo ("Lost Girl").
Message from the Deep
4. Message from the Deep
October 21, 2002
A widow seeks help from Adventure Inc in finding the treasure ship that killed her husband. It turns out she is under the influence of a spiritualist.
Beyond the Missing Link
3. Beyond the Missing Link
October 14, 2002
Adventure Inc obtains the fossil of the Sunda Man, an early species of man believed to have lived for 150 year or longer. There are a lot of parties interested in this fossil, including a professor who has a familial history with the fossil.
Momento Mori
2. Momento Mori
October 7, 2002
Cliff Buckley hires Judson's crew to take him back to Cambodia. He hasn't been since he fought in the Vietnam War, and his memories haunt him. His reasons for returning are not clear-cut, but it includes a meeting with a local drug lord.
Bride of the Sun
1. Bride of the Sun
September 30, 2002
Judson is forced to "borrow" a jade artifact from the governor in order to find the Mayan jade altar in the hidden City of the Sun. The governor's daughter is introduced to her true love via mystical forces.

An adventure series about Judson Cross, an adventurer/tracker who boasts that there is nothing he cannot find. Cross operates from the Florida Keys with a team of renegades who risk their lives for adventure. Inspired by the real-life adventures of explorer Barry Clifford and his search for lost artifacts.

Adventure Inc. is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on September 30, 2002.

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  • Premiere Date
    September 30, 2002
  • IMDB Rating
    6.3  (341)