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Magic Adventures Of Mumfie is an animated children TV series created in the nineteen nineties. This kids' series follows the main character, Mumfie who is a gray elephant. He lives alone in a cottage in the woods. Every day Mumfie waits for the mail to arrive to see if an adventure had been delivered. He is disappointed everyday because he never gets any mail. Mumfie realizes that he must go out and make one for himself. On his traveling adventure, he meets new friends like a scarecrow, a pink flying pig, and a traveling whale who helps Mumfie get around.

Magic Adventures Of Mumfie is a Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (62 episodes). The series first aired on September 1, 1997. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.8.

Magic Adventures Of Mumfie is available for streaming on the Lionsgate website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Magic Adventures Of Mumfie on demand at iTunes online.

2 Seasons, 62 Episodes
September 1, 1997
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Patrick Breen
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Magic Adventures Of Mumfie Full Episode Guide

  • Mumfie, Scarecrow and Pinkey find a magic painting of snow in the Queen of Night's palace. They can climb into it and find themselves meeting a kind Polar bear in the Arctic!

  • You-Are is has to look after the magic bell from Santa's sleigh while it is in repair. While learning to loop the loop he loses the bell. His friends help him look for it and finally they find it around the neck of The Black Cat.

  • Bristle goes overboard with rules when the Queen of Night leaves him in charge of the palace. Mumfie and Scarecrow make signs on a trunk that forbid opening it.

  • In exchange for having a party for his friend Fifi, Napoleon teaches his friends how to speak French. They have many distractions but Fifi is very happy because they learnt how to say 'Bonne Fete!' Happy Birthday!

  • Scarecrow is worried he is boring and Pinkey suggest he might find excitement if he had a job in a circus. They meet a circus lion called Kingsley who thinks Scarecrow could be a great trainer.

  • Mumfie and Scarecrow Pinkey get lost on they way to the cottage. They find a signpost which shows 'past' 'present' and 'future'. They explore all possibilities and decide that the present is the best way to go.

  • After Mumfie reads Cinderella to him, Scarecrow has a dream that he has a fairy Eel godmother who dresses him as a prince for a ball at the Queen of Night's palace! Scarecrow has his own Scarecrowella story!

  • It is the Queen of Night's birthday and her friends plan a show. But a tiny gooseberry imp run-ins the performance!

  • Pinkey meets a magician called The Great Marvellini who convinces her to join a circus because she is a flying pig. But no one wants her to go and she decides she would rather stay with her friends and family.

  • Mumfie has a patch to mend his trousers but it is a magic patch and things keep happening for him. But it is the reverse of what he wants.

  • Mumfie and friends are playing hide and seek in the Queen of Night's garden. They find a Time Keeper, a huge clock that keeps the time of the world. Bristle has said he would like more time in the day to get his work done.

  • Scarecrow is feeling a bit claustrophobic after being indoors for three days because of rain. Mumfie and Pinkey try to cheer him up and they do when Mumfie finds a picture album of all the adventures and good time they have had together so far.

  • The Queen of Night's master painter, Vincente Van Brushes, has disappeared and left no one to paint the sunrises and sunsets. The friends all try to help, even Davy Jones who thinks his are the best. All are happy when Vincente Van Brushes returns.

  • Whale is feeling sad to be big so his friends take him to the Wellwisher to make a wish to be small for day. He becomes a minnow and Mumfie keeps him in jar to see the world. Scarecrow soon misses the ocean and is happy when the wish wears off

  • Scarecrow's sock and Mumfie's jacket go missing from their clothesline. Their friend Mole helps them to family of packrats who enjoy taking without asking. Mumfie tells them people are more likely to share if they are asked instead.

  • Pinkey tells her friends about an Abominable Snowman. They think she is silly until they shocked to see giant footprints in the snow. It turns out to be Bristle, who has hiccups and has been bouncing all over the woods.

  • Pinkey and Smidgen the Pigeon are playing tag and lose Smidgen's mail bag. Mumfie and Scarecrow help them to find it on the Island of Lost Things. Pinkey also finds a ball she lost and helps Smidgen to deliver his mail.

  • Mumfie has too many mashed banana pancakes for supper and has a bad dream. He dreams that he loses a button from his jacket. His friends bring him spare buttons but none are right! He is very happy when he finds it was only a dream.

  • Mumfie and Scarecrow are trapped inside in a big rain storm. To pass time they look for an indoor adventure and find a magic trunk in the attic.

  • Bristle asks Napoleon and Fifi if they have seen the Queen's heart. They think they should find her a suitor until they find out that it is her heart shaped locket which was missing!

  • On their way to help Napoleon with a mystery, the friends find a hot air balloon. As they explore in the basket they are blown out to sea.

  • Mumfie feels left out when Scarecrow has work on a farm. He visits his other friends to cheer himself up and helps them with odd jobs. The Queen tells him that he has good job because he is a good friend.

  • Mumfie loses his lucky penny and has a run of bad luck. He is scared to enter an ice skating competition because of it but he has no choice and wins the competition!

  • The Wellwisher overhears Mumfie's wish to have non stop banana pancakes and grants. Mumfie feels ill after eating pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Scarecrow finds the Wellwisher to make a wish to reverse it!

  • Pinkey want to give her mother a garden of flowers for Mother's Day. She uses a magic potion to help it grow fast but she uses too much and the palace is wrapped in plants! She needs shrinking magic to help her balance the garden again.

  • Mumfie needs to fix the hole in his cottage roof. But he want to keep promises he has made to help his friends first. After a long day he comes home to find the roof has fallen down! All the friends he has helped rally round to help him fix it.

  • A silly starfish called Sterling invites Mumfie and Scarecrow to help him solve the mystery of some missing sand. They soon find Sterling putting the sand back, he had pretended to lose it so that they would come and stay!

  • Bristle is worried when he loses his book of rules. Mumfie suggest he gets one rule from everyone he meets and makes a new book. Bristle is happy when Napoleon finds his old one as he likes his own rules!

  • Pinkey makes herself at home in Mumfie's cottage while he is out with Scarecrow. She has fun but makes a big mess. A goose arrives and settles in too which annoys Pinkey. When everyone returns she blames the goose but finally admits it was her mess!

  • Scarecrow shows Mumfie how to make a kite but it gets tangled in trees and blown away. They are sad until at the beach they find it torn and wrapped in seashells. Scarecrow has an idea - he takes it home as a decorative wind chime!

  • Mumfie and Scarecrow find out that there friend Davy Jones is feeling sad. They invite him to stay but it is too quiet for him so he finds his old mates the pirates to have some more noisy fun!

  • When Napoleon Jones has a reunion with his flying squad he feels old and tries to make himself look younger. His friends help him to value his age and that feeling young can be a state of mind. He soon feels confident to host the reunion.

  • Mumfie and Scarecrow find a lost cloud looking for its mother. They fly with the Queen's magic umbrella to help and find laundry and sheep but no clouds!

  • Mrs. Admiral comes to visit Scarecrow and Mumfie. They soon find out that you don't always know someone until you live with them!

  • You-Are the reindeer is unhappy because he only works on Christmas Eve. He finds other jobs helping Mumfie and Scarecrow around their home.

  • Pinkey stays with her friends Mumfie and Scarecrow. It is misty when she leaves and her friends decide to keep her company on the way home.

  • Eel loses her glow when she fails a class in electronification. The other eels are also finding out why the lamp in the Lighthouse has gone out.

  • Mumfie wins a goldfish at the fair but decides the goldfish is too sad living in a jam jar. He tries to find it a home and finds one in the royal goldfish pond at the Queen of Night's Palace.

  • Whale is sad because he thinks he can never see a mountain. Mumfie thinks it would be a good idea to bring the mountain to Whale by skiing and tobogganing down his back!

  • Mumfie learns how hard Scarecrow's job in the field can be when he is asked by Bristle to stand in the royal garden with his arms out for a long time to check the size of a sweater!

  • Scarecrow loses his beloved hat in a wayward breeze. The friends try to find replacements but none fit. Scarecrow finds his hat but on the way discovers he is still himself even without his hat!

  • Pinkey wishes the daytime to never end because she loves playing so much! The Queen of Night grants her wish but Pinkey soon finds why night is as important as day.

  • Napoleon scares his friends with tales of scary noises. After he leaves, there are strange sounds from the cellar! What is it? The friends find a card playing more who has lost his way!

  • A grumpy grouper has been scaring other fish in the sea because he lost his dentures! The friends find out where they are so that everyone can feel better!

  • Scarecrow makes a friends with a Canada Goose and Mumfie becomes jealous. They both learn that there is room for many friends in our lives.

  • Mumfie and Scarecrow accidently break a picture while playing ball but inside there is a treasure map. The follow the map to find what the treasure may be.

  • Napoleon the Raven stays with Mumfie while his home is redecorated. He tells his friends of a raven he used to know called Fifi who he misses but with whom he is reunited thanks to his friends!