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Trailer trash is typically a slang or an insult for people who live in trailer parks. The TV series Trailer trash is an animated series about, well, you guessed it. Some of the main characters include Peggy Sue, Lite Beer, Cooter, and Billybob, all of which live in the trailer park.

An average day consists of sitting on the porch for most of the day or in the living room, which is actually the front lawn, where they watch TV and talk about absolutely nothing, mainly because they know nothing.

Unfortunately for this motley crew, nothing ever seems to go well for them. Things no matter how innocent in intent always end up in some time of explosion or hail of gun fire. Yet, they seem to like it that way.

This series really doesn't have a plot other than just day-to-day senseless chaos.

1 Season, 16 Episodes
March 7, 2011
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Laura Bell Bundy
Trailer Trash

Trailer Trash Full Episode Guide

  • Billy Bob and Cooter take the law into their own hands after watching a movie about a dirty cop.

  • Cooter watches a movie about the afterlife and decides he wants to go there.

  • After watching a movie about corruption and greed due to the discovery of oil, the guys are inspired to drill in their own backyard!

  • The guys make a power shake to get their juices flowing after watching a movie about the benefits of adrenaline.

  • After watching a movie about zombies, Billy Bob and Cooter become convinced that actual zombies live nearby and need to be dealt with.

  • Billy Bob and Cooter throw a banquet for a real life star.

  • Billy Bob and Cooter put Lite Beer in a precarious situation after watching a horror movie.

  • Cooter and Billy Bob create a competition to determine who is the better escape artist after watching a movie about a prison break.

  • After watching a movie, Billy Bob reminisces about his hot rodding skills and decides to see if he's still got it.

  • Billy Bob, Cooter and Lite Beer experiment with illegal substances.

  • Cooter heads out to get some "fast" food.

  • After seeing a movie booth Cooter and Billy are certain that their neighbor is a Leprechaun and decide to go and investigate it.

  • Cooter and Billy Bob decide to start up their own gang called The Skidmarks after watching a movie.

  • After watching a blaxsploitation film, Cooter tries a new line of work. He picks Peggy ...

  • Cooter, Lite Beer, and Billy Bob decide to spy on their neighbors and discover some uns...

  • Cooter and Billy Bob make an attempt at a special surgery that will allow them to take ...

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