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Adrenaline has a funny way of allowing humans to pull off events that they wouldn't be able to otherwise. More Than Human presents true stories of individuals that overcame the odds and survived circumstances that could have easily led them to their demise. Each episode includes a theme like being trapped in small spaces, high places and being sure to watch a final step. A San Francisco earthquake survivor tells the story of his unbelievable escape after being buried alive, and then, hear what another man did after his 200 ft. bungee jump went terribly wrong.

More Than Human is a Reality series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (14 episodes). The series first aired on October 10, 2003.

More Than Human is available for streaming on the Lionsgate website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch More Than Human on demand at Tubi TV , Tubi TV online.

1 Season, 14 Episodes
October 10, 2003
Cast: Tim Cridland, Marat Oyvetsky, Daniel Browning Smith, Monique Hawkes
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More Than Human Full Episode Guide

  • Three human lie-detectors compete against a polygraph machine.

  • Chef brings table in his teeth; human catapult; eye-popper; dancing cheeseburger.

  • Free-throw shooter; indestructible anti-bear suit; man survives impalement.

  • A man survives a trip over Niagara Falls; safecracker.

  • Cave Drawings

  • Shock and Ow!

  • When bungee jumping goes bad; free diver goes 300 feet without oxygen; human calculator.

  • A stowaway survives at 30,000 feet inside the wheel well of an airplane; fast talker; knife-throwing.

  • A human cannonball misses his net; a man can squirt liquid from his eye; a rope warrior.

  • A man attempts to break a world record for ice-immersion; sightless students navigate like bats; a man crams 159 cigarettes into his mouth.

  • A Mighty Wind

  • Near-death impalement; climbing walls; stacking bowling balls.

  • Researchers analyze Zamora the Torture King's ability to overcome pain; martial artist; the physical effects of corsetry on a woman's body.

  • Experts analyze a near-death impalement; a woman creates lightning.