Judge Mathis

Judge Mathis is an American arbitration-based reality court show presided over by retired Superior Court Judge of Michigan's 36th District Court, Greg Mathis. The syndicated series features Mathis adjudicating small claims disputes.

Weekdays 5:00 PM et/pt on Syndication
3 Seasons, 88 Episodes
February 3, 2014
Cast: Greg Mathis
Judge Mathis

Judge Mathis Full Episode Guide

  • A woman sues her cousin, claiming they fought over a video the plaintiff posted on social media! What does the defendant say? Tune in to find out!

  • A man asks the court for a DNA test to find out if he’s the father of his wife’s son. Tune in for the results!

  • A woman sues her mother and cousin, claiming she has a restraining order against her mother! What do the defendants say? Tune in to find out!

  • a woman sues her son, claiming he’s been to rehab four times and now his son is following in his footsteps! What does the defendant say? Don’t miss a minute of this emotional case.

  • A woman asks for a DNA test. She says her son may be the defendant’s father, and they want to know the truth. Tune in for the results!

  • Plaintiff is suing her cousin for a rent refund, claiming that while they were living together, she found her in a compromising position with her boyfriend. Her cousin is countersuing for unpaid rent.

  • Man met a woman online and they started dating. He claims that when she fell on hard times, he allowed her to use his credit card, but she failed to pay off the bill, so he's suing.

  • Plaintiff is suing the defendant, who is her sister, claiming she has assaulted her several times. She is suing for an unpaid phone bill and bail bond.

  • Woman says after separating from her abusive boyfriend, she rented a room in the defendant's home. She claims after some of his money came up missing, the defendant kicked her out, and she's now suing him for a loan.

  • Plaintiff is suing her sister for stolen money and a loan, and claims she took her into her home years ago to avoid her entering the foster care system.

  • Woman was friends with the defendant for years and allowed her to move into her house. However, she claims the defendant failed to pay rent and damaged her home, so she's suing.

  • Plaintiff was best friends with the defendant and they intended to go into business together, but claims after he backed out of the deal, he then tried to steal their idea and profit from it, so she's suing.

  • Plaintiff met the defendant on Facebook and although they flirted with each other, she says they were never more than friends, and is suing him for an unpaid loan. The defendant claims the plaintiff wanted to date him.

  • Plaintiff is suing her ex for unpaid loans.

  • Plaintiff is suing her former friend for breach of contract, claiming her former pal is in an abusive relationship.

  • Woman is suing her niece and claims after she ran away from home, she started smoking pot and became promiscuous.

  • Plaintiff says after her son died, the Defendant claimed her son was her baby's father, so she has petitioned the court for a DNA test.

  • Plaintiff is suing Defendant for medical bills following an attack.

  • Plaintiff is suing Defendant for restitution after filing for a restraining order.

  • Plaintiff became a ward of the state at age 4 and at age 12, ran away to become a prostitute. She says she turned her life around 14 years ago and started dating the defendant, but he was a unfaithful and also cocaine abuser. She is suing him because she claims he vandalized her car.

  • Plaintiff says she and the defendant were good friends and hired him to decorate her apartment, but is suing because she says he did a horrible job. The defendant says the plaintiff is one of the top strippers in Atlanta and makes $10k a night.

  • Plaintiff says the defendant has been dating her daughter for over eight years, and claims he has been physically abusive to her the entire time. She is suing him for the balance due on a loan plus interest and emotional distress.

  • Plaintiff is suing the Defendant because she says the Defendant vandalized her vehicle, and she has the video to prove it.

  • Plaintiff worked with the defendant at a restaurant and claims they got into a physical altercation and has the video to prove it. She also says the Defendant vandalized her car and is suing.

  • Woman says she and the defendant had a "friends with benefits" relationship, but she is confident he is her son's father, so she has petitioned the court for a paternity test to prove it.

  • Plaintiff dated the defendant's son and believes he is her child's father. But sadly, the son was killed before he could take a paternity test, so the Plaintiff has petitioned the court for the test.

  • Plaintiff dated the defendant until she claims he became controlling and threated her with a gun, grabbed her neck and also slashed the tires on her car. She's suing for breach of contract and car parts.

  • The plaintiff insists that the defendant is her child's father.

  • The plaintiff says she put her 12-year-old daughter in a group home for acting out, but she ran away to the defendant's home, and is suing because the defendant defamed her on social media.

  • A woman is suing the defendant for a cable bill and emotional distress because she claims she was badmouthing her on social media. The defendant says the woman had sex with her ex-boyfriend.

  • The plaintiff worked with the defendant and claims she defamed her by claiming she was a prostitute, so she's suing.

  • A woman sues her ex-boyfriend for two loans and harassment.

  • The plaintiff says the defendant harassed her after she found out they were dating the same man at the same time. She is suing because she claims the defendant posted her personal information on Facebook.