What Went Down

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WHAT WENT DOWN brings you the most epic fails and epic wins from around the globe, every week. It's Win-tastic and Fail-rific. No, those are not in the dictionary...yet.

Saturday on Syndication
1 Season, 101 Episodes
September 13, 2014
Cast: Pete Sepenuk

What Went Down Full Episode Guide

  • Paragliding; inline skating; a man catches a football while attempting a back flip on a wakeboard; a guy rides a shopping cart down a stairway.

  • Wing-suits; trikes; a llama goes after a snow-skier; a guy on stilts tries to run on a treadmill.

  • Hang gliding; long-boarding; a horse and buggy crash with a truck; a group of men in full armor hit the gym.

  • Motorcycle tricks; skateboarding; paragliders crash in midair; a man balances on a yoga ball while playing a bagpipe.

  • Wingsuit tricks; men's gymnastics; a motorcyclist gets swept away in a flood; a snow-skiing Santa Claus wrecks into a picnic table.

  • Snowmobiling; parkour; a wingsuiter lands in a moving gondola; a guy leaps over a car in a souped-up lawnmower.

  • Wakeboarding; snowmobiling; a dune buggy does a backflip; a large tree falls right on a Mercedes-Benz.

  • Wakeboarding; parkour; a snowboarder grabs a parachuter and flies down a ski slope; a man plays the violin while surfing.

  • BASE jumping; slack-lining; a child breaks the world record for skipping rope the fastest; a girl in a pink panda suit hits the gym.

  • Snowboarding; go-karting; an 8-foot marlin nearly impales a fisherman; a guy tries to eat the world's hottest pepper.

  • Rally-car racing; paddle boarding; a skydiver loses her shoe, then catches it; a guy jumps from the roof of a house into a kiddie pool.

  • Insane cliff diving wins, equally insane snowboarding fails, and a dirt biker jumps over a reservoir. Oh, and a guy in a Santa suit on a slack line breathes fire.

  • Eye-popping base-jumping wins, eye-rolling ski fails, and a senior citizen throws a javelin 116 feet. Oh, and a dad accidentally sets his backyard on fire.

  • Mind-blowing sky diving stunts, mind-numbing hoverboard fails, and a plane lands on a city street. Oh, and a guy drops a pumpkin from a roof onto his friend's head.

  • Crazy-awesome long boarding wins, just plain crazy monster truck crashes, and fifty-two skydivers dive at the same time. Oh, and a kid puts 288 pencils in his hair.

  • Unbelievable dirt bike jumps, totally believable ATV fails, and a snowmobile equipped with a parasail takes flight. Oh, and a fireworks display - from a toilet.

  • Eye-popping hang gliding, eye-rolling motorcycle fails, and a drone mounted with a firecracker lights a bonfire. Oh, and a guy gets his head stuck in a trash bin.

  • High-flying basketball dunks, low-flying rollerblade crashes, and a skydiver lands in a swamp. Oh, and two friends fill a roommate's room full of balloons.

  • Basketball dunks; roller blade crashes; a sky diver lands in a swamp; a pair fill a friend's room full of balloons.

  • Amazingly good BMX tricks, amazingly bad parkour fails, and a game of tug of war between a truck and a tractor ends in a fire. Oh, and an all Santa Claus Slip 'N Slide.

  • Extremely talented slack liners, extremely untalented snow skiers, and a paraglider has a run in with a power line. Oh, and some monks get into a snowball fight.

  • Eye-popping long boarding, eye-dropping roller-skating, and a man attempts a 120 yard jump in his Mini car. Oh, and a 1,300 pound pumpkin gets dropped from a crane.

  • Unbelivable golf trick shot wins, very believable motorcycle stunt fails, and a guy on a sled drops off a 50-Foot cliff. Oh, and a man tows a car while walking on his hands.

  • High-flying BMX ramp jumps, low-flying parkour wall flops, and a skateboarder on stilts falls off a half-pipe. Oh, and a guy sits on an exploding airbag.

  • Eye-popping Dude Perfect trick shots, eye-rolling skateboard dancing, and a thing called bungee-cycling. Oh, and a dozen Chinese people whip a giant dreidel.

  • Parkour wins; pogo-stick fails; a child hits a three from 100 feet in the air; a woman tows a hearse with her ponytail.

  • Barefoot parkour wins, bareback slip 'n slide fails, and the world's fastest speedboat. Oh, and a mariachi band serenades a beluga whale.

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