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  • TV-14
  • 2021
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.1  (3,651)

Judy Justice is a brand new courtroom show airing on IMDb Freedive in collaboration with Judy Sheindlin, famous for her stint on the similarly titled, long-running hit series Judge Judy. This show features the well-known and well-respected former judge presiding over real cases in front of a live audience.

The first few episodes of Judy Justice allow viewers to become familiar with the format of the show. They quickly realize that while the set and the name are new, the show's concept has remained relatively unchanged. The eponymous judge presides over a variety of cases, with an emphasis on disputes between landlords and tenants, family members, business partners, and friends.

The show begins with footage of Judy Sheindlin walking into the set and greeting the audience. Unlike Judge Judy, where she is always dressed in judicial robes, in Judy Justice, she opts for more casual attire. Sheindlin consistently addresses the litigants as "ma'am" and "sir," ensuring that both the plaintiff and the defendant feel heard and respected. Her trademark humor and occasional sarcasm are also present, with a few quips thrown in for good measure.

One notable difference between Judy Justice and Judge Judy is the lack of an announcer. Instead, Sheindlin speaks directly to the audience, letting them know what is going to occur next. This change may come as a bit of a shock to long-time Judge Judy fans, but it adds a certain intimacy to the show, drawing the audience into the proceedings.

Kevin Rasco serves as the bailiff on the show, making sure that everything runs smoothly in the courtroom. He has a particularly upbeat and positive energy, and his interactions with Sheindlin and the litigants add a lighter note to the sometimes serious proceedings. Additionally, he is instrumental in helping bring out important details from the litigants.

The cases themselves are often quite engaging, with a range of topics that viewers can relate to. In one episode, Judy Justice deals with a particularly contentious dispute between two neighbors over ownership of a hedge. The two litigants had been friends for years, but the disagreement over the hedge had soured their relationship. These types of cases are perfect for Sheindlin, who has a knack for getting right to the heart of the matter.

Throughout the show, Sheindlin's experience and expertise are on full display. She often asks for additional information or evidence, helping her gain a more comprehensive understanding of what is going on. She also regularly offers advice to the litigants, and the advice is frequently sound, emphasizing that it is better to settle disputes outside of court whenever possible.

One aspect of the show that may be of particular interest to many viewers is the emphasis on resolving disputes without resorting to legal action. Sheindlin urges litigants to come to a mutual agreement, often acknowledging that even if one side wins in court, it is unlikely that the dispute will truly be settled. Additionally, she emphasizes that the legal system is often a slow and costly process, and that it should only be used as a last resort.

Overall, Judy Justice is an excellent addition to the courtroom show genre. While it may be similar to Judge Judy in many ways, the show manages to distinguish itself with its new approach, its engaging cases and its charismatic host. Fans of Sheindlin are likely to be pleased with her return to television, while newcomers to her brand of justice can quickly become hooked on this high-energy and entertaining show.

Judy Justice is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (306 episodes). The series first aired on November 1, 2021.

Judy Justice
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Shotgun Tale Backfires
57. Shotgun Tale Backfires
April 5, 2024
The $10,000 court maximum is at stake as an elderly landlord faces a terrifying arrest due to false accusations of gun possession. His tenants deny claiming that he aimed an AR-15 at them, while the landlord insists it was retaliation for his attempt to evict them.
From Subsidy to Slander
56. From Subsidy to Slander
April 4, 2024
Competing lawsuits ignite between a tenant and her landlord, fueled by the loss of subsidized housing, drug accusations, and an eviction. Claims of property damage and accusations of running a puppy farm come into play.
Sentimental Silicon Bust and Sancho Showdown
55. Sentimental Silicon Bust and Sancho Showdown
April 3, 2024
Her Honor rules on two cases in this episode. In the first case, a woman sues her former friend for $3,500, claiming the friend's unsupervised 5-year-old son destroyed her decade-old breast implants, stored in a sealed bag in her bedroom. In the second case, a dispute arises in a friends-with-benefits relationship as neighbors clash over a car loan and reimbursement for lost dresses.
Feuding Neighbors Caught on Tape (Part 2)
54. Feuding Neighbors Caught on Tape (Part 2)
April 2, 2024
In part two, a longstanding neighbors' feud reaches new heights, leading to court appearances, protective orders, and a barrage of vulgar conduct captured on camera.
Feuding Neighbors Caught on Tape (Part 1)
53. Feuding Neighbors Caught on Tape (Part 1)
April 1, 2024
In part one of this two-part case, a pharmacist takes legal action against his neighbor, alleging an unrelenting campaign of harassment involving police reports triggered by accusations of illegal drug use, drug dealing, and violent domestic disputes.
Tire-Slashing Nuptials
52. Tire-Slashing Nuptials
March 29, 2024
Amidst an impending marriage, tensions escalate as a woman accuses her future stepdaughter of tire slashing and social media slander. While admitting to carrying a knife for safety, the stepdaughter counters with claims of an eviction, illegal lockout, and theft of her property.
Barbershop Battle and Dental Adventure in Colombia
51. Barbershop Battle and Dental Adventure in Colombia
March 28, 2024
The Judge rules on two cases. First, a barbershop owner accuses her former employee of breaching a non-compete agreement by launching a rival shop nearby, a mere three months after leaving her employment. Next, in search of discounted dental work, a couple flies to Colombia for a cosmetic procedure. They break up and proceed to fight over who should pay for the cost of their improved smiles.
Gun Brandishing Brother
50. Gun Brandishing Brother
March 27, 2024
A family disagreement takes a drastic turn when a gun-wielding security-guard brother, citing self-defense, faces charges of domestic violence and assault after an altercation at their ailing grandfather's house.
A Father's Fight for Justice (Part 2)
49. A Father's Fight for Justice (Part 2)
March 26, 2024
In part two, ex-fianc
A Father's Fight for Justice (Part 1)
48. A Father's Fight for Justice (Part 1)
March 25, 2024
In part one of this two-part case, a young father sues his ex-fianc
Weed, Wheels, and Wisecracks
47. Weed, Wheels, and Wisecracks
March 22, 2024
A father seeks the court maximum of $10,000 from his 25-year-old son as reimbursement for bail and legal expenses following the son's arrest on Super Bowl Sunday for driving under the influence and carrying concealed weapons.
Defamation, Drugs, and Betrayal (Part 2)
46. Defamation, Drugs, and Betrayal (Part 2)
March 21, 2024
In part two, after allegations of gross misconduct on a business trip, co-workers battle for the court's maximum amount. Their dueling defamation charges hinge on conflicting recollections of that night.
Defamation, Drugs, and Betrayal (Part 1)
45. Defamation, Drugs, and Betrayal (Part 1)
March 20, 2024
In this two-part episode, a woman loses her job after being accused of drugging and assaulting her colleague during an overnight business trip.
Labradoodle Litigation
44. Labradoodle Litigation
March 19, 2024
A man refuses to pay the adoption fee for a sick Labradoodle puppy, claiming that vet bills far outweigh the animal's value. He admits to giving the pup away when the seller did not retrieve it and that he already has 22 other dogs.
Van Heist Justice
43. Van Heist Justice
March 18, 2024
A driver burdened by parking tickets transfers ownership of his van to an unsuspecting friend to avoid paying fines. When he amasses more ticket violations, she repossesses the vehicle only to have it stolen; he sues for its return.
Toddler, Tax, and Truck Trouble
42. Toddler, Tax, and Truck Trouble
March 15, 2024
Unwed parents battle over the right to claim their child as a tax deduction and contest ownership of shared property. Child protective services intervene to ensure the toddler's best interests are protected.
Shirt Storm
41. Shirt Storm
March 14, 2024
Two aspiring entrepreneurs from California accuse a man of failing to fulfill their order for custom t-shirts after full payment. The manufacturer claims mislabeled and allegedly 'unsellable' shirt issues are fixable.
Friendship Turned Live-Streaming Fisticuffs
40. Friendship Turned Live-Streaming Fisticuffs
March 13, 2024
A woman sues her former friend, claiming that she only had $100 left to pay off on a car before it was repossessed. Countersuing for an assault, her ex-friend submits evidence of a mutually-violent altercation captured in a live-streaming video.
Love, Loans, and Laid to Rest and Baby Shower Drama
39. Love, Loans, and Laid to Rest and Baby Shower Drama
March 12, 2024
The Judge rules on two cases in this episode. First, after a brief relationship, a single mom sues her ex for payback of a $5K business loan. He insists they weren
Rims, Barter, and Betrayal
38. Rims, Barter, and Betrayal
March 11, 2024
Car enthusiasts clash over an unpaid debt for prized car rims, a failed barter deal, and allegations of aggravated harassment.
Teen Victim's Strategic Surveillance
37. Teen Victim's Strategic Surveillance
March 8, 2024
Two mothers sue each other for damages following a fight between their 11-year-old girls, who testify in court. The young victim, fearing for her safety, reveals she strategically positioned herself within view of a ring camera, aiming to capture evidence and ensure her mother's protection.
Family Road Rage Drama
36. Family Road Rage Drama
March 7, 2024
A blended family sues their landlords after their lease is terminated, triggering a legal dispute involving allegations of harassment, false restraining orders, and property damage. A road rage incident ensues, with the former tenants claiming they were forced off the road and verbally attacked.
Corgi Custody
35. Corgi Custody
March 6, 2024
A man accuses his ex-girlfriend of stealing their pet corgi and breaking their lease. The ex claims she had to move out due to his abusive behavior and insists that the dog is hers.
Assault, Infidelity, and Nigerian Matrimony
34. Assault, Infidelity, and Nigerian Matrimony
March 5, 2024
Unwed parents sue each other for the $10K court maximum amid claims of assault, vandalism, and infidelity. With a second baby on the way, an alleged marriage-for-citizenship involving a Nigerian family member comes into play.
Teen's Ill-Fated Run into Traffic
33. Teen's Ill-Fated Run into Traffic
March 4, 2024
Following a collision between a woman's car and a 15-year-old boy at an intersection, the driver sues for damages caused to her vehicle and for emotional distress. Dashcam footage reveals the teenager's alleged involvement in a perilous, internet-inspired game of chicken.
Scooter Standoff and Dad's Work-for-Debt Dilemma
32. Scooter Standoff and Dad's Work-for-Debt Dilemma
March 1, 2024
The Judge rules on two cases in this episode. Up first, a woman sues her mobile-home neighbor over the sale of a mobility scooter and alleged harassment. He says that her repeated police reports ultimately led to his eviction. Next, an employer sues his former employee for quitting and failing to work off a sizable advanced payment. The worker claims it was a generous gesture, not a loan.
Florida Heartbreak
31. Florida Heartbreak
February 29, 2024
A man returns home from a business trip to discover that his girlfriend, whom he relocated from Ohio to Florida with her teen son, has left him for another man. He accuses her of taking his property and of the unauthorized purchase of a $2,200 designer bag.
Guns, Ice, and Unpaid Price, and Renovation Roulette
30. Guns, Ice, and Unpaid Price, and Renovation Roulette
February 28, 2024
Her Honor presides over two cases in this episode. In the first, a 30-year drywall veteran sues his ex-employee for the remainder owed on a truck and for a gun taken without permission. In the second case, both parties vie for the $10K court maximum as a landlord claims that a contractor, whom he has never met, performed unauthorized renovations and placed a wrongful lien on his property.
Shooting Victim Seeks Payback
29. Shooting Victim Seeks Payback
February 27, 2024
A man alleges that his ex stole money from him while he was incarcerated; she claims that the funds were utilized for shared household expenses. Both parties accuse each other of assault.
Child's View of Divorce Violence and Murder Trial Attire
28. Child's View of Divorce Violence and Murder Trial Attire
February 26, 2024
Her Honor rules on two cases in this episode. Up first, a man sues the mother of his child after she allegedly keys his car during a visitation and later assaults him in front of their son. Altercations are captured on video. Next, after her son is sentenced to life in prison, a mother sues his attorney for failing to return expensive clothes she gave her son to wear during the murder trial.
Twin Tales of Assault and Retribution
27. Twin Tales of Assault and Retribution
February 23, 2024
A woman sues her ex-brother-in-law for damages from a violent street assault, while he countersues with the same allegations. The plaintiff's twin sister serves as a key witness as both parties seek thousands in compensation.
Dog Mauling Mayhem
26. Dog Mauling Mayhem
February 22, 2024
A woman claims her neighbor's unleashed American Bully dog severely injured her dog, bit her foot, and caused her father to fall in the street. The neighbor insists that her smaller, 13-year-old dog 'Yogi' initiated the aggression.
Wedding Bus Betrayal and Gun Violence Awareness Collision
25. Wedding Bus Betrayal and Gun Violence Awareness Collision
February 21, 2024
The Judge rules on two cases in this episode. Up first, a bride-to-be claims she is the victim of a bait-and-switch when she rents a large bus but a smaller vehicle shows up and ruins her big day. Next, the leader of a support group for gun violence victims sues a fellow member after her ATV is wrecked during an emotional awareness ride. The defendant denies accusations of drunken recklessness.
Teeth-Shattering Nanny Incident
24. Teeth-Shattering Nanny Incident
February 20, 2024
Seeking $10K in dental bills, a nanny accuses an au pair of throwing a phone at her face and breaking her front teeth. The au pair suggests she seek dental repair at a more affordable location.
Child Support Showdown and Dog Attack Drama
23. Child Support Showdown and Dog Attack Drama
February 19, 2024
The Judge rules on two cases in this episode. First, a mother demands payback from her ex-husband for their older son's medical bills and car repairs, claiming he agreed to cover these expenses. He refuses ongoing support for their adult child who lives at home and is employed. Next, a student seeks $10K for pain and suffering, as she dramatically alleges being bitten by her roommate's dog.
Foster Child's Fire Damage
22. Foster Child's Fire Damage
February 16, 2024
An ex-foster youth pursuing a career as a social worker sues her ex-boyfriend's parents after a house fire destroyed her belongings. She contends that the defendants exploited her receipts for insurance reimbursement while they claim she already received compensation through gift cards.
Locked Up and Left Hanging
21. Locked Up and Left Hanging
February 15, 2024
During her 78-day jail sentence, a woman claims her long-time 'friend' stole thousands from her bank account. He countersues, saying she had him falsely arrested for domestic violence.
Wage Wars and Golf Cart Goes Rogue
20. Wage Wars and Golf Cart Goes Rogue
February 14, 2024
The Judge rules on two cases in this episode. First, the husband and wife owners of a California production design company make the mistake of overpaying an employee by more than $6000. They seek payback for lost wages and emotional distress. In the second case, longtime golfing buddies dispute the 'negligent' moving of a golf cart that rolled down a driveway and slammed into a BMW.
Alleged Horse Abuse and Dog Rescue Gone Wrong
19. Alleged Horse Abuse and Dog Rescue Gone Wrong
February 13, 2024
The Judge rules on two cases in this episode. First, a mother and daughter face allegations of animal abuse and property damage caused by their two horses, as they sue the stable owner for their security deposit. Next, when a beloved rescue dog goes missing, a neighbor's car gets stuck in the snow while searching for him. A dispute arises over who should bear the cost of the tow truck bill.
Money, Mischief, and a One-Eyed Cat and The Harley and the Frenchie
18. Money, Mischief, and a One-Eyed Cat and The Harley and the Frenchie
February 12, 2024
The Judge rules on two cases in this episode. First, a man accuses his ex-girlfriend of embezzling several thousand dollars. She claims he intentionally injured her cat, causing the beloved pet to lose an eye. Next, motorcycle enthusiasts accuse a man of stealing their antique Harley Davidson and sue for $10K. The man claims he paid for the cycle in 'shatter' (a marijuana concentrate).
Puppy Thief Mystery
17. Puppy Thief Mystery
February 9, 2024
After losing sight of her unleashed French Bulldog puppy, a woman accuses a neighbor of stealing the animal. Testimony from an animal control officer confirms that the neighbor had the dog on the day it disappeared and that the dog's whereabouts remain unknown.
Bullet-Riddled Betrayal
16. Bullet-Riddled Betrayal
February 8, 2024
During an outing to purchase illegal drugs, a teenager driving his girlfriend
Care Facility Showdown
15. Care Facility Showdown
February 7, 2024
A concerned aunt sues the owner of a group home for disabled adults after suspicions that her niece was tricked into shoplifting while living there. The landlord claims his son was held hostage by being blocked in the driveway during their move-out process.
When Cane Corsos Attack
14. When Cane Corsos Attack
February 6, 2024
A man seeks $10K in damages for emotional distress after his neighbor's two Cane Corsos injure his German Shepherd. The neighbor claims that the plaintiff's dog started the fight and countersues for $10K, arguing that he was bitten while attempting to separate the dogs.
Road Rage Rampage Caught on Tape
13. Road Rage Rampage Caught on Tape
February 5, 2024
In a violent road rage incident, a terrified motorist accuses a driver of deliberately smashing his car window as he attempted to flee the scene after bumping the other car. The defendant claims self-defense, alleging the plaintiff struck him with his car and broke his hand. Both parties submit video footage of the confrontation.
Bitter Bloodlines; Teen Burden and A Tail of Negligence
12. Bitter Bloodlines; Teen Burden and A Tail of Negligence
February 2, 2024
The Judge rules on two cases in this episode. First, following an honorable discharge from the military, a teen seeks refuge with her aunt. Months later, she is labeled a
Piglet Wars
11. Piglet Wars
February 1, 2024
A seasoned businesswoman and an animal lover dispute the sale of prized miniature pigs. When one piglet dies in transit, and another succumbs shortly after arrival, the absence of a signed contract complicates their legal battle.
Music Partnership Fiasco (Part 2)
10. Music Partnership Fiasco (Part 2)
January 31, 2024
In part two, a music entrepreneur alleges assault and defamation and considers her partnership with a dancer/singer from Atlanta as the biggest mistake of her life. Their doomed dog-breeding venture comes into play.
Music Partnership Fiasco (Part 1)
9. Music Partnership Fiasco (Part 1)
January 30, 2024
In this two-part episode, a disabled veteran turned music entrepreneur sues one of 'Atlanta
Relationship Roadblock
8. Relationship Roadblock
January 29, 2024
A jointly-owned vehicle is at the center of the conflict between a man and his current and past girlfriend, both of whom share children with him. Missed payments, insurance lapses, and damages from an accident further complicate the dispute.
The Tenant's Revenge
7. The Tenant's Revenge
January 26, 2024
A contentious landlord-tenant dispute escalates when two men file dueling restraining orders and sue each other over a security deposit, emotional distress, and harassment.
A Keyed Affair
6. A Keyed Affair
January 25, 2024
When jealousy sparks a heated argument between two women vying for the same man, a legal battle ensues, fueled by car vandalism and escalating threats.
The Love Bomb Loan and Beard Product Heist
5. The Love Bomb Loan and Beard Product Heist
January 24, 2024
The Judge rules on two cases in this episode. First, after four weeks of dating, a woman is persuaded to invest $10K in a car-flipping venture. She fights to recover her investment when the relationship ends, and the business fails. Next, a man drives cross country to help an entrepreneur sell her beard-care products at a fair. Their collaboration ends in a battle over 78 jars of merchandise.
Truckstop Video Vendetta
4. Truckstop Video Vendetta
January 23, 2024
When a relationship ends, a woman seeks payback of money loaned to help her ex-boyfriend in his custody battle. He countersues, claiming she sent a doctored video to his workplace that got him fired and orchestrated a smear campaign that jeopardized his parental rights.
The Prison Connection
3. The Prison Connection
January 22, 2024
A 20-year-old with four young children seeks emotional distress compensation when an acquaintance of her incarcerated husband allegedly embarks on a campaign of harassment and defamation.
Crash Caught on Camera and Fundraising Tragedy
2. Crash Caught on Camera and Fundraising Tragedy
January 22, 2024
The Judge rules on two cases in this episode. First, a woman sues a motorist for destroying her parked vehicle in a catastrophic five-car accident. Video reveals the harrowing collision, the near-death of a pedestrian and the car at fault. Next, after the tragic death of her daughter, a grandmother sues her ex daughter-in-law over money raised at a spaghetti fundraiser for her grandchildren.
Baseball Brawl
1. Baseball Brawl
January 22, 2024
A youth baseball umpire sues for the $10K court maximum after being violently attacked by a coach whose team was disqualified for fielding illegal players. The umpire's son stepped in to defend his father, only to become the target of an attack by angry parents.
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