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  • 2022
  • 45 Seasons

Antiques Roadshow UK is a television show in which antiques specialists from around the country appraise items brought in by members of the public. The show is hosted by Michael Aspel and has been in production since 1979. Each episode of the show is filmed at a different location around the UK, with venues ranging from stately homes to local community centers. The appraisers are experts in a variety of fields, including ceramics, jewelry, furniture and art. They provide information on the history, value and provenance of the items brought in, often surprising their owners with unexpected discoveries.

The show features a mix of high-end and everyday objects, from rare paintings and sculptures to vintage toys and household utensils. Not everything that is brought in is valuable, but the appraisers are always respectful and informative.

Michael Aspel is the show's anchor, providing commentary and introducing each item as it comes up for appraisal. He is well-known for his engaging and friendly manner, and is always keen to learn more about the objects on display. Aspel has been with Antiques Roadshow UK since 1998, taking over from Hugh Scully.

One of the most compelling aspects of Antiques Roadshow UK is the personal stories behind each item. Many of the objects have been in families for generations, and their owners often have fascinating tales to tell. Some items are treasured family heirlooms, while others have been picked up in charity shops or on holiday.

The appraisers offer insights into the value of each item, but also provide information on the historical and cultural context of the objects, as well as their condition and authenticity. This makes for an educational as well as entertaining show.

Antiques Roadshow UK is popular with viewers of all ages and backgrounds, with many finding it a fascinating window into the world of antiques and collectibles. The show has inspired countless people to take a closer look at the objects in their own homes, and to consider the stories behind them.

Overall, Antiques Roadshow UK is a well-regarded television show that combines historical expertise with personal stories and fascinating objects. With its engaging presenters, beautiful locations and varied collection of appraisals, it is a must-see for anyone interested in antiques and collectibles.

Antiques Roadshow UK is a series that is currently running and has 45 seasons (766 episodes). The series first aired on October 24, 2022.

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Brodie Castle 3
15. Brodie Castle 3
April 9, 2023
Fiona Bruce and the team visit the county of Moray in the north of Scotland. Brodie Castle has been home to the Brodie clan for some 800 years, and Fiona discovers the area's ancient history in the form of the Rodney carving, dating from the 8th century, when the area was inhabited by the Celtic-speaking Picts. The Picts were known for their intricate carvings of people and standing stones like the Celtic cross that now stands proud in Brodie Castle's grounds. Ronnie Archer Morgan discovers a treasured cane with hidden secrets: the elegant rosewood heirloom features not only a compass but a telescope. Duncan Campbell inspects an engraved silver salver awarded to a local engineer for his successful design of a reaping machine - the forerunner of the modern combined harvester. Lisa Lloyd takes us on a walk through the history of fashion courtesy of a pair of rare 18th-century silk shoes and a Victorian lady's dress. Geoffrey Munn gets a royal visit in the form of a ruby, diamond and gold brooch that was a gift from the House of Hanover and made in pre-revolutionary Russia. The quest for the Golden Fleece may have shaped classical Greece, but Cristian Beadman discovers the fleece of the sheep who changed the modern world of genetics, plus the technology that made Dolly the sheep possible. And we couldn't visit Scotland without enjoying the distinctive hum of bagpipes. Fiona is given a lesson in the idiosyncrasies of the different forms of pipes from a family of bagpipe makers. Other treasures include a watch that saved a life, and a diamond Faberge bracelet provides the sparkling finish to proceedings at Brodie Castle.
Powis Castle and Gardens
14. Powis Castle and Gardens
April 2, 2023
Antiques Roadshow visits one of the grandest houses in Wales, Powis Castle. Wayne Colquhoun examines a collection of memorabilia from the 1966 World Cup that belonged to Hugh Johns, the ITV commentator who covered the famous final. Serhat Ahmet admires a dramatic porcelain sculpture of a lifeboat crewman, while Alexandra Aguilar challenges Fiona to put a collection of exquisite Japanese items in order of value. Mark Smith hears the story of a father and son who both spent time in the polar regions and sees a medal awarded for the lifesaving rescue of a man who fell into a crevasse. Lisa Lloyd admires rare Bergman bronze figures depicting Arab horsemen, while John Foster stuns the owner of a huge collection of gold sovereigns with a surprising value. Runjeet Singh, a specialist in Asian arms and militaria, tells Fiona about one of his heroes – Tipu Sultan, the 18th-century Indian ruler known as the Tiger of Mysore – and how precious objects from his treasury ended up in Powis Castle after they were looted by British troops.
Sefton Park Palm House 2
13. Sefton Park Palm House 2
March 26, 2023
Fiona Bruce and the team visit Sefton Park in Liverpool, where treasures include a medal given to one of the first men to land on D-Day, a dress by Ossie Clark and spoons used by Captain Cook. Alongside the historic medal, Mark Smith hears the story of a local hero who saved thirteen American men from a shipwreck and was personally rewarded by the president of the United States. Paul Atterbury admires an elegant stool that was used at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, while Raj Bisram delights in a collection of 1966 World Cup football ticket stubs. Steven Moore is intrigued to see three beautiful ceramic pieces by Julia Carter Preston, a pioneer of hand-carved ‘sgraffito' design, while Lisa Lloyd is taken with a dress by Swinging Sixties fashion designer Ossie Clark. Fiona meets Stephen Yip, the son of a Chinese immigrant and ship worker, to discuss the history of the Chinese community in Liverpool. Wayne Colquhoun challenges Fiona to guess the mystery item and also talks to her about growing up in the city, and how he made the move from carpenter to antiques expert. A pair of Georgian spoons catch the eye of silver specialist Gordon Foster, and he's amazed to discover that they are engraved with the initials JC – for Captain James Cook, the renowned explorer.
Clissold Park 3
12. Clissold Park 3
March 19, 2023
Antiques Roadshow is at Clissold Park in Stoke Newington in the London borough of Hackney, where Will Farmer is charmed by a collection of glitzy items made by the iconic Italian designer Piero Fornasetti. John Sandon looks at a characterful collection of ancient Peruvian pottery, with some pieces made over 1,000 years ago, while Raj Bisram enjoys the chance to pose with a pipe once owned by prime minister Harold Wilson. Ronnie Archer-Morgan is thrilled to see a collection of handmade designs and fabric swatches created by pioneering postwar designer Althea McNish, and he's also intrigued by a pair of carved wooden statues by the Baule people from Côte d'Ivoire. Andy McConnell is stunned to see a curious white vase that looks more like a piece of porcelain than glass, only to reveal that it's one of the rarest pieces of glassware that he's ever handled. Susan Rumfitt falls for a collection of jewels dating from the late 18th century to the art deco period, including a huge diamond ring with a staggering value, while ceramics expert Serhat Ahmet challenges Fiona to work out what she should buy, sell or keep from a selection of figures by the Meissen factory.
Belmont House 1
11. Belmont House 1
March 12, 2023
Fiona and the team visit beautiful Belmont House in Kent, where treasures include an early David Hockney, a Take That trophy and the telegram that ended World War II.
Eden Project 1
10. Eden Project 1
March 5, 2023
Fiona Bruce presents an episode filmed before the Accession, featuring the Queen Consort's visit to the Eden Project to discuss charity project The Big Lunch. Silver specialist Duncan Campbell takes a look at a rare snuffbox from the Royal Collection that was made from Cornish silver, while books expert Justin Croft admires a copy of Gray's Elegy in a Country Churchyard.
Nursing Special
9. Nursing Special
February 26, 2023
The Antiques Roadshow team deliver a special episode about nurses, looking at how the profession has changed from the 19th century to the present day. Filmed on location at the historic St Thomas' and St Bartholomew's hospitals in London, the programme features fascinating objects that provide insight into the history of nursing and healthcare, from medals awarded for bravery to early uniforms, cartoons and medical equipment. Fiona Bruce meets comedian Jo Brand, a former psychiatric nurse, and hears about her experience working in emergency mental health clinics, as well lighter moments performing in hospital pantos. Fiona also hears the true story of Jennifer Worth, author of Call the Midwife, and finds out how far the much-loved cast of nurses and midwives were drawn from Jennifer's own experience of nursing. Militaria expert Mark Smith meets a naval nurse who travelled to the Falklands at short notice on a cruise ship converted to treat wounded troops during the bloody conflict, while Ronnie Archer-Morgan is moved by the story of a nurse who helped pioneer a compassionate approach to community care for Aids patients in the 1980s. The episode also includes inspiring stories from the Windrush generation of nurses who came from overseas to work in the NHS, and the careers of Betsi Cadwaladar and Mary Seacole – contemporaries of Florence Nightingale – are celebrated.
Toys & Childhood Special
8. Toys & Childhood Special
December 29, 2022
A special episode about the toys we love and how they've shaped our childhood, including some of the best loved toys of the past 100 years, from teddy bears and Sindy dolls to Star Wars action figures and computer games. From a 4,000-year-old pull-along toy to one of the first personal computer consoles based on the arcade game Pac Man, the team explore how toys and the ideas of childhood have changed over time. Raj Bisram explores a fantastic Action Man collection, while Marc Allum tries his hand at much-loved table football game Subbuteo and learns the origins of its obscure name. We see toys drawn from a history of conflict, including two marionettes made by Second World War prisoners, and Fiona Bruce delves into the archives at the Museum of the Home in London, uncovering a unique Christmas present made from an old gas mask box. Vintage toy collector Stephen Lane challenges Fiona to place three rare Star Wars figures in order of value, while Mark Hill travels to the V&A in London to find out how they're preparing to move priceless toys to a new home in the Young V&A, due to open next year. Fiona also meets broadcaster Jonathan Ross, owner of one of the largest toy collections in the UK, and finds out what sparked his passion for all things plastic, and why he loves Japanese action figures.
Wollaton Hall 2
7. Wollaton Hall 2
October 30, 2022
« Previous Ep. Next Ep. » Antiques Roadshow comes from the beautiful grounds of Wollaton Hall, an imposing Elizabethan mansion in Nottingham. Having once served as Wayne Manor in the Dark Knight trilogy of Batman films, Wollaton Hall is the perfect backdrop for Fiona Bruce as she tries to guess the value of Batman's mask, his utility belt and the Joker's suit, as worn by Jack Nicholson. She also comes face to face with a mighty T rex as she tells the story of Titus, whose bones were discovered in America in 2014 and have been on display at Wollaton Hall. Expert Adam Schoon examines personal items brought to the UK in 1972 by Ugandan Asians fleeing their country; paintings expert Rupert Maas discovers a miniature portrait of a forgotten female Romantic poet feted by William Wordsworth; and Hilary Kay turns up some intricate Elizabethan clothing of extreme rarity and value.
100 Years of the BBC
6. 100 Years of the BBC
October 23, 2022
Antiques Roadshow is at Alexandra Palace, the birthplace of television, for this special edition of the programme to celebrate 100 years of BBC broadcasting. Ronnie Archer-Morgan is thrilled to revisit the world of children's television with Baroness Floella Benjamin, together with Humpty and Jemima from Play School, while Fiona Bruce gets to lay her hands on the original shooting script from legendary comedy series Hancock's Half Hour, brought in by actor and collector Neil Pearson. Also turning up at Alexandra Palace is none other than Del Boy's green Ford Capri from the hit sitcom Only Fools and Horses, complete with furry dice and hooter, and we're also joined by actress Anita Dobson, who shows off some of the outfits worn by her iconic EastEnders character, Angie Watts. One collector reveals an impressive collection of Doctor Who autographs, while a former natural history cameraman reveals some of the tricks involved in covert wildlife filming. Expert Will Farmer gets the chance to play quizmaster when he comes face-to-face with the original Mastermind chair, brought in by Sally Magnusson, daughter of the show's original host. And Fiona Bruce gets to meet one of her heroes, former BBC news correspondent Kate Adie, who reflects on her time reporting from the world's hotspots.
Brodie Castle & Estate, Morayshire 2
5. Brodie Castle & Estate, Morayshire 2
October 16, 2022
Antiques Roadshow comes from the beautiful grounds of Brodie Castle in northern Scotland, home to the Brodie Clan since the 16th century. Fiona Bruce explores the castle and its treasures, including a dog portrait by Edwin Landseer that was cut out of a larger canvas, and in the Playful Garden she meets a giant rabbit.
Clissold Park 1
4. Clissold Park 1
October 9, 2022
Fiona Bruce and the team visit Clissold Park in the London borough of Hackney, where treasures include some rather pricey whisky bottles and a silver 'parrot' ring by Mocheh Oved that brings back memories for John Benjamin.
Brodie Castle & Estate, Morayshire 1
3. Brodie Castle & Estate, Morayshire 1
October 2, 2022
Antiques Roadshow is at Brodie Castle in the north of Scotland, where the programme kicks off with some Highland dancing. Fiona Bruce meets a Highland Games commentator who has brought along a collection of items including a weighty shot put, a heavy hammer and a brooch presented by Queen Victoria in 1848.
Sefton Park Palm House 1
2. Sefton Park Palm House 1
September 25, 2022
Antiques Roadshow is at Sefton Park in Liverpool, where Chinese ceramics expert Lars Tharp sees a rare double Ming dynasty vase bought in a charity shop, Raj Bisram discovers some valuable Beatles memorabilia, and Dendy Easton admires a painting by George Melly.
Wollaton Hall 1
1. Wollaton Hall 1
September 4, 2022
Antiques Roadshow comes from the beautiful grounds of the imposing Elizabethan mansion Wollaton Hall in Nottingham.
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