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Nominated for five Primetime Emmy Awards, this popular reality show is hosted by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, who roasts a batch of aspiring restaurateurs as they compete against one another for an opportunity to run one of his eateries. Split into two teams over the course of a season, the chefs must defeat their competitors, make exquisite dishes and face Chef Ramsay's brutal criticism.

12 Seasons, 59 Episodes
June 12, 2006
Cast: Gordon Ramsay, Jason Thompson, Andi Van Willigan, Scott Leibfried
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Hell's Kitchen (U.S.) Full Episode Guide

  • The teams participate in the annual blind taste test challenge. The winners go on a shopping spree, take a trip to Petrossian and sample caviar. The losers make sangria and lug tabletops into the dining room for the night's dinner service.

  • The chefs cook a Mardi Gras-themed homecoming dinner for Calabasas High School. Both teams have 35 minutes to create three meals - one seafood appetizer, one chicken entr

  • Chef Ramsay orders each chef, one by one, to enter a grocery store in complete darkness, where they must use the sense of touch to collect five ingredients. The contestants have only thirty minutes to use their selected ingredients. Chef Ramsay judges the winning team in a "king of the hill" match involving all of the chefs.

  • The chefs must match eight cuts of pork with their corresponding parts on the body of a pig. The winners get to choose which cut of pork to use in a dish prepared and served to Chef Ramsay. The winners of the challenge go skydiving in a vertical wind tunnel and receive Vitamix blenders. The losers prep the kitchens and make peanut butter from scratch.

  • The season premieres with Chef Ramsay greeting the twenty budding chefs, who are then split into two teams. For the first challenge, each team prepares their signature dish. The winners dine with Chef Ramsay while the losers prep the dining room and the kitchens.

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