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Nominated for five Primetime Emmy Awards, this popular reality show is hosted by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, who roasts a batch of aspiring restaurateurs as they compete against one another for an opportunity to run one of his eateries. Split into two teams over the course of a season, the chefs must defeat their competitors, make exquisite dishes and face Chef Ramsay's brutal criticism.

14 Seasons, 59 Episodes
August 1, 2005
Cast: Gordon Ramsay, Jason Thompson, Andi Van Willigan, Scott Leibfried
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Hell's Kitchen (U.S.) Full Episode Guide

  • In the season finale, the final two chefs create three main entr

  • The three contestants have forty minutes to cook a steak and two sides. The winner dines at Beverly Hills' CUT while the losers clean the truck and motorbikes used to drive from Hell's Kitchen to Las Vegas.

  • The final five contestants meet Ramsay at Animo Venice Charter High School where he surprises them with high school photos of themselves. For their challenge, they must cook a unique dish in forty minutes and serve it to the students. The winner meets and has dinner with NFL football players Dwight Clark and Guy McIntyre. The losers sort out the trash at the high school.

  • Members of the chefs' families visit Hell's Kitchen. For the challenge, Chef Ramsay has the contestants wear straitjackets and help their loved ones as they recreate Chef Ramsay's branzino dish.

  • The remaining chefs compete in the annual blind taste test challenge. The winners go on a shopping spree at Roland Products while the losers prepare the foul-smelling durian fruit for a dessert served during the dinner service.

  • The teams have only five minutes to gather ingredients for a rack of lamb, sea bass and chicken. The chefs then take turns cooking the ingredients for one of the proteins before being replaced by a teammate. The winners visit the Santa Anita horse racetrack while the losers unload two hundred-pound lambs into the kitchen and prep them for service.

  • Given only thirty minutes, the teams have to make vegetarian, sweet, meat and seafood breakfast dishes. The winners head to Palm Springs in a private plane to ride all-terrain vehicles. The losers clean both kitchens and hand-squeeze oranges for mimosas in the next service's brunch special.

  • The chefs compete by cooking bison with an international flair. The winners meet and feed animal actors while the losers make bread and butter from scratch for the dinner service.

  • After treating the chefs to a performance by guitarist Steve Vai, Ramsay gives them their challenge: the teams must create five dishes comprised of seven, six, five, four and three ingredients. The winners play paintball while the losers prep the kitchens and make food deliveries.

  • After welcoming newlywed and sous chef Andi Van Willigan back to Hell's Kitchen with her husband Brice, Chef Ramsay requests that both teams make six dishes that include: two seafood appetizers, two chicken entr

  • Taken to a grocery store, the two teams rearrange shopping carts with letters on them into six ingredients that the whole team will use, then are given one minute to find a personal ingredient. The winners fly over Los Angeles in stunt planes while the losers peel apples, coconuts and grapes for Spanish sangria.

  • The two teams create a holiday platter comprised of three dishes for three major holidays: Fourth of July, Cinco de Mayo and Mardi Gras. The winners get a wine mixing lesson while the losers prep candy and cake pops for the dinner service.

  • Each chef gathers five rubber ducks with ingredients on them, which they then use to make a duck dish. The winners spend the afternoon riding on a yacht to a Santa Monica penthouse to dine with Chef Ramsay. The losers eat duck feet sandwiches.

  • Meet the eighteen chefs who will be competing for a head chef position at BLT Steak located in Bally's Las Vegas. For their first challenge, the contestants have 45 minutes to prepare their signature dishes for a discerning Chef Ramsay. The winners attend Drai's Nightclub as VIP guests while the losers peel shrimp and make 1,000 pounds of truffle mashed potatoes.

  • Chef Ramsay brings the final four to a supermarket where each chef receives $25 and ten minutes to find ingredients for a delicious vegetarian dish. The winner gets a private parasailing view of Newport Beach, California and a three-course dinner at Studio in Laguna Beach. The losers clean the leaves out of the fountains, sweep the steps and parking lot and hand-polish the wood in the grand hall.

  • The teams participate in the annual blind taste test challenge. The winners go on a shopping spree, take a trip to Petrossian and sample caviar. The losers make sangria and lug tabletops into the dining room for the night's dinner service.

  • The chefs cook a Mardi Gras-themed homecoming dinner for Calabasas High School. Both teams have 35 minutes to create three meals - one seafood appetizer, one chicken entr

  • The teams cook lunch for current and retired firefighters who are in the midst of their charity ride commemorating their friends. The winners head to Malibu, dine at a vineyard and sip wine with Ramsay. In addition to prepping 400 chicken wings for the next dinner service, the losers clean the firetruck.

  • Each team must retrieve 25 crabs from the ocean. Splitting into pairs, the teams then have to make ten crab cakes for Chef Ramsay. The winners go horseback riding at Cave Creek Outfitters and dine at Talavera. The losers peel shrimp, as well as prep clams and lobsters that will be used in the next dinner service.

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