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  • 2005
  • 15 Seasons
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Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations was a travel and food documentary series that aired on the Travel Channel from 2005 to 2012. The show starred Anthony Bourdain, a renowned chef and author, who took viewers on a journey through different countries and cultures, exploring their cuisines, traditions, and lifestyles.

The show was unique in its approach to travel and food documentaries, as it combined Bourdain’s passion for cooking with his love for adventure and exploration. Instead of just focusing on exotic dishes and local delicacies, Bourdain would immerse himself in the local culture, meeting people from all walks of life and discussing their history, beliefs, and values.

Each episode of the show followed Bourdain as he traveled to a new destination, usually a country or a city, and explored its culture, food, and nightlife. The show often featured off-the-beaten-path locations and experiences, as Bourdain went beyond tourist attractions to learn about the local way of life.

Throughout each episode, Bourdain would meet with locals, from chefs and street vendors to artists and intellectuals. He would engage in conversations with them, learning about their lives and their perspectives on their country and its cuisine. He would also participate in local traditions, such as dance performances or religious ceremonies, giving viewers a glimpse into the heart of the country’s culture.

Food was always at the center of the show, and Bourdain would often prepare and sample local dishes, sometimes with the help of local chefs. He would also visit local markets, learning about the ingredients used in local cuisine and discovering new flavors and textures.

The show was known for its candid and often adventurous approach to food, as Bourdain was willing to try everything from exotic street food to unusual regional specialties. He would also sometimes take viewers to hidden and underground eateries that were off the tourist radar, discovering hidden gems and showcasing the diversity of the country’s cuisine.

In addition to food and travel, the show also explored issues related to politics, history, and social justice. Bourdain would often discuss the country’s history and its impact on its current state, as well as the struggles and challenges faced by its people. He would also highlight the work of activists and advocates, shedding light on issues such as poverty, inequality, and discrimination.

Throughout its run, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations received critical acclaim for its insightful and engaging approach to travel and food. The show won two Emmy Awards, and Bourdain became a beloved figure in the food and travel community.

Overall, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations was a show that celebrated the diversity and complexity of the world’s cultures, while also showcasing the universal connection that food brings to people from different backgrounds. It was a show that inspired viewers to explore new places, try new cuisines, and connect with people from all over the world.

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations is a series that is currently running and has 15 seasons (198 episodes). The series first aired on July 25, 2005.

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
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Tony Cooks
20. Tony Cooks
February 2, 2017
Tony's heading back to the kitchen. He dips churros and wraps rose petal wontons in Spain, then cooks up a freshly killed duck in Missouri. He heads back to his old haunt in NYC with Eric Ripert to work the line like old times.
Market Madness
19. Market Madness
February 2, 2017
Markets, the window into a country and its culture. Tony bites into a beef patty in Jamaica, then heads to Chile for fresh produce and fried intestines. In Cambodia, he slurps down a noodle soup for breakfast.
Along for the Journey
18. Along for the Journey
February 2, 2017
Not every trip is about the destination. Tony hikes through the dangerous jungles of the Darien Gap and explores the backwaters of India by houseboat. In Brazil, Tony catches a glimpse of the world's largest rodent.
On the Hunt
17. On the Hunt
January 26, 2017
Grab your gun and start the grill. Tony hunts for deer and dines on partridge with an angry chef in London, then joins the dogs for a raccoon hunt in Missouri. In Greece, he hunts for quail and feasts on braised rabbit.
Culture Shock
16. Culture Shock
January 26, 2017
Culture, it's everywhere. Tony chows down a fun bag of sheeps blood and welcomes pilgrims on horseback in Sardinia. He watches as monks receive their daily meal of rice in Laos, then visits the indigenous inhabitants of Japan.
Game, Set, Match
15. Game, Set, Match
January 26, 2017
Competition is in the air. With a round of beers on the line, Tony tries his luck at candlepin bowling in Boston. He hits the racetrack for a robot camel race in Dubai, then takes in a Muay Thai fight and frog curry in Thailand.
Paradise Found
14. Paradise Found
January 19, 2017
From gorgeous coastlines to cowboys to a cold beer, paradise looks different to everyone. Tony cuts into local steaks on the cliffs of Chile, then snacks on seared ahi tuna and zips through Oahu's North Shore on a jet ski.
Mad for Mollusks
13. Mad for Mollusks
January 19, 2017
Tony's on the hunt for the greatest bivalves of the world. He shucks oysters and slurps them down on the half shell in New Orleans, enjoys home-cooked mussels in the backwaters of India and feasts on cheesy clams and eel in Chile.
Chef Edition
12. Chef Edition
January 19, 2017
Emeril treats Tony to root beer-braised pork belly in New Orleans, then Tony meets Philippe Lajaunie in Saigon for a beef and pig's feet soup. For dessert, Tony and Morimoto dine on cod sperm in Japan.
Wonderland of Pork
11. Wonderland of Pork
January 12, 2017
Every man has a weakness, and Tony's is pork. He feasts on SPAM sushi in Hawaii, then noshes on a pig and boar crossbreed in Austria. Sexy food calls his name in Australia, where he devours spicy pig heart and tongue.
Guts and Goodies
9. Guts and Goodies
January 12, 2017
From tongues and toes to blood and bladders, Tony makes sure no part goes unused. He feasts on fried calf brains and venison heart tartare in San Francisco, tastes deer blood in China, and devours a lamb spleen in Greece.
Down the Hatch
8. Down the Hatch
January 5, 2017
It takes a professional to chug alcohol around the world. Tony gets happy off shots of homemade Lao Lao in Laos, and wasted off Jagermeister and Guinness in Boston. Last stop, Lebanon for wine and Arak, "the drink of the lions."
Family Feast
7. Family Feast
January 5, 2017
There's nothing like a home-cooked meal. Tony slurps down a Sunday ragu in Italy, then dines on crab curry in Sri Lanka. In Sardinia, Tony sits down with his own family for a feast of suckling pig, snails and wild boar.
Bizarre Foods
6. Bizarre Foods
January 5, 2017
Tony's chowing down on the weirdest foods across the globe. He dines on lamb intestines and donkey in Italy, then digs into a bowl of pig organs in Vietnam. He caps it all off with a cup of bacon fat coffee in San Francisco.
Silence of the Lamb
3. Silence of the Lamb
September 23, 2015
From nose to tail, Tony's eating lamb in all its delicious forms. He bites into brain in red wine sauce and sphincter sausage in Austria, and rips apart a lamb in Greece. Then he slurps down lamb noodles in New York.
Catch of the Day
2. Catch of the Day
August 25, 2015
Tony explores fresh seafood, straight off the boat. He swims with tuna in Croatia, then hunts for a prehistoric delicacy in Brazil. He dines on Caribbean lobster, Bluefin tuna sashimi and grilled octopus.
Paths Less Traveled
1. Paths Less Traveled
August 11, 2015
Not everything is located on a map. Tony visits places found only by GPS, encountering an underground nuclear submarine base and an island full of doll heads. He accidentally eats an endangered animal and chops wood in the snow.
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    July 25, 2005
  • IMDB Rating
    8.5  (7,775)