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In this docuseries, host Don Wildman travels around the United States to various museums, where he examines artifacts from the country's history and delves into the stories that make the objects significant. The series airs on the Travel Channel cable network.Mysteries at the Museum is a series that is currently running and has 24 seasons (453 episodes). The series first aired on November 2, 2010.

Mysteries at the Museum is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Mysteries at the Museum on demand atPhilo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Travel Channel, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on Travel Channel
24 Seasons, 453 Episodes
November 2, 2010
Kids & Family, History, Travel
Cast: Don Wildman
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Mysteries at the Museum Full Episode Guide

  • Don Wildman investigates the terrifying return of the Bell Witch, Thomas Edison's most bizarre invention and how a television legend inadvertently helped the Allies win World War II.

  • Don Wildman investigates the terrifying truth behind a cherished piece of American literature, a missing child who captivated a nation and a bizarre encounter between cosmonauts and angelic beings in space.

  • Don Wildman investigates the tragic demise of one of Tinseltown's brightest stars, an interstellar object that top experts believe is a UFO and a serial killer who preyed on lovelorn women in the early 1900s.

  • Don Wildman investigates a sinister haunting at a California mansion, an ancient Egyptian relic that some believe is from beyond the stars and a scorned ship captain's curse which may have ruined a family fortune.

  • Don Wildman investigates a mysterious family curse that terrified a small town, a father and son's desperate attempt to escape an out-of-control inferno and the story behind the more than 200 giant figures carved into the barren Colorado landscape.

  • Don investigates an out-of-this-world object that washed up on a beach, the explosive story of how a WWII bomb ended up buried beneath New York City and a Wild West lawman's epic jailhouse escape.

  • Don investigates a guardian ghost, an explosive gift and the Roswell crash.

  • Don investigates a bomber who threatened railroads in the northwest, a chimp raised to be human and a mysterious body in Denmark that's much older than it appears.

  • Don Wildman investigates the death of a man who may have crossed paths with a vengeful witch, a deadly explosion in a Texas school and a string of robberies committed by a charming bandit with impeccable manners.

  • Don Wildman investigates a gangster's sinister plot to cheat death, two enemy pilots brought together by honor, and a curious corpse found in a metal coffin.

  • Hidden from view, deep in an ancient Scottish Lake, is said to be one of the most mysterious creatures in existence -- the Loch Ness Monster. Don Wildman goes on a quest to uncover the real story behind this centuries-old mystery and explore a few of the biggest hoaxes associated with the aquatic beast that locals call Nessie.

  • Don investigates the scandal that led to the resignation of Richard Nixon.

  • Don Wildman investigates a Civil Wars ghost who terrorized a family, a terrifying security breach by a strange object in the sky and a patriotic competition that turned into a national embarrassment.

  • Don Wildman travels outside Naples, Italy, to uncover the mysteries surrounding Pompeii and the volcanic eruption that wiped out the ancient city.

  • Don Wildman investigates the mysterious disappearance of three lighthouse keepers, a ghastly murder with a twist from beyond the grave and a terrifying monster said to stalk a small Ohio town.

  • Don Wildman investigates the disappearance of Amelia Earhart.

  • Don investigates a deranged nurse, a space disaster and a bizarre bunny.

  • Don investigates a strange green orb, a bloodcurdling bestseller and more.

  • Don Wildman explores the legend of Billy the Kid to uncover the truth surrounding the young outlaw's infamous death in 1881.

  • Don Wildman investigates a legendary beast lurking in the forests of West Virginia, a ruthless kidnapping plot that targeted Frank Sinatra's son and a string of violent attacks by the walking dead.

  • Don Wildman investigates America's most top-secret military base.

  • Don Wildman investigates a ghostly siren who once haunted the dance halls of Chicago, a horrifying nightclub inferno which claimed the lives of almost 500 people and a pair of undercover detectives who staged a wedding for a massive drug bust.

  • Don Wildman investigates the horrific crash of the world's largest commercial airship. He examines historic evidence and questions experts in his quest to discover the actual cause of the 1937 disaster.

  • Don examines a desert beast, a jazz-loving serial killer and a doomed ship.

  • Don examines a clairvoyant cat, a gruesome murder and a mammoth mystery.

  • Don Wildman investigates an eerie premonition about a presidential assassination, a superstorm that churned up the long-hidden plunder of an infamous pirate and the miraculous resurrection of 40,000-year-old worms.

  • Don examines a harrowing haunting, a dirty disaster and a medical mystery.

  • Don Wildman investigates a mysterious plague that killed thousands of sheep, an unexplained encounter from beyond the grave and a deadly substance used in a bizarre murder plot.

  • Don Wildman investigates a mysterious curse that doomed movie star Rudolph Valentino, one of America's most brazen bank heists and a pocket watch that was responsible for a string of bizarre deaths.

  • Don Wildman showcases the death-defying tale of a brave American soldier, the real story behind a mysterious UFO sighting and a young man's epic quest to win his true love's hand in marriage.

  • Don Wildman investigates a CIA mission to steal a Soviet spacecraft, a battle in the trenches with a deadly microbe and the amazing solution to an ancient Egyptian riddle.

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