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Mysteries at the Museum is a television program that explains the history surrounding museum artifacts. Each episode exhibits artifacts from various museums around the country. The show then focuses on a few artifacts per episode, explaining the artifacts' origin, history, and the reason for its display.

Mysteries at the Museum is appropriate for most age levels, though is aimed mostly at an older viewing audience interested in learning about history. Each episode runs one-hour in length and examines several different artifacts. Viewers can use the information for personal interest, or to plan a trip to various U.S. cities to learn more regarding the featured museums and artifacts.

The show is hosted by Don Wildman, also known for his work on Weird Travels and Monumental Mysteries. The show airs on The Travel Channel. Check your local listings for day and time.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on Travel Channel
15 Seasons, 247 Episodes
November 2, 2010
Family, History, Travel
Cast: Don Wildman
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Mysteries at the Museum Full Episode Guide

  • Don Wildman showcases a piece of top-secret military equipment developed by the first celebrity chef, a ghost that terrorized a popular music venue and a father-son duo who rode the tallest wave in the world.

  • Don Wildman examines a letter written by a First Lady recalling a bizarre gift sent to the White House, a chef who saved the cheese industry from crumbling after an earthquake rocked Italy and a spy who went shopping for secret intelligence.

  • Don Wildman examines a life jacket worn by a tennis star who survived the Titanic, a pamphlet that details the murder of a real estate developer with a complicated love life and a giant missile that was nearly used to bomb the moon.

  • Don Wildman examines an aircraft connected to an aerial attack on a California town, a Bible used in a bizarre exorcism and a pair of hiking boots worn in a record-breaking solo journey around the world.

  • Don Wildman examines a racing number from a mule that won the Great American Horse Race, a fighter plane that pushed through skies of North Vietnam and an iconic street car that transformed a city and the nation.

  • Don Wildman examines the theft of an iconic Scottish sword wielded by William Wallace, an unprecedented mission to save America's livestock and a female swimmer who broke the mold.

  • A house for sale comes with three ghosts; the maligned reputation of an extinct bird; during World War I, a mysterious explosion takes places at a munitions factory.

  • Don investigates an astronaut's mission gone awry, a killer canine sentenced to prison and a pilot's heroic efforts over the Pacific.

  • A house for sale comes with three ghosts; the maligned reputation of an extinct bird; during World War I, a mysterious explosion takes places at a munitions factory.

  • Examining a dangerous mission into outer space; a dog accused of murder; a pilot has a heroic plan during an emergency over the Pacific.

  • Don Wildman explores the story of a young girl who survived a fall from a damaged aircraft, a battle between the great Harry Houdini and spiritualists, and a lunar event that saved Christopher Columbus.

  • Don Wildman investigates a twisted tell-all about the world's most elusive billionaire, an explosive rodent infestation that helped America beat the Nazis and a conman's bogus ballgame that was brought down by his own teammates.

  • Don examines a commemorative coin, a saddle and a training capsule.

  • Don investigates the contested birth of a mighty state, an epic battle between mankind and Mother Nature and a race that changed the world.

  • Don examines a F8 jet, FDR's convertible and a token linked to a spy.

  • Don showcases a high-wire walk, a ride-hailing general and a mass burial.

  • Don examines a saddle cover that traversed the Wild West, a newspaper article that saved a politician and a Civil War-era horse cart that changed the face of battlefield medicine.

  • Don inspects a seemingly possessed potato, examines an old chair connected to an intoxicating chapter in the life of George Washington and investigates the surprising origins of a famous paranormal communication device.

  • Don examines a patriotic pigeon, a conman and a famous uncle.

  • Don investigates a four-legged firefighter and a bizarre mass from space.

  • Don investigates a life-threatening aviation adventure, a medical mystery with a creepy cure and an incredible race to the stars.

  • Don investigates an outrageous escape over an iconic wall, an unsung Civil War hero and a president caught up in a mysterious close encounter.

  • Don examines a hero horse who risked her life, a culinary mystery about a popular salad dressing and an Olympic runner's battle with polio.

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