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  • 2015
  • 3 Seasons
  • 8.2  (104)

Rugged Justice is a reality TV show that premiered on Animal Planet in January 2015, and it ran for three seasons until it ended in 2016. The show follows the adventures and work of the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife's Enforcement Division and their officers who are responsible for enforcing the state's fish and wildlife laws.

The show offers a behind-the-scenes look at the department's work, which involves tracking down poachers, conducting search and rescue missions, and protecting the wildlife and the environment in and around the state. Rugged Justice showcases the department's officers in action while they confront and apprehend poachers, investigate wildlife crimes, and rescue animals in danger.

The show's main focus is on the department's Enforcement Division, which is responsible for monitoring and enforcing the state's wildlife laws, regulations, and policies. The department's officers are highly trained, and they use a variety of techniques and tools to catch poachers and provide assistance to animals that require medical attention.

Rugged Justice provides an immense amount of knowledge about the Washington wilderness, which has been a huge draw for viewers. The show's premise is intriguing as it offers viewers an exhilarating insight into the lives of the fish and wildlife officers. The audience can watch as the officers protect animals and the environment from harm and cruelty. The show is a perfect blend of action, adventure, and an opportunity to learn about various species of animals and how they live.

Under the guidance of Pat Beach, the show's executive producer, Rugged Justice's success lies in its authenticity, and the show's willingness to show the actual cases and investigations of the department. The officers featured in the show are real and are continuously in harm's way while conducting their investigations, and the producers have ensured that each episode of Rugged Justice provides a unique perspective of what these officers face out in the field.

Rugged Justice is an ideal show for animal lovers, nature enthusiasts, and individuals who want to learn more about preservation and management of natural resources. The show carries a high production value and makes use of different techniques and cameras to capture the action from various angles.

One of the show's key components is the chase sequences, where the officers often have to pursue poachers on foot or by boat. These scenes are filmed with handheld cameras or mounted cameras and offer a thrilling sense of adventure to the viewer.

Moreover, the show's editing is superb and the narrative follows the officers from the time they receive a call to the execution of their duties. The camera often follows them as they prepare for their missions, load their guns, and board their boats or vehicles, which makes the show even more immersive.

In summary, Rugged Justice is an exhilarating and informative show that offers viewers a unique perspective on the work of the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife's Enforcement Division. It has managed to capture the hearts of animal lovers, adventure enthusiasts, and conservationists alike. Anyone interested in wildlife law enforcement, preservation, and management will find this show exceptionally informative and entertaining.

Rugged Justice is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on January 18, 2015.

Rugged Justice
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Crabs and a Crack Pipe
6. Crabs and a Crack Pipe
September 29, 2016
The Washington State Fish and Wildlife Police confront a lying hunter, catch a couple in the act of crab poaching and deal with anglers illegally snagging salmon. Finally, an officer must make a difficult decision regarding a blind mule deer buck.
Caught On Camera
5. Caught On Camera
September 22, 2016
Officer Olson catches repeat offenders poaching more than five times the legal limit of squid. Officer Summit serves a warrant to a bear hunter breaking the law, while a fisherman is confronted for snagging salmon in closed waters.
Law-Breaking Father and Daughter
4. Law-Breaking Father and Daughter
September 15, 2016
Washington State's Fish and Wildlife Police arrest apprehend a trespassing elk poacher and respond to a call about a sick coyote. A father and his daughter are caught in the act illegally harvesting white fish and a repeat wildlife offender is confronted.
Headless Elk
3. Headless Elk
September 8, 2016
Washington State's Fish and Wildlife Police arrest a suspect with a criminal past, investigate a headless elk and crackdown on littering. Commercial Canadian crabbers are caught illegally harvesting crabs in US waters.
Stuck Young Buck
2. Stuck Young Buck
September 1, 2016
A salmon poacher is arrested in Seattle, while in the rainforest an officer deals with an illegal elk kill. A duck hunter with a criminal past and an illegal shotgun is confronted, and a trapped black tail deer is finally freed from a storage compound.
Cougars on the Run
1. Cougars on the Run
August 24, 2016
Washington's Fish and Wildlife Police search for stranded cougar cubs. In the Seattle harbor, an unsuspecting rock fish poacher is arrested. A hunter driving with a loaded weapon is caught and an officer confronts a family harvesting undersized crabs.
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Rugged Justice is available for streaming on the Animal Planet website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Rugged Justice on demand at Philo, Amazon, Vudu, FuboTV, Google Play and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    January 18, 2015
  • IMDB Rating
    8.2  (104)