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Pit Bulls and Parolees is a reality television show chronicling the day to day operations of the Villalobos Rescue Center, and the centers founder and owner, Tia Torres. While watching the show you will get to see some of the rescues, some of the adoptions, and you will also get to see the parolees hard at work cleaning kennels, feeding, watering, and walking the dogs.

Villalobos meaning "house of wolves" in Spanish, began as a wolf rescue in the early nine-teen nineties. It is now the country's largest pit bull rescue center. Tia, along with her daughters, Mariah and Tania, her sons, Kanani and Keli'i, and the half dozen parolees employed at Villalobos, take care of over two hundred Pit Bulls that are currently at Villalobos.

Villalobos rehabilitates and retrains all of the Pit Bulls that they rescue, and hope that one day they will all be adopted into their forever homes. The rescue center cost about a thousand dollars a day to operate. They depend on the fees from the adoptions of the Pit Bulls, and the donations that they receive to keep up the day to day operations of the center.

Villalobos has recently relocated from California to New Orleans and also has a center in New Mexico. The center in New Mexico is run by a former parolee, Mando. This center is for the lifers. Lifers are the Pit Bulls that Villalobos rescues that can not ever be adopted due to court orders, or just because of certain behavior issues. The New Mexico center is not currently open for operations, however the New Orleans location is up and running in full swing.

Pit Bulls and Parolees gives the world a better understanding of what it takes day to day to run a successful animal rescue center, and gives the world a better understanding of the Pit Bull breed. Tia Torres is also giving a second chance to the parolees that she employs, who might not find employment anywhere else because of the crimes that they have committed.

Saturday at 10:00 PM on Animal Planet
9 Seasons, 130 Episodes
October 30, 2009
Animals, Reality
Cast: Tia Torres, Mariah Torres, Tania Torres, Jake
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Pit Bulls and Parolees Full Episode Guide

  • After his adopter passes away, Tania heads to California to pick up a former VRC dog. A couple from Arkansas struggle to make a decision about which dog to adopt. And, after being rescued, a badly injured puppy is discovered to be a missing pet.

  • A parolee is distraught after getting in the middle of two stray dogs battling outside the center. Meanwhile, a canine that was adopted shows up in a center in Mississippi; and the adoption of a hound goes wrong.

  • When a sinkhole endangers to swallow a close by neighborhood, Tia joins cat expert Jackson Galaxy to save dozens of cats. And, after discovering a neglected mama dog close to the warehouse, Tia and her team divide up to attempt and locate her puppies.

  • When Tia gets an adoption email different from any she's seen before, she goes on a cross-country journey to find a dog a special home before Christmas; the kids' significant others come together to give the family an unforgettable gift.

  • A lady comes all the way from San Diego to give one of Villalobos' senior pups a chance at a home; Lizzy and Marcel look for a mother dog's lost puppies out in the country; a new parolee makes a useful discovery on his first day.

  • Flooding in Louisiana inspires Tia and the team to help a family who lost their house and a lady who was separated from her dogs.

  • Earl comes back from rehab, wanting to rebuild his life working with the dogs. A couple comes searching for a dog who can cope with the crowded streets of NYC. And, Lizzy saves a dog after a confrontation with the owner who neglected it.

  • In the Season 8 opener, Tia's out of commission while she recovers from an operation, so the kids take over for the time being at Villalobos, and one of their first responsibilities involves capturing a dog that's been taking refuge at a warehouse. Meanwhile, a family of eight from Oregon is seeking a new companion.

  • A family is longing to reunite with a dog that was rescued on a past episode. Also, Earl's sudden behavior shift causes a confrontation with Tia; and Matt is up against an important choice.

  • Jackson Galaxy ("My Cat From Hell") assists Tia in saving tons of cats when an area is threatened by a sinkhole. Also, a neglected mom is discovered by the warehouse, stimulating a prompt search for her puppies.

  • Tia is short on help again as Villalobos grows. Also, finding a pack of pit bulls roaming in the streets leads to an overwhelmed owner needing assistance; and Tia and Lizzy attempt to find a home for a very sick dog.

  • An outbreak of disease in the swamps threatens the dogs. Tania goes out on her own to save a stray pit from the streets and is faced with a difficult rescue. And after years of waiting for a forever home, Jackson finally gets his shot.

  • When a reputed dognapper dumps a dog at Villalobos, Mariah scrambles to find the owner. A new parolee needs Tia's help when he realizes he is in over his head. And, after having her last adoption fall through, Smack has a second chance at a loving home.

  • A few dogs are abandoned when their owners move. Also, Matt assists in placing a patrol dog at his old prison; and one of Tania's most loved dogs is ready for adoption.

  • When a tornado tears through New Orleans, Tania takes charge - but is furious when the parolees fail to show up to help. And a fellow pit bull trainer seeks Tia's help adopting a dog she can put to work.

  • Tia and the Villalobos team celebrates 100 episodes_4-18; Aftershow to follow.

  • With the holidays quickly approaching, Tia surprises her family, the parolees and every dog at the rescue with an extraordinary gift. But turning this giant gift into something Villalobos can actually use will require herculean effort.

  • A growth lessons the chances of a dog finding a permanent home; a violent dog endangers the VRC personnel; an investigation begins for a stray dog's owner.

  • A pit bull is deserted by its owners in an empty home; a mom and her daughter arrive from Oklahoma in search of a new best friend; Tia's dog Jethro gets sick.

  • A terrified dog seeks refuge under a car and has to be enticed to safety; Tania's relatives are interested in adding a new member to their home; Moe and his soon-to-be bride, Lizzy, prepare for their nuptials.

  • After a dog is shot, Tia races to save his life. Then, Matt and Lizzy scramble to rescue a scared and sick puppy running loose on the busy roads near the warehouse. And after red-flags are raised during a home check, Tia faces an agonizing decision.

  • A challenge to save a stray becomes a horrifying difficulty for Matt, so Tania is forced to take charge. Also, a new team member feels the heartbreak that comes with dog rescuing; and a dog among the favorites has a chance at a forever home.

  • A family travels from New Hampshire to adopt a dog; a phone call ends up in a sad find; Earl finally goes to a spine specialist.

  • A couple from California are looking to replace their dog who just died. Matt has to work fast to rescue puppies stuck under railroad ties. Also, Villalobos must welcome sad news.

  • Remembering the Villalobos crew's best rescues of the series.

  • A parolee wants to be more accountable so they try to take charge of a rescue; a women wants to adopt a dog that will be good with her chickens; Tia rescues a scarred pit bull that must have had a rough past.

  • The stories are told of improvements in both parolees' lives and dogs' behavior.

  • Villalobos welcomes a stray dog from the swamp; A discouraged owner turns over two unhealthy puppies to Tia. Also, a dog may have found a new place to live.

  • A view of past fights against mother nature, including fires, hurricanes, storms and blizzards.

  • A new season brings new challenges as Villalobos Rescue Center expands beyond New Orleans and into the surrounding swamps, opening a satellite shelter in nearby Assumption Parish.

  • Tia gives everyone, including each dog, a thoughtful gift; Tia's kids help give back to Villalobos; and to make up for lost time, a parolee makes a Christmas meal for his mom.

  • A look back at the best moments of the show.

  • A look back at the best moments of the show.

  • A look back at the best moments of the show.

  • A look back at the best moments of the show.

  • A look back at the best moments of the show.

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