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  • TV-G
  • 2011
  • 6 Seasons
  • 8.6  (700)

Too Cute is an enthralling series that premiered on Animal Planet in 2011. This heart-warming TV show is dedicated to capturing the adorable and amusing moments of newborn kittens, puppies, and other tiny animals from birth up to their first eight weeks of life. With the compelling voiceover of Henry Strozier, who adds an extra level of emotion and depth to this already captivating show, Too Cute has become a favorite for animal lovers across the globe.

Each episode of Too Cute features several litters of pups or kittens from different breeds, and follows them as they navigate their new world, discovering new things, and learning skills that they'll need to survive in the future. Each of the episodes is captivating and informative, packed with valuable insights into the development of small animals, from their first steps to their developing personalities.

Viewers will fall in love with the delightful casts of each episode of Too Cute, with their adorable and often hilarious antics. From the playful corgi puppies and curious kittens to the energetic piglets and adorable bunnies, each episode showcases new baby animals, each with their own unique personalities on display. The pups and kittens are not only sweet and cuddly, but they also have unique quirks, likes, and dislikes that are entirely their own.

It's impossible not to be enchanted by the puppies and kittens' tiny lives as they first begin to explore the world. Watching them as they take their first steps, learn to play with toys, and interact with their siblings and owners, is a joyous experience that's sure to bring a smile to even the most jaded viewer's face. Those who have always loved animals will be taken with this show, as well as anyone else who simply wants to be entertained.

Too Cute is not just about the overwhelming cuteness of the litters; it's also a show that provides a wealth of knowledge for, potential, pet owners. The show does an outstanding job of capturing what life is like for pups, kittens, and other baby animals during their first few weeks of life. It's a chance to learn about the animals' care requirements and essential habits, such as socialization, playtime, and toilet training. It is a great opportunity for owners to learn how to give their own pets the best possible life.

Henry Strozier's calming and comforting voice-over provides essential information, such as what to expect from each stage of development and how to provide the appropriate care. His narration adds an additional element of emotional depth to the show, and his warm and welcoming intonation ensures that viewers are entirely captivated from start to finish.

Despite the show's focus on the adorable antics of its stars, there is at times some degree of peril, such as the run-ins with predators and some unnecessary fights. However, the show keeps this to a minimum and always stays sweet and innocent, so viewers can rest assured that everything will turn out just fine.

Whether you're a lifelong animal lover or someone who simply enjoys watching cute and funny things, Too Cute is guaranteed to entertain and delight. This show not only appeals to animal lovers but is genuinely an excellent series for anyone who just wants to relax and unwind. If you're looking for a way to unwind and improve your overall well-being, this show is sure to do just that.

Too Cute is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (77 episodes). The series first aired on April 30, 2011.

Too Cute
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  • Premiere Date
    April 30, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    8.6  (700)