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Big Cat Diaries follows the lives of several different families of larger species of the feline family. Lion prides, Leopards, and Cheetahs are all stars of this wildlife series. The lives of 3 separate lion prides, 7 cheetah mothers and their cubs, and 2 leopard families.

The Marsh Lion pride was one of the most successful prides to be filled since the start of the show. One of the lionesses Bibi was kicked out of the pride and forced to raise her cubs without the help of her pride. It is later found out that after struggling to raise her cubs she is accepted back into the pride. And 3 lionesses leave the pride and create a sort of satellite pride that stays close to the main pride.

Tamu and her four cubs are also some of our Lion stars. A lone without any help her four cubs are fathered by a male from the Marsh Pride. She faces attacks from Marsh pride lionesses and rogue male lions daily. At some point a rogue male discovers her den and tries to kill her cubs in order to push her to go into heat early to have his own offspring. Though she does defend them, one of her cubs is left fatally wounded while the three others are scattered. She is only able to save two cubs and bring them to a new den location but is forced to abandon the other two to nature. One of the cubs she saves is the injured cub. She soon follows her instinct to relocate her lost cubs and saves them but her injured cub soon passes away.

The show also follows the leopard Bella and her family. She is first seen with two small cubs Chui and his sister. Although at some point Chui's sister vanished it is assumed she was dead and possibly due to a lion attack. Chui later on leaves the protection of his mother and is run off by a male. He is seen in a territory adjacent to his mother mating with a female after his mother begins to mate again as well.

The show follows several family's in the larger feline species. Each having to go through their own journey through the laws of nature. Losing loved ones, adding to families, and fighting for survival.

Big Cat Diary is a series that is currently running and has 10 seasons (71 episodes). The series first aired on April 1, 2007.

Where do I stream Big Cat Diary online? Big Cat Diary is available for streaming on BBC Earth, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Big Cat Diary on demand at Amazon, Vudu, iTunes online.

BBC Earth
10 Seasons, 71 Episodes
April 1, 2007
Cast: Simon King, Jonathan Scott, Saba Douglas-Hamilton
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Big Cat Diary Full Episode Guide

  • A herd of wildebeest are attacked by Bella who is a leopard.

  • The team continue to monitor the lives of the big cats living in the Masai Mara in Kenya.

  • Tamu a lioness has lost her cubs and searches for them. The annual wildebeest migration arrives.

  • One of the four cubs that Honey had are lost and the discovery is made by Jonathan.

  • Some life threatening decisions are made by a cheetah called Honey.

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