Watch TV Shows on BBC Earth

The mysteries of the natural world are not always available to be explored in one's free time, but with the help of BBC Earth they can be. BBC Earth is an educational channel that concentrates on delivering factual, and helpful information alongside stunning visual footage, in order to help the viewer better understand nature.

BBC Earth offers access to many different nature programs and documentaries; with a focus on large ecosystems. Explore the frigid north in "Frozen Planet", and witness the arctic in all its beauty, or dive into the deep dark mystery of "Blue Planet", and behold the many alien creatures of that reside there. BBC Earth even goes back in time to the age of dinosaurs in "Walking with Dinosaurs"; an informative and engaging show on the life of dinosaurs from birth to death.

BBC earth isn't all about the macro aspect of nature, the channel also broadcast movies and series that explore the tiniest creatures of nature and how they are the giants of their environment; exploring the often overlooked mini-kingdoms residing at this level of nature right under our noses.

From the heart of the savannah to the tiniest bird, BBC Earth explores every facet of nature to the most thorough degree with clear and precise narration explaining everything that is being seen. So find out how humans fit into such a large and complex world on BBC Earth.