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This docuseries presents the solar system in an educational way, with episodes that focus on the sun, the individual planets, the Earth's moon, the possibility of life on other planets and more. The eight-part series first aired on BBC Two in 1999.

BBC Earth
1 Season, 8 Episodes
April 29, 1999
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Mark Halliley, Donald Black, Jerry Soften, Sasa Vasilievski
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The Planets Full Episode Guide

  • What will happen to the solar system be like in several billion years? Destiny explores the distant future of the solar system with specific predictions of how the sun will determine the fate of the planets.

  • Need a space vacation? Life Beyond the Sun reveals the hypothetical locations in space where man could survive if we ever needed to leave Earth.

  • Earth's atmosphere is responsible for supporting life on our planet, and in this installment we compare Earth's atmosphere with that of other planets in the solar system. We take a look at the weather patterns of other planets, and by comparison discover Earth's secrets of life support. Learn about the Greenhouse effect and "red" planets, as well.

  • In Star, the series shifts focus to the center of our solar system to take a close look at the sun and its relation to the other stars in the galaxy. Besides providing light for our planet, the sun is responsible for some incredible phenomenon. We see eclipses and northern lights, and study the effects of the sun alongside theories about the historical worship of the sun by ancient cultures.

  • Moon chronicles the Cold War era space race, from sputnik and Apollo to the historical moon landing. It also explores the dark side of the moon and compares Earth's moons to those of other planets in the solar system.

  • Giants delves into the history of space exploration. This episode investigates the discovery of techniques used to study distant planets and examines NASA's study of Saturn and Neptune.

  • The second installment features the intriguing geological surfaces of Earth's neighbors: Jupiter, Jupiter's moon Europa, Mars, and Venus.

  • This first episode takes us back to the origin of our solar system, tracing the creation of the sun, the planets, and the surfaces of each.

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