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  • 2001
  • 1 Season
  • 8.0  (410)

Wild Africa is a documentary series hosted by Fergal Keane and produced by BBC Earth. The show explores the magnificent wilderness of Africa and the stunning creatures that call it home. Each episode takes viewers on a journey across different parts of Africa, from the savannas of Kenya to the deserts of Namibia. Through breathtaking footage and insightful commentary, the show brings viewers close to the wildlife and their habitats. With stunning aerial shots, slow-motion capture of leopards in pursuit of prey, and underwater footage of hippos and crocodiles, Wild Africa showcases the continent's raw beauty.

The first episode, "Savannah", focuses on the vast grasslands that stretch across Africa. Keane explains how the savannah is home to some of Africa's most iconic animals, such as lions, elephants, and giraffes. We see herds of wildebeest migrating across the land, and the predators that wait patiently for an opportunity to hunt. The episode also explores the complex social behaviors of elephants and the unique adaptations of giraffes.

The second episode, "Desert", takes viewers to the arid regions of Africa. Keane explains how the desert can actually be a thriving ecosystem for animals such as meerkats, ostriches, and hyenas. The episode also showcases the unique adaptations of creatures such as sandgrouse and oryx that have evolved to survive in the unforgiving landscape.

The third episode, "Forest", explores the dense jungles of Central Africa. With footage of gorillas, chimpanzees, and forest elephants, the show highlights the incredible biodiversity of the region. Keane also discusses the threats facing the forests, such as illegal logging and poaching, and the efforts being made to protect them.

The final episode, "Coast", takes viewers to the coastline of Africa, where the land meets the sea. Keane explains how the ocean is crucial to the survival of Africa's wildlife, from the fish that sustain local communities to the marine mammals that live offshore. The episode also showcases the incredible migrations of humpback whales and the unique behaviors of creatures such as the Cape gannet.

Throughout the series, Keane highlights the importance of conservation efforts to protect Africa's wildlife and their habitats. He also brings attention to the challenges faced by local communities who rely on the land and its resources for their livelihoods.

Overall, Wild Africa is a visually stunning and informative documentary series that captures the awe-inspiring beauty of Africa's landscape and wildlife. Keane's passionate commentary and in-depth knowledge of the region make for an engaging and enlightening viewing experience.

Wild Africa is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on November 7, 2001.

Wild Africa
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Lakes & Rivers
6. Lakes & Rivers
December 12, 2001
This final program gives an in-depth look at how water influences life on the continent. The rainfall in the northern mountains feeds the Nile, Congo, and Niger rivers, drawing animals from the surrounding arid lands. But these sources of life can also be a fearful place, as we see crocodiles attack buffalo, and hippos engage in fatal territorial battles. Meanwhile, see rare footage of thousands upon thousands of flamingos performing mating rituals in the East African lakes.
5. Jungle
December 5, 2001
Moving from the coasts to the Jungles, this episode takes you into the heart of the continent's rainforests along the equatorial line of Africa. From the killifish that hatch, grow, and breed in the footprint of an elephant to a wide variety of beautifully plumed parrots, this show gives close encounters with clever primates and elephants, too.
4. Coasts
November 28, 2001
Starting at the Cape of Good Hope, this episode of Wild Africa takes you on a journey around the coast of Africa, encountering plenty of land and sea dwelling creatures along the way. This episode features barracuda and devil rays, hippos and river hogs, even Cape fur seals and their predators, the deadly great white shark.
3. Deserts
November 21, 2001
Over half the continent of Africa is covered by desert, and this installment gives you an in-depth look at these arid environments. From the Sahara to the Namib Deserts, the animals living here must adapt unusual survival strategies. Elephants, meerkats, giraffes, and rhinos each have evolved to live in the deserts of Africa, cohabitating with Nile crocodiles and large camel trains.
2. Savannah
November 14, 2001
The savannah is home to some of the greatest herds on Earth, and in this episode, Wild Africa brings you close encounters with these animals. The savannah is Africa's youngest landscape, shaped by the weather and the animals themselves as the continent dried. It is now home to baboons, wildebeest, lions, cheetah, and aardvarks who must struggle through the eight-month dry season to survive.
1. Mountains
November 7, 2001
This episode looks at Africa's mountain ranges. From the giant mole rats of the Ethiopian Highlands to the Barbary Macaque monkeys of the Atlas Mountains, this episode gives a fascinating look at the mountains of Africa and the animals that inhabit them.
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Wild Africa is available for streaming on the BBC Earth website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Wild Africa on demand at Amazon, Vudu and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    November 7, 2001
  • IMDB Rating
    8.0  (410)