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This documentary series explores the stories behind some of humankind's most daring space-exploration missions. The series covers past, present and future missions and looks at the technology behind them, as well as the discoveries that they've enabled. Space's Deepest Secrets is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (73 episodes). The series first aired on April 26, 2016.

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7 Seasons, 73 Episodes
April 26, 2016
Cast: David O'Brien
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Space's Deepest Secrets Full Episode Guide

  • Generations of astronomers have attempted to solve the mysteries of Jupiter, the most fierce and extreme planet in the Solar System, and now experts reveal new evidence that could unlock the secrets of why this planet is so strange.

  • Across the Milky Way, galaxies are going dark, and scientists don't know why the stars are losing their shine; astronomers race against time to uncover the truth behind how galaxies are born and how they die before all of the lights go out.

  • NASA's brand-new Mars rover is on the hunt for alien life, and with the help of cutting-edge engineering, scientists embark on a search for fossilized remains, which might prove the Red Planet was once home to a vast ocean and extraterrestrial life.

  • A spacecraft captures the first close-up images of the dwarf planet Pluto.

  • The latest NASA missions to Mars might finally reveal if it is home to alien life, and using these brand-new discoveries, experts are rethinking everything they know about the Red Planet.

  • New discoveries reveal the apocalyptic consequences of an asteroid strike, and using cutting-edge science, experts are racing to develop tech that can destroy these deadly killers before they unleash Armageddon.

  • New discoveries reveal the apocalyptic threats that our Sun poses to life on Earth, and using the latest tech, experts are uncovering the deadly secrets of our solar system's star.

  • New discoveries may reveal how supermassive black holes are made. Experts are on the verge of understanding how these monsters grow and how they affect life on our planet.

  • New discoveries reveal the dark secrets of comets, and using the latest tech, experts might prove that these mysterious alien visitors are the reason for all life on earth.

  • Shocking new evidence has convinced some of the world's greatest physicists that the universe is a hologram, and using cutting-edge technology, they investigate the secrets of black holes and space-time to build the case for this game-changing discovery.

  • New evidence is rewriting the history of our solar system, and using the latest discoveries and cutting-edge tech, experts are investigating if our cosmic neighborhood once featured oversized alien Earths and a second Sun.

  • New discoveries are helping experts in their search for the first alien moon outside our solar system, which could be Earth-like worlds with the potential for life. So far, they haven't found any, but twenty-first-century methods might change everything.

  • Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are homes to the deadliest storms in our solar system, and new discoveries reveal the secrets of this hellish alien weather, helping experts understand these alien worlds better than ever.

  • The new discovery of seven alien Earth-like planets in a faraway solar system is a major milestone in our hunt for extraterrestrial life, and expert investigate the secrets of TRAPPIST-1's mysterious worlds to reveal if we're truly alone in the universe.

  • Last week, astronomers announced the discovery of the second fast radio burst signal, which could be hard evidence of extraterrestrial life. Alongside the very first FRB signal, these new discoveries challenge everything we know about the universe.