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What Could Possibly Go wrong is a scientific TV show about two scientists. The two scientists experiment with different scientific theories to investigate what could work and what does not work. The experiments in the show are from the internet. Most of the experiments have been done before and people failed. Therefore, the play aims to bring out what went wrong and how it can be corrected.

The aim of the show is to show how cool science is. However, they make a point of warning you against trying these experiments at home. This is because, if done wrong, the experiments could be a safety hazard to you and others and might even lead to death.

The TV show only picks the experiment fails that are funny. This show draws a fine line between the funny and the deathly experiment fails. Deathly experiment fails are not showcased here. Therefore, the viewers are always entertained.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Science
2 Seasons, 22 Episodes
February 7, 2015
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What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Full Episode Guide

  • Kevin and Grant modify a go-kart to beat a truck in a head-to-head drag race! They build a radio-controlled bowling ball so they can bowl strikes at will. And play paintball in the dark with homemade night vision goggles!

  • Kevin and Grant build a submarine and see if they can survive at the bottom of a pool, supersize wind-up cars, and see if you can use duct tape to stop a bullet.

  • Kevin and Grant build supersized Rock "˜Em Sock "˜Em Robots and face off in a no-holds-barred battle royale. They'll also find out if they can build a motorcycle with just one wheel, and what it takes to survive the perfect storm.

  • Motorcycle-powered chariots are constructed. Also: escaping from Alcatraz; and building a large air-hockey table.

  • Cars are equipped with armor and weapons for a no-holds-barred demolition derby. Also: building a lie detector; and a chainsaw-powered chairlift.

  • Kevin and Grant decide to build an ATV that can crash & flip -- and then land back on its wheels, then find the world's fastest way to chill a drink in under one minute, and play backyard astronaut in an attempt to send a camera to the edge of space.

  • The guys engineer a plan to survive a three-story fall without a parachute, try to escape the legendary powers of homemade quicksand, and build a massive squirt gun from recycled items in the garage.

  • Kevin and Grant build a homemade hydrofoil capable of hitting top speeds. Can they make it go so fast it glides over the water? The guys also learn if you can cook a steak with music, and whether they can build a table that can withstand an earthquake.

  • Kevin and Grant become monsters of the fairway when they turn a golf cart into a monster truck. The guys take on the science of Spider-Man when they engineer a way to scale a 50-foot wall. And they turn power tools into high speed racing machines.

  • Can Kevin and Grant build an amphibious motorcycle that drives on the water? In an ultra-scientific mini-golf competition, who can make the most holes-in-one? Plus, the guys live out a real-life video game when they build and race virtual reality drones.

  • A customized go-kart verses truck drag race; a bowling ball controlled by radio; and handmade night-vision glasses.

  • Kevin and Grant tackle three fast-and-furious summer-themed projects. How fast can a skateboard travel? Can they build the ultimate Slip'N Slide? What happens when you bring a motorcycle to a playground and create the world's scariest merry-go-round.

  • Kevin and Grant turn a blast of air into a massive ring of fire when they build a Vortex Cannon. They use magnets, superconductors, and quantum physics to send a Levitating Racer around a track. And make a frosty Bulletproof Glass mug to hold their beer.

  • Kevin and Grant tackle three audacious summer-themed projects. Can they make a 400-pound canoe float? Can you stop a speeding car without its brakes? Will the guys discover a beer trick that will make your summer cookout the party of the season.

  • Grant and Kevin soar to new heights with a Giant Paper Airplane that can fly over two hundred yards! They try to stop a moving car with no brakes using their James Bond Car Brake. And they use pneumatics to create the Ultimate Beer Delivery.

  • Kevin & Grant try to survive a 30mph ride through rough terrain in their Off-Road Soap Box Racers. The classic homemade Volcano gets supersized into a 3-stage eruption. Aerodynamics and a 46-year old gridiron record are challenged by a Football Cannon.

  • Kevin & Grant try to reach 30mph riding an makeshift Rocket Skateboard; a Catapult built from scraps is used in for a basketball shooting competition; Kevin believes the power of buoyancy will float a 400lb Concrete Canoe.

  • Kevin and Grant put their skills to the test when building a homemade hovercraft capable of crossing land and sea; getting a merry-go-round to produce Top Gun G-forces.

  • While examining the principles of armor design, Grant and Kevin challenge each other to lawnmower jousting for backyard glory; the guys try a water-, shock- and bullet-resistant cell phone case.

  • Kevin & Grant hit the streets to make the fastest Motorized Trike! They turn a childhood game into a risky test of distance and accuracy with their Uber Water Slide. The rapid-fire action of a Meatball Gatling Gun takes culinary arts to a new level.

  • Things get explosive when Kevin & Grant push the physics of flight to build the ultimate Trash Can Rocket! TV parts, the Sun's power and ingenuity produce a Solar Powered Death Ray. Fenders bend when the guys try to execute a perfect Power Slide.

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