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  • 2015
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.4  (216)

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? is an American television show that aired on the Science channel from 2015 to 2016. The show stars Kevin T. Moore and Grant Reynolds, who explore the science behind various experiments and stunts. The series is all about pushing the limits and trying things that seem impossible while explaining the science behind everything they do.

The show features a multitude of experiments, ranging from building homemade rockets to testing out new gadgets and ideas. Kevin and Grant are often seen setting things on fire, launching objects into the air, and generally engaging in various acts of scientific mischief.

Each episode features a different theme, with Kevin and Grant taking on new challenges and projects related to that theme. For example, one episode sees them exploring the world of extreme sports, where they test out various equipment and gear to see how they hold up under pressure. Another episode features them building a makeshift submarine to explore the depths of a nearby lake.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? is not your typical science show, as it features a unique blend of humor and hijinks along with the scientific exploration. Kevin and Grant's on-screen banter and chemistry keep the show lively and engaging, as they approach each challenge with a mix of enthusiasm and skepticism.

Throughout the series, viewers get to learn about a variety of scientific concepts and principles, such as Newton's Laws of Motion and basic chemistry. Kevin and Grant do an excellent job of explaining these ideas in layman's terms, making them accessible and easy to understand for anyone watching.

Moreover, What Could Possibly Go Wrong? catches the viewer's attention by showcasing the wonders of science, demonstrating how it can be fun, exciting, and sometimes even dangerous. These experiments involve a lot of trial and error, which often results in some disastrous and sometimes surprisingly successful results.

Despite the show's name, Kevin and Grant are not out to intentionally cause havoc or harm. Instead, their primary goal is to use their scientific knowledge to create unique and exciting experiences, while also helping viewers learn about the science behind them.

In conclusion, What Could Possibly Go Wrong? is an entertaining and educational show that appeals to both the young and old. Kevin T. Moore and Grant Reynolds' antics keep viewers on the edge of their seats while they explore the world of science. The show's infectious energy and love for experimentation are sure to inspire viewers to take a closer look at the world around them and to never stop asking, "What could possibly go wrong?"

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on February 7, 2015.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
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Kingpins of Chaos
10. Kingpins of Chaos
September 30, 2015
Kevin and Grant modify a go-kart to beat a truck in a head-to-head drag race! They build a radio-controlled bowling ball so they can bowl strikes at will. And play paintball in the dark with homemade night vision goggles!
Uss Scrapyard Submarine
9. Uss Scrapyard Submarine
September 30, 2015
Kevin and Grant build a submarine and see if they can survive at the bottom of a pool, supersize wind-up cars, and see if you can use duct tape to stop a bullet.
Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Revenge
8. Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Revenge
September 23, 2015
Kevin and Grant build supersized Rock "˜Em Sock "˜Em Robots and face off in a no-holds-barred battle royale. They'll also find out if they can build a motorcycle with just one wheel, and what it takes to survive the perfect storm.
Motorcycle Chariots
7. Motorcycle Chariots
September 16, 2015
Motorcycle-powered chariots are constructed. Also: escaping from Alcatraz; and building a large air-hockey table.
Armored Car Combat
6. Armored Car Combat
September 9, 2015
Cars are equipped with armor and weapons for a no-holds-barred demolition derby. Also: building a lie detector; and a chainsaw-powered chairlift.
Raiders of the Lost Keg
5. Raiders of the Lost Keg
September 6, 2015
Kevin and Grant decide to build an ATV that can crash & flip -- and then land back on its wheels, then find the world's fastest way to chill a drink in under one minute, and play backyard astronaut in an attempt to send a camera to the edge of space.
Quicksand Quagmire
4. Quicksand Quagmire
September 2, 2015
The guys engineer a plan to survive a three-story fall without a parachute, try to escape the legendary powers of homemade quicksand, and build a massive squirt gun from recycled items in the garage.
Quake, Rattle, And Roll
3. Quake, Rattle, And Roll
August 26, 2015
Kevin and Grant build a homemade hydrofoil capable of hitting top speeds. Can they make it go so fast it glides over the water? The guys also learn if you can cook a steak with music, and whether they can build a table that can withstand an earthquake.
Monster Truck Golf Cart
2. Monster Truck Golf Cart
August 19, 2015
Kevin and Grant become monsters of the fairway when they turn a golf cart into a monster truck. The guys take on the science of Spider-Man when they engineer a way to scale a 50-foot wall. And they turn power tools into high speed racing machines.
Game of Drones
1. Game of Drones
August 12, 2015
Can Kevin and Grant build an amphibious motorcycle that drives on the water? In an ultra-scientific mini-golf competition, who can make the most holes-in-one? Plus, the guys live out a real-life video game when they build and race virtual reality drones.
Special: Kingpins of Chaos
100. Special: Kingpins of Chaos
November 28, 2015
A customized go-kart verses truck drag race; a bowling ball controlled by radio; and handmade night-vision glasses.
Holiday Special
101. Holiday Special
November 28, 2015
Kevin and Grant get in the Holiday spirit and attempt to construct a sleigh that can actually fly. Also, they devise a way to parachute presents and attempt to build a cannon capable of quickly decorating a Christmas tree.
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  • Premiere Date
    February 7, 2015
  • IMDB Rating
    6.4  (216)