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This docuseries travels around the world to explore massive man-made structures that have been left behind by society. Destinations include abandoned factories, huge infrastructure projects, and entire cities that are no longer inhabited. The series airs on the Science cable network.

Mysteries of the Abandoned is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (79 episodes). The series first aired on April 20, 2017.

Where do I stream Mysteries of the Abandoned online? Mysteries of the Abandoned is available for streaming on Science, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Mysteries of the Abandoned on demand at Philo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV, Science Channel online.

8 Seasons, 79 Episodes
April 20, 2017
Documentary & Biography, Drama, History, Mystery
Cast: Kasper Michaels, Andrew Gough, Rob Bell, Saul David
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Mysteries of the Abandoned Full Episode Guide

  • The remnants of a classified military wasteland and the ghostly remains of a remote Kentucky mining town are now forgotten ruins; experts investigate the secrets of these secluded facilities to uncover how they were built and why they were abandoned.

  • The desolate fortress of history's most infamous drug lord and a battle-scarred ruin in the Middle East contain a violent past; experts investigate the secrets of these mysterious compounds to uncover how they were built and why they were abandoned.

  • The ruins of a historic Scottish castle are now a bewitching wilderness of hidden dangers with deadly booby traps obscured afoot; experts and historians reveal a bygone Second World War military hospital with bizarre ties to an infamous Nazi occupant.

  • Abandoned hangers and bunkers populate a bizarre facility in the middle of nowhere, but among them are other structures whose purpose are oddly obscured; experts investigate a highly-classified military cover-up with extraterrestrial objectives.

  • A battle-scarred ruin in the Middle East is evidence of espionage that resulted in tremendous violence on a vast scale; experts expose the truth behind the strange building that holds the secrets of one of the world's most infamous deceptions.

  • A complex of tall, windowless buildings in the American Rust Belt holds the secrets to a lost empire of industry and wealth; experts investigate these mysterious structures to reveal why this once powerful metropolis is now home to abandoned ruins.

  • The haunting remnants of a settlement in the Nevada desert lie scattered with decaying machinery and remain trapped in a bizarre time-warp; experts uncover a forgotten mine where dreams of discovering a fortune were met with chaos and murder.

  • Ghostly remnants of a beautifully constructed town in the remote backwoods of Kentucky suggests a forgotten tale of utter catastrophe and devastation; experts investigate and uncover the dark and oppressive history of a deadly industrial mining complex.

  • A deserted facility in the remote countryside features mysterious graffiti that may be highly advanced mathematical equations pointing to a dark secret; experts investigate this classified military wasteland with a deadly past.

  • Experts examine the secrets behind some iconic abandoned places.

  • Deep in the wilderness of the American south, a long-abandoned amusement park is home to secrets of a forgotten, imaginary world. When experts investigate, they reveal why this bizarre place was built and what caused its downfall.

  • An underground labyrinth once used by a secret police force could warp the mind and turn friend into foe; experts turn up new evidence pointing to madness, murder, and mayhem, revealing what happened in these cursed tunnels and why it was abandoned.

  • An eerie set of buildings in Paris is evidence of an unspeakable evil; new discoveries reveal the horrific things that happened here, and why they were abandoned.

  • The ruins of an abandoned prison are evidence of a chaotic riot that put the prisoners in charge; special access to its burnt-out interior reveal how inmates took over Ireland's Alcatraz and why it is deserted today.

  • A massive, alien-like fortress built into a mountainside is the central node to a network of pipelines that race outwards like tentacles; behind-the-scenes access reveals the secrets of why this strange complex was built and why it was abandoned.

  • Abandoned towers in southern Greece are the ruins of a fearsome warrior civilization descended from the Spartans, and new discoveries reveal the role these towers played during generations of violent blood feuds among the clans that lived here.

  • An abandoned castle is the site of hundreds of horrific murders perpetrated by the mysterious countess who once lived there. She's alleged to be one of the most prolific killers in history. New discoveries reveal what happened here.

  • A strange bunker near the Kennedy Space Center once served a top-secret military function should doomsday ever come to the Sunshine State; experts use declassified intel to reveal the sinister purpose of this forbidding facility and why it was abandoned.

  • An island of dense jungle is home to an abandoned complex with a dark past of bloodshed and rebellion, and new discoveries at this deserted place reveal why it was built and the gruesome circumstances of its downfall.

  • An abandoned industrial complex on the shores of Lake Michigan was once a top-secret military compound that protected America from enemy attacks; new discoveries reveal what really happened here and why the government turned its back on this juggernaut.

  • In a remote Louisiana swamp, the ruins of a massive industrial operation suggest that something evil once happened here, and new discoveries at this eerie site reveal what these abandoned buildings were for and why they were deserted.

  • Sites that have been laid to waste by destructive forces take center stage, but incredible human stories of struggle and survival come to the fore. Crossing the globe, the episode features a deserted Caribbean city partly buried in a mysterious substance, Indonesian villages swallowed by the earth, Taiwanese temples turned to rubble, an American ghost-town that still burns today, and an otherworldly landscape in eastern Africa that proved too hard to tame. Some of these fell victim to the power of mother nature, yet others were brought down by the hubris of mankind.