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  • 2017
  • 11 Seasons
  • 7.4  (692)

Mysteries of the Abandoned is a television series that originally premiered in 2017 on the Science Channel. The show explores some of the world's most fascinating abandoned places, delving into the history of how and why they were built, and examining the mysterious circumstances that led to them being abandoned.

Each episode is hosted by Steven Kearney, Dominic Selwood, and Michele Mitchell, who travel to remote locations across the globe to explore deserted structures and buildings, from abandoned cities to forgotten industrial facilities. Every site is a puzzle waiting to be solved, and the hosts use their expertise in engineering, architecture, and history to uncover the secrets hidden within.

Steven Kearney is a mechanical engineer who has worked on a variety of large-scale infrastructure projects, from designing bridges to working on Formula One race cars. Throughout the show, he uses his knowledge and experience in engineering to help explain how these abandoned structures were built, and how they may have functioned during their prime.

Dominic Selwood is a historian, archaeologist, and writer, who has spent many years researching and studying the history of ancient civilizations. In the series, he uses his expertise to explore the cultural and historical significance of the abandoned sites, and to provide context for the people and governments who built and operated them.

Finally, Michele Mitchell is a filmmaker and journalist, who has won numerous awards for her work covering global conflict and human rights issues. During the series, she helps to uncover the stories of the people who lived and worked in these abandoned places, and to shed light on the often-tragic events that led to their downfall.

Each episode of Mysteries of the Abandoned takes viewers on a journey through the history of one or more abandoned sites. The hosts begin by surveying the area from above, using drones and other aerial technology to capture stunning footage of these forgotten structures. They then make their way inside, exploring the ruins and trying to piece together the story of what happened there.

Some of the locations explored in the series include an abandoned missile base in the Ukraine, a deserted island castle off the coast of Scotland, and a forgotten tunnel system underneath the city of Naples. Each episode is filled with fascinating nuggets of information, such as the fact that the missile base was built to withstand a direct nuclear strike, or that the castle was once inhabited by a notorious 18th-century pirate.

Throughout the series, the hosts encounter a range of challenges, from harsh weather conditions to structural instability, as they attempt to unravel the secrets of each abandoned site. They must also contend with the dangers of exploring these places, often finding themselves in dark, cramped passageways or standing on the edge of crumbling cliffs.

Overall, Mysteries of the Abandoned is a thrilling and informative series that will appeal to anyone interested in history, engineering, or architecture. The hosts are charismatic and knowledgeable, and the abandoned sites themselves are both beautiful and haunting. Whether exploring abandoned cities or forgotten military installations, this show leaves viewers with a renewed sense of curiosity about the world and its mysterious past.

Mysteries of the Abandoned is a series that is currently running and has 11 seasons (132 episodes). The series first aired on April 20, 2017.

Mysteries of the Abandoned
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Gangbusters and Gun Battles
15. Gangbusters and Gun Battles
December 8, 2023
A building in Colorado is still marked with bullet holes from a Wild West shootout between union members and state militia; the ruins of the old mining town tell the heated story of a labor dispute that ended in sabotage and murder.
Gunslingers and Gangsters
14. Gunslingers and Gangsters
December 1, 2023
Notorious gunslinger John Dillinger once pulled off a daring escape from this unassuming jail; today, the story of his clash with Indiana's first female sheriff and his dramatic getaway continues to fascinate the public...
Korea's Joan of Arc
13. Korea's Joan of Arc
November 24, 2023
A teenage girl in Korea is martyred in prison and becomes a national hero; the facility where she was held stands in remembrance of her bravery and the Korean struggle for independence...
The Ruins of Archaeopolis
12. The Ruins of Archaeopolis
November 10, 2023
This decaying fortress once stood between the Ancient Roman and Persian Empires; though the stronghold's location attracted great wealth, it also attracted attention from unfriendly neighbors...
Hell Island
11. Hell Island
November 3, 2023
On a picturesque island off the coast of Brazil, this penal colony was once the site of a dramatic prisoner uprising; among the ruins lies the story of the violent rebellion and the recapturing of the island by military forces...
The Ruins of Troy
10. The Ruins of Troy
October 27, 2023
In modern-day Turkey, on the coast of the Aegean Sea, archaeologists discovered hilltop ruins that are believed to be the site of one of the world's most enduring stories -- the legend of Troy and the Trojan Horse...
The Montauk Conspiracy
9. The Montauk Conspiracy
October 3, 2023
Conspiracies swirl around an abandoned military base in Long Island, where it's alleged that covert government experiments took place underground. Experts discuss the critical role that the base played in defending America's coastline by both air and sea.
Turkish Wonderland
8. Turkish Wonderland
August 2, 2023
In the Turkish capital of Ankara, an ambitious new theme park is plagued by budget problems, mechanical issues and political conflicts before ultimately being shuttered. Decaying rides and old dinosaurs stand as symbols of excess on the city skyline.
Fake News Fortress
7. Fake News Fortress
July 19, 2023
Graffiti scratched into the walls of a military base on the British coast sheds light on a secret raid against the Nazis; the story left behind by the soldiers does not match the rosy picture that was painted by the media...
Blues Prison
6. Blues Prison
July 12, 2023
Formerly known as one of the toughest prisons in America, this massive complex was once home to medical experiments and a chaotic hostage situation; it's better remembered as the setting for the iconic opening scene of "The Blues Brothers."
The True Cross
5. The True Cross
July 5, 2023
In a California desert, a once glittering Hollywood hotspot gets converted into a top-secret interrogation center for POWs; before being shuttered, this high-tech facility gathered reams of valuable wartime intelligence...
K-Pop Dreamland
4. K-Pop Dreamland
June 28, 2023
This Seoul amusement park is full of rusted-out rides and unfinished renovations. Forced to close due to financial problems, the park has found a second life after being used as the setting of K-pop album covers and music videos.
Rock 'N' Roll Island
3. Rock 'N' Roll Island
June 21, 2023
This Caribbean mecca for rock legends was envisioned by famous Beatles producer George Martin; although many legendary records were made there, the studio had to close after a series of natural disasters rocked the small island.
Castle Kingdom
2. Castle Kingdom
June 14, 2023
Half-built castles stand as a whimsical reminder of a neighborhood that was supposed to feature thermal baths and panoramic views; the ambitious project came to an abrupt halt when the construction company began to face financial difficulties.
Penthouse Palace
1. Penthouse Palace
June 14, 2023
A porn baron establishes a hedonistic paradise to avert nuclear catastrophe - attracting rich and infamous clients in the process.
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  • Premiere Date
    April 20, 2017
  • IMDB Rating
    7.4  (692)