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In this entertainment series, a panel of hosts takes a look at videos in which strange things appear to have happened and then try to figure out an explanation. Airing on the Science cable network, the series aims to come up with credible explanations for incidents that aren't paranormal.

Strange Evidence is a Mystery, Reality series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (44 episodes). The series first aired on October 17, 2017. It has mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 4.3.

Strange Evidence is available for streaming on the Science website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Strange Evidence on demand at Philo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Science Channel, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

4 Seasons, 44 Episodes
October 17, 2017
Mystery, Reality
Cast: Matt Kutcher, Sian Proctor
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Strange Evidence Full Episode Guide

  • When cameras capture footage of a man who appears to lay an egg, some experts wonder if it's evidence that scientists created a human-reptile mutant through gene manipulation; using cutting-edge tech, investigators put this horrifying theory to the test.

  • After cameras capture footage of a UFO over Las Vegas, officials claim it's just a meteor, but some suspect something far stranger; using cutting-edge tech, experts investigate if it's evidence of an alien visit or a top-secret military project.

  • When cameras capture footage of a strange, human-sized egg floating in Arctic waters, some experts wonder if it's evidence of alien life; using cutting-edge technology, investigators try to reveal the true origins of this unexplained discovery.

  • Experts suspect the origins of a strange blob caught on camera in the Amazon jungle.

  • When cameras capture footage of a massive, never-before-seen sea creature in mysterious waters near Japan, some experts wonder if it's an undiscovered underwater monster; using cutting-edge tech, investigators hunt for this beast of the deep.

  • When cameras capture footage of a highway swarmed with snake-like creatures and an unexplained ooze, experts investigate the origins of these alien creatures; the latest tech reveals where they came from and their top-secret purpose.

  • Cameras capture something shocking in a cemetery: empty graves, as if the dead walked out in the middle of the night; using cutting-edge tech, experts investigate what's behind this apparent evidence of zombie activity.

  • Cameras capture footage of a swam of millions of strange creatures invading a church. Some wonder if it's evidence of a grisly secret buried in the ground below; using cutting-edge tech, experts investigate the threat this insect army poses.

  • When cameras record a strange creature in the wilderness perform an incredible feat of strength, some suspect it's hard proof of Bigfoot; using cutting-edge science, experts investigate if they've discovered the spawn of Sasquatch and Iron Man.

  • A strange, dried-out creature washes ashore downriver from a nuclear power plant, leading some experts to suspect it's the mummified corpse of a mutant. Using the latest science and tech, this incredible theory is put to the test.

  • When a ghostly encounter in a cemetery is caught on camera, experts use cutting-edge tech and the latest science to investigate if something paranormal is at play.

  • When a mysterious fog and a huge explosion strike at once, some suspect a napalm attack on American soil, but using cutting-edge tech, experts find that the truth could be more dangerous than ever imagined.

  • When footage of a strange deep-sea vessel is uncovered, experts wonder if its evidence of an autonomous alien craft sent to explore earth, and using cutting-edge tech, investigators follow the clues to an unexpected explanation.

  • When something strange is recorded flying in Mexico, some wonder if it's a witch reputed to kidnap children, others believe it's evidence of a new way to smuggle drugs or top-secret technology; the latest science helps experts investigate the truth.

  • On a Native American reservation in Utah, evidence of a man transforming into an animal is caught on camera, and some experts ask if it's proof of a Skinwalker, a legendary evil creature that can shapeshift into a deadly beast.

  • When a massive plume of smoke suddenly erupts from the ground in Manhattan, experts investigate if this terrifying event is evidence of a volcano that's waking up beneath the streets of New York City -- and if it's almost due to blow.

  • A bizarre, alien skeleton is found in an abandoned compound in the Himalayas. Some speculate that it's the corpse of a newly-dead dinosaur. Using cutting-edge tech, experts investigate if it's evidence of a top-secret Jurassic Park.

  • In Egypt, a freakish animal is caught on camera, and using cutting-edge tech, experts investigate if this strange beast could explain the secrets of a satanic deity that was once believed to have been worshiped here

  • Experts examine if there is an interdimensional conspiracy at play beneath the Colombian jungle.

  • Using cutting-edge science, experts investigate a nightmarish phenomenon caught on camera, as eyewitnesses fear an alien invasion.