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  • 2019
  • 1 Season
  • 6.4  (92)

Strange World is a thrilling and captivating TV series that premiered on the Travel Channel in 2019. The show is hosted by renowned paranormal investigator Christopher P. Garetano, treasure hunter Ron LeBlanc, and psychic medium Tristan Riggs. Together, they set out to explore some of the world's most mysterious and unexplained phenomena, delving into the unknown and the paranormal in their quest for the truth.

Each episode of Strange World takes the viewer on a compelling journey to exotic locations, where the hosts investigate legends, ghost stories, and urban myths. The show is a perfect blend of science, history, and entertainment as the hosts employ advanced technology and scientific methods to uncover the mysteries of the unknown.

The series kicks off with an episode that explores the infamous Mothman of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The team investigates the sightings of a winged creature that was reportedly seen by locals in the late 1960s. They talk to eyewitnesses, researchers, and enthusiasts to piece together the Mothman's legend, and investigate the possible explanations behind the sightings.

In other episodes, the team travels to different parts of the world in search of the paranormal. They visit the deserts of Arizona to investigate reports of extraterrestrial activity at a military base, and they explore the forests of Romania in search of the legendary vampire Dracula. Other episodes take them to locations like Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, and the catacombs beneath Paris, where they explore the unexplained and the paranormal.

One of the highlights of Strange World is the use of advanced technology to investigate paranormal occurrences. The team employs thermal imaging, electromagnetic field detection equipment, and night-vision cameras to capture evidence of the paranormal. They also use drones to explore remote locations, and they employ the latest scientific methods to analyze data and identify patterns in the paranormal. This focus on science and technology sets Strange World apart from other paranormal series, as it provides a more scientific and rational approach to the paranormal.

Another unique aspect of Strange World is the host's varied expertise. Christopher P. Garetano is an accomplished filmmaker who has previously explored the paranormal in his award-winning documentary Horror Business. Ron LeBlanc is a treasure hunter who has spent decades exploring the world's most remote locations in search of treasure. Tristan Riggs is a psychic medium who uses his abilities to communicate with spirits and unearth hidden secrets. Together, the hosts bring a diverse range of skills and perspectives to the investigation of the paranormal, making Strange World a truly unique and compelling show.

Overall, Strange World is a fascinating and entertaining series that appeals to anyone interested in the paranormal, science, and history. The show's mix of science and technology, history and legend, and thrilling storytelling makes it a must-watch for anyone interested in the unknown. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, Strange World is sure to entertain and intrigue, taking viewers on an unforgettable journey into the unexplained.

Strange World is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on August 11, 2019.

Strange World
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Demon Time
8. Demon Time
September 30, 2019
Independent filmmaker Christopher Garetano seeks closure to his own personal nightmares as he investigates the phenomena that haunts our world in the dead of night.
7. Overlords
September 23, 2019
Independent filmmaker Christopher Garetano takes a close look at the ever-increasing world of automation as he investigates whether artificial intelligence will become humanity's greatest ally -- or its biggest biggest existential threat.
Beyond Stargate
6. Beyond Stargate
September 16, 2019
Independent filmmaker Christopher Garetano explores the US government's programs -- past and present -- that seek to create the perfect supersoldier.
5. DeadLands
September 9, 2019
Independent filmmaker Christopher Garetano searches for evidence of cursed lands. His journey for answers leads him to a town tormented by spirits of the past and an abandoned amusement park with a horrific legacy of death and unexplained accidents.
Little Bastard
4. Little Bastard
September 2, 2019
In 1955, Hollywood star James Dean died behind the wheel of his new Porsche 550 Spyder racecar. The fiery crash gave birth to two legends - Dean's prowess as an actor and of a cursed car the 24-year-old liked to call Little Bastard. Wherever parts of Little Bastard showed up, astonishing and morbid accidents followed. Finally, after appearing at an auto show in Florida, the Porsche was boxed up in a trailer and driven back to Los Angeles. Yet when the contained trailer arrived in Hollywood, Little Bastard had somehow vanished. Christopher Garetano grew up on Dean's films and now feels compelled to launch an investigation into the curse that followed the Porsche 550 Spyder after Dean's death. Garetano is on a hunt for the car, hoping to determine if an inanimate object can be cursed.
Without a Trace
3. Without a Trace
August 25, 2019
Christopher Garetano heads to northern California to investigate the supernatural lore surrounding Mount Shasta. He searches for answers about the countless unexplained disappearances in and around the mysterious mountain.
Game Over
2. Game Over
August 18, 2019
More than 160 million Americans, roughly half the population, have at least one gaming console in their home. But are video games pure entertainment or are there darker forces at work? Could the games be reprogramming our minds? Christopher Garetano is on a mission to find out if our love affair with video games is being used against us. His investigation starts in Portland, Oregon, with the urban legend of Polybius, said to be the most dangerous arcade game ever played. He meets a futurist with a mind-blowing theory -- that we're all living inside a game simulation like "The Matrix." Garetano's quest goes from past to present, questioning the future of gaming and the nature of reality itself. But fair warning: the next time you turn on a game console, you'd better think twice - you may be the one getting played.
Zombie Boys
1. Zombie Boys
August 11, 2019
Garetano is on a mission to prove that gruesome human research secretly occurred beneath a former military base on the eastern tip of Long Island, New York. For over a decade, Garetano investigated what's known as the "Montauk Project," an alleged government mind-control experiment that supposedly abducted young men. In these experiments, the men were subjected to torture, LSD testing and electromagnetic energy to break their minds - all in a nefarious, coordinated effort to create super soldiers. Now, Garetano returns to Montauk to discover new evidence that proves these mind-control experiments happened. Garetano conducts fresh interviews and obtains never-before-seen footage. Then, Garetano goes further, subjecting himself to similar mind experimentation as experienced by the original victims.
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Strange World is available for streaming on the Travel Channel website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Strange World on demand at Philo.
  • Premiere Date
    August 11, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    6.4  (92)