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A crime thriller, Murder Book is the story of a police detective who is facing Internal Affairs and on his way off the police force. He had previously been called a hot-shot detective for solving two cases involving serial killers. Murder Book has the detective called in to the scene of another murder which parallels the two serial killer murders he has solved before. He must solve this crime which involves social media as the single link between all the victims.

The detective on the ropes with Internal Affairs is a broken down man whose job is on the line. Solving serial killings is difficult and he needs to do it.

Murder Book is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (23 episodes). The series first aired on December 2, 2014.

Where do I stream Murder Book online? Murder Book is available for streaming on Investigation Discovery, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Murder Book on demand at Amazon Prime, Hulu, Google Play, Apple TV online.

Tuesdays at 9:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery
2 Seasons, 23 Episodes
December 2, 2014
Crime Drama Mystery Reality
Cast: Geoff Pierson
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Murder Book Full Episode Guide

  • The investigation into the disappearance of a 71-year-old Korean War veteran near Upland, Cal., is recounted.

  • When a young woman suddenly vanishes while trying to repair a flat tire, investigators put together the pieces of a dark and heinous crime.

  • When a local retiree vanishes without a trace, his daughter teams up with investigators to solve the mystery behind his disappearance, and eventually bring the person responsible to justice.

  • Thirty years after a young wife and mother is murdered, her adult children convince a rookie detective to take up the case. With fresh eyes on the old files, the young investigator finds a clue that helps unlock an old family secret.

  • In 1988, racing legend Mickey Thompson and his wife Trudy are gunned down in front of their Southern California home. After nearly two decades of cat and mouse, cold case investigators bring the case to a close and put a smug killer behind bars.

  • When store clerk Marie Dupe is stabbed to death, the evidence leads to a dead-end. Eight years later, detectives stage an elaborate sting to get the truth, straight from the killer's mouth.

  • In 2002, a speed boat rams a fishing boat with three teens on it. When one of victims dies from his injuries, two Texas Game Wardens become unlikely homicide investigators in a case spanning eight years.

  • A popular bartender at a neighborhood pub in Florida is killed in a late-night burglary gone wrong, and it takes investigators almost two decades to catch the culprit and turn his own lies against him.

  • After two young men disappear on a hunting trip, investigators uncover the dark truth about what happened to them and who was responsible.

  • When a Florida man is found dead from a vicious attack, the hot pursuit of a man seen fleeing the scene comes up short. Nearly twenty years later, a fresh look at old evidence helps cold case investigators put a name to the killer.

  • In police stations everywhere, there is a library of binders containing detailed information about gruesome murders. Each of them contains the spirit of their victim waiting for the day that someone will finally catch their killer.

  • A Jonesville, NC policeman is found dead on the side of the road after pursuing a suspicious vehicle out of town. Years after the trail for his killer goes cold, a veteran investigator is pulled out of retirement to close the fallen officer's case.

  • A steel drum is unearthed with the remains of a young pregnant woman inside. With some old-fashioned sleuthing, investigators are able to identify their victim, bring a cowardly killer to justice, and close the book on a decades-old mystery.

  • A mummified corpse is found in Illinois in 1985. Investigators name him “Marvin the Mummy,” and struggle to find answers about him. Finally, in 2008, the puzzle is solved, the mummy is identified, and his history reveals a twisted tale of murder.

  • When 14-year-old Greg Holman fails to show up for dinner at his home in Arizona in 1977, investigators are taken on a homicide case that would stump them for nearly 30 years.

  • After two women and a baby are found murdered in a burning house in Michigan, police spend more than 30 years trying to bring the killer to justice.

  • When a beloved husband and father is found murdered in his truck, police are stumped as to who would want him dead. Was it a random act of violence or an act of vengeance?

  • A countrywide manhunt for a killer who shot two on-duty police officers comes to a shocking conclusion 46 years after the crime.

  • A double-homicide investigation ends with unexpected results.

  • After two women are killed on the same dirt road, police know the murders are related, but can't find the killer. When a third attack occurs, investigators finally get the information they need to solve the case.

  • A man is murdered in his home and a young girl sees the killer leave, but it will take 30 years to solve the case.

  • A series of detectives devote 30 years to solving the brutal rape and murder of a high school student.

  • Cold case detectives track a sadistic killer suspected in the deaths and disappearances of at least two women, and find his secret log of murder.