Wild New World

Wild New World is a television series that explores the Ice Age and its impact on North America. The series looks closely at many questions concerning the animals, people, and plants that inhabited North American over fourteen thousand years ago. The extinction of the animals and plants during the Ice Age is one of the mysteries explored in this wonderful documentary. In one of the episodes viewers get a chance to see what the landscape looked like and they also get to explore possible causes for the end of the Ice Age in North America. Getting a chance to explore the evidence of fossils from this era is another important focus of this great series.

BBC Earth
1 Season, 6 Episodes
October 3, 2002
Wild New World

Wild New World Full Episode Guide

  • Why did many species of mammals become extinct at the end of America's Ice Age, 13,000 years ago? The final film examines the evidence and looks at how the survivors have adapted to the altered landscape of North America - 21st century mouse roam through downtown Anchorage while burrowing owls raise young in Silicon Valley.

  • America's Ice Age plains were home to an abundance of wild beasts - cheetahs pursued antelopes at over 60mph, packs of wolves overpowered two-ton bison, and a giant short-faced bear challenged prides of American lions for their prey.

  • At the end of the last Ice Age, the collapse of an ice dam in the New World triggered a rush of water that created a waterfall of epic proportions. New research suggests that the first people to arrive in America were hunters who travelled by boat, while the animal population of the time included such creatures as the elephant-like mastodon and its biggest predator, the scimitar-toothed cat.

  • Among the creatures that inhabited Florida at the time of the first human visitations were giant ground sloths, and armored glyptodonts the size of a small car.

  • America's South West was a land of extremes where herbivores such as mammoths and ground sloths sheltered in the Grand Canyon caves, while cougars pursued bighorn sheep and mountain goats on the cliffs above.

  • During a typical prehistoric day, a giant short-faced bear challenges a herd of musk oxen, and woolly mammoths defend their baby from American lions.

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