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"Wild Kratts" is a children s television show like no other that teaches children all kinds of interesting information about wild animals. Two brothers, Martin and Chris and their friends go on these amazing adventures to rescue a wide variety of wild animals. In these adventures Chris and Martin come across a wild animal that is needing help either by a villain, human interference or separation. They learn all about the animals like what they eat, their habits, what features of their bodies are used for, and if they are a predator or non-predator.

For example, Martin and Chris go on an adventure only to find that a baby animal has been separated from its mother. So they go about figuring out how they can reunite the mother and baby animal. On some of their adventures their is a villian either Zach or Donita and her henchman Dabio that are attempting to capture the animals for their own evil schemes. Donita is a fashionista that bosses Dabio around in order to catch the animals so that she can use the animals for her latest fashion idea.

In all these adventures their friend Aviva, creates a creature power suit that resembles the animal they are attempting to rescue and all the amazing features that the animals possess. The power suit is then delivered by their friend Jimmy, who is whiz with a joy stick making him an expert pilot. The power suit is then put on by either Chris or Mark and then enables them to assist the animal that they are rescuing or by foiling the villain's plans.

Wild Kratts is a very captivating television show that shares tons of interesting knowledge about all kinds of wild animals. The show with its portrayal of the villains helps children to understand to respect the amazing creatures in this world by leaving them in their own habitat.

Wild Kratts is a series that is currently running and has 19 seasons (153 episodes). The series first aired on January 3, 2011.

Where do I stream Wild Kratts online? Wild Kratts is available for streaming on PBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Wild Kratts on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Hoopla, Apple TV online.

19 Seasons, 153 Episodes
January 3, 2011
Cast: Chris Kratt, Martin Kratt, Jonathan Malen, Athena Karkanis
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Wild Kratts Full Episode Guide

  • The Wild Kratts are coloring eggs for Easter when the brothers think it would be a fun adventure to find the real Easter bunny! Chris thinks it's the snowshoe hare, while Martin thinks it's the jackrabbit. They decide to split up, with Chris going north and Martin search of the Easter Bunny!

  • While flying over the Amazon rainforest, the gang share a bowl of colorful jelly beans. Martin tells them that the jelly beans remind him of parrots. This confuses everybody until he says it's because parrots come in almost every color. Soon, the bros are off on a creature mission to find as many colorful parrots as they can in the Amazon.

  • The Wild Kratts are creature adventuring in the amazon when they accidentally get miniaturized. A mischievous monkey makes off with the Miniaturizer and the team must rely on the creature powers of the poison frog and go on a wild froggyback ride to rescue the Miniaturizer...or stay mini-sized forever!

  • When Chris sets up a massive cross-country race in the North, each Wild Kratts team member must set off across the tundra with little more than one form of transportation and a small pack of gear. Along the way, each team is both helped and hindered by the greatest northern cross-country traveler of all - the wolverine.

  • The Wild Kratts team searches for a fawn -Buckaroo -that they helped a few years ago to find out how he's doing now. In the process,they learn about deer society and the vital purpose of antlers.

  • Chris is in the middle of organizing his creature power discs, when they get a call from Wild Kratts kid Manuel who lives in the Sonoran Desert. He says he has spotted an ocelot in his backyard. An ocelot in the desert? That's so rare!

  • While on a mission to investigate the exoskeletons of the Atlas and Hercules beetles, the Hercules beetle is accidentally enlarged. Now the Wild Kratts are faced with a new mission to shrink the giant beetle!

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