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  • TV-Y7-FV
  • 2003
  • 5 Seasons
  • 7.9  (37,224)

Teen Titans is an animated television series that aired from 2003 to 2006. The show revolves around a group of teenage superheroes who go by the name "The Teen Titans." The main cast consists of Robin, the leader of the group, who is voiced by Scott Menville, Raven, the dark and mysterious half-demon voiced by Tara Strong, Cyborg, the half-human, half-machine voiced by Khary Payton, Beast Boy, the green shape-shifting cutie, voiced by Greg Cipes, and Starfire, the alien princess with superpowers, voiced by Hynden Walch.

Each episode of Teen Titans showcases the team helping citizens and fighting crime, and their adventures often involve battling supervillains or saving the world from certain doom. The villains that they clash against include Slade, a ruthless mastermind voiced by Ron Perlman, Brother Blood, a power-hungry cult leader voiced by John DiMaggio, and Control Freak, a geeky TV addict voiced by Alexander Polinsky.

Throughout the series, the team engages in various personal storylines that explore their lives as teenage superheroes. Robin's struggles with his leadership abilities and his feelings for Starfire are often in the spotlight. Raven's internal struggles dealing with her demonic heritage are another major plotline, as are Cyborg's attempts to reconcile his human and robotic parts. Beast Boy and Starfire bring much-needed humor and fun to the show, with Beast Boy's love for food and pranks, and Starfire's unusual alien customs and language.

The action-packed show also features a wide variety of guest voice actors, including Malcolm McDowell, Henry Rollins, Michael Rosenbaum, and Tom Kenny. The show's art style is unique, with bold, bright colors and anime-inspired design, and the theme song, "Teen Titans Go!" by Puffy AmiYumi, is catchy and widely recognized by fans of the show.

Overall, Teen Titans is a fun, engaging animated series that delivers a mix of action, humor, and heartfelt moments. The characters' camaraderie and unique personalities make the show a joy to watch, and the complex storylines keep viewers invested in the fates of these young heroes. Fans of superhero fiction and animation would do well to give this show a watch.

In conclusion, Teen Titans is an animated series that follows a group of teenage superheroes as they fight crime and save the world from supervillains. It features an engaging cast of characters, exciting action, and heartfelt moments that will keep viewers entertained and invested from start to finish.

Teen Titans is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (98 episodes). The series first aired on July 19, 2003.

Teen Titans
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Mo' Money Mo' Problems
16. Mo' Money Mo' Problems
June 25, 2018
The Titans make Robin give them a tour of Wayne Manor and discover how fun it is to be rich.
Rocks and Water
15. Rocks and Water
March 10, 2015
Summary not available
Dude Relax / Laundry Day
14. Dude Relax / Laundry Day
May 14, 2013
Summary not available
Things Change
13. Things Change
January 16, 2006
The Titans are finally home, but a lot of things have changed. When Beast Boy sees Terra, he tries everything to make her remember. After hearing the words "thing change" from her, Beast Boy now has to face the fact that they change.
Titans Together
12. Titans Together
January 14, 2006
The Brotherhood of Evil has captured every hero around the globe. Except one....
Calling All Titans
11. Calling All Titans
January 7, 2006
The Titans traveled around the world one by one, to deliver T-walkie talkies to other members so they can defeat the Brotherhood of Evil. But I think this went the other way around.
10. Go
December 17, 2005
Returning to the origin of how the Teen Titans first met. Starfire, after being chased to Earth, meets up with the other future Titans to deal with her pursuers.
Revved Up
9. Revved Up
December 10, 2005
Ding Dong Daddy has stole Robin's most prized possession. So what happens when other villains decide to try and get it?
8. Lightspeed
December 3, 2005
HIVE Five are now taking over the city, with the Titans all over the globe. So what happens when a new hero ruins the fun?
Hide and Seek
7. Hide and Seek
November 11, 2005
Raven is stuck watching over 3 young heroes. She has to take them to a place where they would be safe. But what's with Mr. Mallah following them?
6. Kole
November 5, 2005
The Titans meet a girl name Kole and her friend, Gnarck. When Dr. Light kidnaps Kole to use her as a crystal to become more powerful, can the Titans now stop a very powerful Dr. Light?
5. Snowblind
October 28, 2005
In Russia there is a monster crazed for energy destroying parts of towns. All the blame is pinned on Red Star but is he really the one doing all the horrible things?
For Real
4. For Real
October 15, 2005
Control Freak has the Ultimate Test for the Teen Titans, but it doesn't work against Titans East. So he comes up with challenges that Titans East can't beat. Have Titans East met their match?
3. Trust
October 8, 2005
Robin has a plan to defeat the Brotherhood of Evil, but is he endangering every Titan around the world?
Homecoming (2)
2. Homecoming (2)
October 1, 2005
Beast Boy is back with his team to try to stop the Brotherhood of Evil, once and for all.
Homecoming (1)
1. Homecoming (1)
September 24, 2005
Beast Boy gets a call that the Doom Patrol is in trouble, so he and the Titans must take action and free Beast boy's "parents."
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  • Premiere Date
    July 19, 2003
  • IMDB Rating
    7.9  (37,224)