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Animal Fight Night brings you in the middle of some of the most incredible action fights between the same species of wild animals of all kinds. From the largest Saltwater Crocodiles to the smallest beetle the rivals between each other never end in order for the survival of these animals. It

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on NAT GEO WILD
1 Season, 40 Episodes
October 6, 2013
Nature, Documentary & Biography
Cast: Eric Meyers
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Animal Fight Night Full Episode Guide

  • Animals battle for territory, food and mating rights across the globe. From big cats to goliath elephant bulls, the drive to eat and extend one's bloodline weighs heavy on the minds of animals in the wild.

  • In India, a male tiger takes on an older male for the rights to call the territory home. Unique battles like stalk-eyed flies, moray eels, roosters and a mink show even the smallest battles can have the ultimate cost.

  • Animals battle for territory, food and mating rights across the globe.

  • Animals all over the globe fight tooth-and-claw for the rights to food, mating and territory.

  • This killer episode of Animal Fight Night reveals how some of the most dangerous fights in the animal kingdom are between the same species, whether for territory, bloodline or survival.

  • Some of nature's biggest and toughest, from grey whales to African elephants, battle to protect their young and secure their bloodline.

  • It's predator versus prey, killers versus killer and the victims fight back. We show how some of the most brutal battles in nature are fought, where size really doesn't matter and there are no guaranteed victories.

  • Watch as these animal mothers wage war to protect their young, and disputes over territory turn toxic.

  • We expose how some of the most deadly battles in the animal kingdom are fought amongst the same species, as well as between predator and prey.

  • Animal Fight Night reveals brutal battles between nature's most fearless animals.

  • Animal Fight Night takes us on an amazing, edge-of-your-seat journey across the globe to witness firsthand some of the biggest and bloodiest battles in nature. From Australia to the rivers and savannas of Africa, creatures of all sizes and savagery clash with other species and each other for the rights to food, land and their bloodline.

  • In the wild, beasts of all sizes clash, from love-struck grizzlies, raging buffalo and a snake’s mistaken identity to a double dose of gang warfare. These are the battles of the bravest; with claws on show and venom in flow, we see greed, revenge, love, hate and piracy.

  • Life in the wild is a constant killer contest, and some animals go to great lengths to survive and conquer. Witness what happens when animals face off and fight for power.

  • In the animal kingdom, animals fight to fend off starvation, assert dominance and secure their bloodlines. Discover the bone-shattering clashes between some of our planet’s deadliest predators. From tigers to lions to sharks, witness what it takes for these lethal animals to take down their opponents.

  • The winners and losers in nature's savage battles for breeding rights, territory and food can depend on one misjudged moment. Grizzly bears, big cats, wild dogs and dragons take center stage as Animal Fight Night reveals the moves that make the difference between death and survival for some of the world's deadliest predators.

  • Animal Fight Night showcases nature's most brutal battle plans and how an intelligent attack can be the difference between victory and death. Using a mix of ultra-rare wildlife footage, exclusive user-generated content and groundbreaking computer animation, "Savage Strategies" proves that, in the wild, brain power can be as potent a weapon as muscle power.

  • In the wild, beasts of all sizes clash: from desperate polar bears battling for supremacy to river otters risking all in the jaws of a raging black caiman and foolish lions playing soccer with a no-holds-barred honey badger. This is nature at its meanest, stripped down to who dares wins

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