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If you are an avid animal lover, then you may have heard of his show. He's Dr. Jeff and his show, Dr. Jeff: the Rocky Mountain Vet, airs on Animal Planet. Follow the good doctor and his team of over 30 experts as they work daily to treat the injuries and repair the lives of their patients, sometimes making the difference between life and death.

Their over 80,000 patients vary from the very small to the very large and everything in between. The series seizes the captivating, heart-wrenching moments of emergency surgeries and the daily chaos of scheduled pet appointments at the Planned Pethood Plus veterinary clinic in Denver, Colorado. And if the patient can't make it to the vet's office, then he goes to them. Visiting neighboring farms, ranches and beyond.

A passionate advocate for animals, Dr. Jeff applies his 25 years experience and calm demeanor to treat his broken and sick patients and quell the anxiety of pet parents. His mission statement, 'low-cost animal care for all' and his code of ethics drives him to make the tough decisions. He's not afraid to break the rules, sometimes performing dangerous surgeries when he believes the outcome could outweigh the risk.

Saturdays 10:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
5 Seasons, 58 Episodes
July 11, 2015
Animals, Reality
Cast: John Schwab
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Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet Full Episode Guide

  • Dr. Baier treats a dog who has stopped eating. Dr. Amy tackles complex surgery to help a feisty cat. A Weimaraner with a life-threatening condition needs an urgent procedure. And the team head downtown to run a free vet clinic for the homeless.

  • Dr. Jeff races to save a brave pit bull shot defending her owner during a robbery. Dr. Baier treats a guinea pig with an unusual problem. And Jeff and Hector head out to a wildlife sanctuary that needs their help with a couple of wolves.

  • Dr. Jeff and his team head to Houston to rescue dogs in the aftermath of devastating floods. Back in Denver, Dr. Amy treats a cat with a mysterious wound, and a young Lab needs emergency surgery after eating something unusual.

  • Dr. Jeff races to save a family's beloved dog after getting hit by a car; Dr. Amy treats a cherished Yorkie with a mysterious wound; and Dr. Baier must find out why a cat started losing weight.

  • Dr. Jeff fights to save a pit bull bitten by a rattlesnake. The team battles to save a cherished cat rescued from an apartment fire. And, Dr. Amy performs emergency surgery when a girl's beloved Chihuahua is hit by a car.

  • Dr. Baier races to save a young couple's cat after it is hit by a truck. Dr. Don operates on a basset hound with an unusual appetite. And, Dr. Jeff and his team head to Mexico to provide desperately needed vet care to the community.

  • When a puppy is kicked in the head by a donkey, Dr. Jeff is her only hope. Later, Jeff goes fishing for a hook stuck in a hungry beagle's throat, and Dr. Amy helps a cat unable to walk. And, Dr. Nichols gets caught up in a wrestling match with an alpaca.

  • Jeff and his team head to a remote town where they encounter an animal they never expected to see in Colorado. Back in Denver, a dog is rushed into the clinic after jumping out of a moving truck; and Dr. Amy treats a kitten with a mysterious injury.

  • Dr. Jeff performs a surgery to save a pup with a deadly illness. Later, Dr. May helps an injured cat.

  • Dr. Jeff examines a Weimaraner and makes a discovery. Dr. Baier investigates the cause of a rabbit's fur loss.

  • Dr. Jeff helps a remote town in Colorado overwhelmed by feral cats. A staff member's beloved dog needs emergency surgery. Dr. Baier gives some injured birds of prey a second chance. And, Jeff races to save the life of a famiy's precious Chihuahua.

  • A young boxer falls from a second-story window; Jeff finds a life-threatening problem in a Great Dane; Don battles to save a cat's leg after a ferocious nocturnal attack by a mystery animal.

  • The team goes to Romania to help with a street dog problem that's out of control, and ventures into the mountains to treat a European bison that's suffered a brutal wound. Also: Jeff attempts a complex surgery to restore a dog's sense of hearing.

  • A puppy needs a high-risk surgery; a 3-day-old kitten needs immediate help; a deadly virus halves a puppy's chances at life.

  • An emergency surgery yields a surprising discovery; treating a goat that has been kicked by a horse; a couple travel a long distance to fix their dog's shattered leg; treating an injured ostrich.

  • With a puppy's leg on the line, Dr. Jeff attempts a new surgical procedure; a ferret bites off more than it can chew; a disturbing discovery while treating a cat; treating rescued bears.

  • Dr. Jeff and his team head to Mexico to help pets and their owners in desperate need. Dr. Jeff helps a teenage boy and his sister worried about their sick dog. And the team head to a remote Mayan village to treat dogs that have never seen a vet before.

  • A cat with a shattered paw needs Dr. Jeff's help to walk again. Dr. Baier treats a rescued opossum in need of a new home. And the team heads to an Indian reservation in South Dakota, where a badly injured dog steals Jeff's heart.

  • An abandoned puppy is found with a broken leg; the team cares for a seriously ill Boston Terrier; doctors head out to treat rescued pigs.

  • There's no such thing as "a regular day" at Denver's Planned Pethood Plus veterinary clinic. For 80,000-plus clients and their pets, the clinic and its maverick vet Dr. Jeff Young represent one last hope, and possibly the difference, between life and death.

  • When a beloved black lab swallows toxic metal, Dr. Jeff races to save his life. A lost cat is found after a year and a half absence, but has a mysterious injury. And, a tiny dog has a big, life-threatening problem.

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