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The Incredible Dr. Pol is a documentary aired on the National Geographic Channel. Dr. Jan Pol was born in September in the Netherlands 1942. He was raised on his family's dairy farm. He grew up and graduated from Utrecht University in 1970. And has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 35 years. He and his wife eventually moved to Michigan and he soon found employment working for a veterinarian. He and his wife would soon open up their own practice in 1981 out of their own house with only ten employees and staff.

Dr. Pol is a very busy man, he works 14 hours a day. He makes house calls to care for the sick or wounded animals, which is a dying business. He specializes in cows, pigs, horses, sheep, and goats (just to name a few). He was shown the ropes by his father when he was just a little boy on how to take care of and fix hurt or sick animals. His father was a big influence on why he went to college and why his career was geared towards veterinarian work. His big heart and love for animals makes him a very popular person in Michigan. Honesty is the key in this business, animals are his life.

When owners are having animal problems, Dr. Jan Pol is the go to guy. Dr. Pol wants the animals to get well so that the owners can continue making money from the animals and crops. Animals are everything to a farmer. If you don't have enough animals to get the job done, then the farmers would have a hard time putting food on their own table. farmers work on time lines, and when an animal is down, it halts the production process, which in turn hurts business. This documentary give the viewers at home an up close, in depth, and personal look inside the good and the bad, the hard work involved, and the pay off at the end, which is a fully healthy, recovering animal.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic Wild
14 Seasons, 165 Episodes
October 29, 2011
Action & Adventure, Family, Reality
Cast: Jan Pol, Charles Pol, Diane Pol, Ari Rubin
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The Incredible Dr. Pol Full Episode Guide

  • It's summer in central Michigan, and things are heating up at Pol Veterinary Services. Dr. Nicole is the newest addition to the Pol team, and she is lending a hand with the farm calls and clinic cases. From broken legs to stalled labor, summer time doesn't mean vacation time on this sizzling episode of The Incredible Dr. Pol.

  • Summer is in full swing and Pol Veterinary Services is abuzz with ducks, pups and all sorts of emergencies.

  • Dr. Pol has his hands full keeping the 4H animals healthy for competing in the 2018 Isabella County Fair. In this episode, we follow three young competitors and their animals as they prepare for the fair - Myia and her lamb, Gavin and his pig and Chelsea and her goat. These kids, along with all other kids at the fair, are hoping their hard work pays off when it's time for the competition.

  • This week on The Incredible Dr. Pol, it's a bevy bash as the newly married Charles and Beth Pol hatch a new flock! After weeks of wait and anticipation, Charles successfully spawns seven new peachicks and a little chicklet, who he dubs Henriette. Later, the lovebirds show off their new brood to Doc and Diane at PVS—flitting, flapping and flying their way throughout the clinic!

  • New doc Nicole Arcy learns from the pros at Pol Veterinary Services and treats all kinds of animals.

  • It’s a wild week of false alarms, around-the-clock emergencies, and some good old-fashioned detective work by the docs at Pol Veterinary Services.

  • Spring is here and there’s no shortage of mama drama as the docs handle cases with new moms, foster moms, and everything in between.

  • It’s a baby bonanza at Pol Veterinary Services, where the docs have their hands full with some beautiful babies...and some angry mamas.

  • It's a week of firsts for the team at Pol Veterinary Services with Doc giving around-the-clock care with two emergency foalings.

  • Winter makes a slow exit, but the animals come in fast at Pol Veterinary Services.

  • The vets have their hands full doing what they do best: saving animals in distress.

  • We look back at some of the tiniest, fluffiest, and just plain cutest cases that the vets have taken on. From puppies, to kittens, to foals, to kids, the Pol vets know how to handle these tiny animals with big emergencies.

  • On this special episode, we follow a week in the life of the team at Pol clinic from Monday through Sunday! Whether working with double-humped camels, newborn lambs, or feisty felines, there's no rest for these vets.

  • It is a rodeo of a week at Pol vet.

  • Motherhood is a full-time job from pregnancy pains, through labor and delivery, and sometimes Mother Nature needs a helping hand from Dr. Pol and his team.

  • The vets go over the hills and through the woods of central Michigan from one emergency call to the next. They race to the rescue of some raucous alpacas, Luna the loveable therapy rabbit, and Twinkie - the cutest baby goat you ever did see!

  • Looks like chills are multiplying this week on The Incredible Dr. Pol! A nasty bug has hit the clinic causing multiple staffers to call out sick. Overwhelmed and understaffed, Dr. Pol and Dr. Emily tag team to take the lead on cases ranging from injured legs, quilled faces, and amputated ears. Between treating sick animals and dealing with a sick staff, a vet's job is never done.

  • Dr. Michele shadows our regulars for a crash course in farm calls – Dr. Pol-style! Dr. Michele picked a good week, feisty bulls need wrangling, a reluctant horse needs dental work, and a series of pregnancy checks kick off the week. Add to the mix an emergency goat kidding and a little kitten with a crippling leg problem.

  • Santa Paws is coming to town this week on the Incredible Dr. Pol! The holidays are here again with lights, decorations and an unexpected snowstorm! Despite the weather, the staff at PVS are determined to keep their spirits high. With broken wings and smelly things, jingle bells and puppy yelps, it's looking to be a Holly, Pol-y Christmas!

  • Emergencies don't follow regular business hours at Pol Vet. It's 911 from head to tail in a race to save lives this week on The Incredible Dr. Pol.

  • Sit! Stay! You're in for a barking good time this week on The Incredible Dr. Pol. In this pooch-packed episode, cut tails, close calls, quill pulling and knee popping keep the docs at Pol Veterinary Services paws-itively busy as they rush to help injured pooches.

  • After a busy summer, everyone from the clinic staffers to their furry friends at Pol Veterinary Services are excited for some rest and relaxation. Dr. Pol trades in his stethoscope for a fishing pole for a weekend as he and Diane take a mini-vacation out on the open water.

  • The vets see everything from poisoned puppies and sassy cats. Meanwhile, Tater, the clinic cat, gets an adventure of his own.

  • As the leaves change during autumn in Michigan, the crew at Pol Veterinary Services are falling into the same busy routine! Dr. Pol handles a dramatic three-day baby reindeer emergency, while Dr. Emily helps a bulldog that appears to be choking. And Christmas comes early for Dr. Brenda when she is tasked with a herd of Santa Clauses and their reindeer.

  • The clinic encounters constipated cats, gassy horses and even a surprise proposal.

  • It's trauma, drama and a piglet in peril. A piglet named Winston is rushed into Dr. Pol's clinic after his owners become worried about his sudden decline in health. Dr. Emily worries that it's Tetanus, which can be lethal in small animals, so all of the vets must join forces to help Winston pull through. Meanwhile, the clinic is busy with bloated calves, cats with grubs and even an injured emu.

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Beagle Arthritis | The Incredible Dr. Pol Clip (02:42) Pulling a Calf | The Incredible Dr. Pol Clip (02:39) Horse Castration | The Incredible Dr. Pol Clip (03:48) Itsy Bitsy Goat Kid | The Incredible Dr. Pol Clip (02:27) Cow Gas | The Incredible Dr. Pol Clip (03:47) Puppy Love | The Incredible Dr. Pol Clip (03:06) Checking the Horses | The Incredible Dr. Pol Clip (02:37) Dr. Pol and the Farmers | The Incredible Dr. Pol Clip (01:00)

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