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The Incredible Dr. Pol is a documentary aired on the National Geographic Channel. Dr. Jan Pol was born in September in the Netherlands 1942. He was raised on his family's dairy farm. He grew up and graduated from Utrecht University in 1970. And has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 35 years. He and his wife eventually moved to Michigan and he soon found employment working for a veterinarian. He and his wife would soon open up their own practice in 1981 out of their own house with only ten employees and staff.

Dr. Pol is a very busy man, he works 14 hours a day. He makes house calls to care for the sick or wounded animals, which is a dying business. He specializes in cows, pigs, horses, sheep, and goats (just to name a few). He was shown the ropes by his father when he was just a little boy on how to take care of and fix hurt or sick animals. His father was a big influence on why he went to college and why his career was geared towards veterinarian work. His big heart and love for animals makes him a very popular person in Michigan. Honesty is the key in this business, animals are his life.

When owners are having animal problems, Dr. Jan Pol is the go to guy. Dr. Pol wants the animals to get well so that the owners can continue making money from the animals and crops. Animals are everything to a farmer. If you don't have enough animals to get the job done, then the farmers would have a hard time putting food on their own table. farmers work on time lines, and when an animal is down, it halts the production process, which in turn hurts business. This documentary give the viewers at home an up close, in depth, and personal look inside the good and the bad, the hard work involved, and the pay off at the end, which is a fully healthy, recovering animal.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic Wild
16 Seasons, 173 Episodes
October 29, 2011
Action & Adventure, Kids & Family, Reality
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The Incredible Dr. Pol Full Episode Guide

  • The week starts with 10 feisty cows that might be pregnant. A wild chase ensues when an emu hops out of its pen and makes a run for it.

  • This week on The Incredible Dr. Pol, the docs race across central Michigan to help animal clients of all shapes and sizes. Dr. Pol and Charles rush to rescue Sam, a two-year-old horse with a life-threatening infection. Meanwhile, Dr. Brenda needs to work fast to assure that Sebastian, a 4-H sheep, is free of ringworm and ready for the Midland County Fair!

  • During a series of challenging clinic and farm calls, Drs. Pol and Brenda let new vets Drs. Lisa and Ray take the reins to show off their skills. Staff members – both new and old – must work together to solve medical mysteries and use their strength in numbers to change a baby calf's life forever!

  • The docs face husky canines, spellbinding kitties, prickly prospects and Dr. Emily's emotional departure. After almost five-and-a-half years at Pol Veterinary Services, Dr. Emily announces she is starting a new life chapter in Virginia! With heavy hearts, the vets and staff reflect on their time with Emily and host a final goodbye luncheon.

  • This week at Pol Veterinary Services, the doctors treat an emu with a fractured leg.

  • The docs have their hands full with 4-H clients preparing for the Isabella County Fair.

  • This week at Pol Veterinary Services, the vets are herding cats! The feline frenzy is only the beginning of the crazy cases that pass through PVS' doors, which include a barn cat with a cold, a new mom with kittens and a fired-up feral determined to redecorate the clinic.

  • It's spring in Michigan, and the baby farm animals are keeping the Pol team on its toes.

  • This week on The Incredible Dr. Pol, Dr. Pol and Diane fall head-over-paws for a sweet Great Dane puppy looking for her fur-ever home. As if a new puppy doesn't keep Doc busy enough, Pol Veterinary Services is slammed with animals in need. With so much going on between PVS and the new puppy, the vets barely have time to squeeze in a lunch break!

  • People and pets share a special bond.

  • The Pol Vet Crew is working overtime this week with late- night rescues, multiple stalled labors, and one of Charles Pol's pets. The team will work through some of its most challenging situations to get these animals on the road to recovery. From puppies to heifers, it's all in a day's work at Pol Veterinary Services!

  • Charlie the pint-sized pony has managed to capture Dr. Pol’s unbridled love.

  • The patients of PVS have managed to find their way into serious trouble this week.

  • A bevy of bovine awaits Dr. Pol as he rolls out to Clay Knob for herd health checks.

  • It’s an emotional time for the Pol family as they bid farewell to their beloved cat, Kid.

  • The vets pull out their best tricks to treat splits, twists, rolls and flips.

  • ‘Tis the season for mysterious cases, wild chases and a little Christmas magic.

  • Dr. Pol glides into the clinic with a grin on his face and sports a newly replaced ankle and a fresh set of wheels. Doc is bound to a knee scooter while he keeps things on track at PVS. Hilarity ensues as he whizzes around the clinic, recruits Charles as his physician's assistant and even perfects the art of coffee talk.

The Incredible Dr. Pol Video Clips & Extras

Beagle Arthritis | The Incredible Dr. Pol Clip (02:42) Pulling a Calf | The Incredible Dr. Pol Clip (02:39) Horse Castration | The Incredible Dr. Pol Clip (03:48) Itsy Bitsy Goat Kid | The Incredible Dr. Pol Clip (02:27) Cow Gas | The Incredible Dr. Pol Clip (03:47) Puppy Love | The Incredible Dr. Pol Clip (03:06) Checking the Horses | The Incredible Dr. Pol Clip (02:37) Dr. Pol and the Farmers | The Incredible Dr. Pol Clip (01:00)

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