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The National Geographic Wild channel broadcasts much more than just a show about animals. It is an adventure in a multiple of different categories like photography, environment, travel, technology, compassion, exploration and projections of future events related to wildlife and animals all rolled into one. Loyal viewers may find themselves on the edge of their seats with intense anticipation of what will happen one minute and crying tears of joy the next. With never a dull moment, National Geographic Wild delivers the most sensational surprises, mysteries and amazing realities connected to wildlife from around the world.

Be ready to explore things on our earth you may not have even known exist. Viewers at times can expect to see how some of the most exotic animals have surprisingly ordinary habits, while at the same time be ready to discover how some ordinary creatures have some of the most outlandish routines. With National Geographic Wild you will witness things you never knew were happening in the wild around the clock.

Witness the previously hidden and unknown facts for a variety of different creatures including domestic animals, wild mammals, reptiles, fowls and sea life. You will observe up close battles for survival and breathtaking attacks of defense during your television excursion.

Be ready to travel to the hidden and far ends of the earth to witness extraordinary situations and events related to wildlife. At the same time you will see some amazing facts you may never have know about domestic pets and animals. There is certainly something for everyone to enjoy. With National Geographic Wild be prepared to live on the edge of your seat with excitement and fearful anticipation of what will happen next around the globe.