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Swamp Men is a documentary show based on the Billie Swamp Safari which is a Florida Seminole Tribe. The tribe is located on a wildlife park near the Everglades. The show features cast members leading visitors through an adventurous time encountering various types of wildlife found in the swamps of Florida. The park's director is Ed Woods who is in charge of protecting the visitors through the staff he employs at Billie Swamp Safari.

You will watch as some cast members encounter some of Florida's most ferocious swamp animals. They will encounter the panther, the black bear, many alligators and plenty of snakes. Each episode brings an excited, unpredictable outlook to life in the swampy marsh land of the Everglades. The show features the staff's ability to keep the reservation safe for the visitors and what risks they are exposed to on a daily basis.

Mondays at 10:00 PM on National Geographic Wild
2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
May 3, 2010
Cast: Art Edmonds
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Swamp Men Full Episode Guide

  • When there's threat of a cannibalistic Cayman attack... Cattail decides to do some modeling?

  • Moving two of Billie Swamp Safari's meanest alligators presents a serious injury to Seminole Wildlife Officer, Gus 'Onebear' Batista.

  • The crew knows how to handle the situation when newbie staffer Meghan gets bitten by a three-footer in the gator pond. Meanwhile, Cory Wilcox and his crew are trapping hogs in an effort to control the growing population. And Everett Osceola is showing master gator handler, Billy Walker, he is ready to be promoted to a handler.

  • The Swamp Men try to remove a 700-pound gator from a property, but the gator appears to be more lethargic than normal. They transport it back to Billie Swamp Safari, but their efforts are unsuccessful. The circle of life continues, however, as the team works together to save an old gator that's being bullied out of his share of food.

  • Years ago Safari founder James Billie introduced exotic animals to a park and now they are threatening to take over. He assesses the situation and tries to find a solution.

  • There is an alligator and a colony of bees that must be relocated right away.

  • Three feisty alligators need to be relocated in order to make room for an aggressive bull alligator named "Bad."

  • A re-enactment of the second Seminole War complicates matters when keeping park visitors safe during one of the tribe's major cultural events.

  • Senior staff meet to discuss emergency protocol as Tropical Storm Bonnie heads towards the safari park.

  • Ed enlists a veteran 'gator wrangler' to help him try to catch Houdini, a dangerous nine-foot Nile croc who escaped captivity over a decade ago.

  • The guys risk life and limb to search for injured animals while a forest fire ravages the nearby Seminole cultural area. With the hard work done, Ed organises a frog-leg eating contest to celebrate. But who will leap to victory?

  • Safari director Ed Woods has a difficult - and dangerous - job on his hands as he looks to relocate a number of huge and potentially deadly Nile crocodiles to a new home.

  • There's more croc commotion when Ed and his team realise that an alligator has escaped from 'Alcatraz', the fenced-in area that houses the nuisance gators that might have been destroyed elsewhere in Florida.

  • The team at the Billie Swamp Safari embarks on a mammoth spring cleaning of the park in preparation for Memorial Day, one of the busiest weekends of the year. But will a colony of thousands of bees ruin the holiday?

  • Ed gets an emergency call regarding one of the swamp's most endangered predators, the Florida panther.

  • Billie Swamp Safari is faced with the challenge of capturing a black bear threatening the food source for other animals in the reservation.

  • Houdini is a 9-foot-long Nile croc that earned his name from being a renegade on the loose for more than 12 years!

  • Park director Ed Woods responds to an emergency call -- an imposing 11-foot alligator camped under a dock where guests are coming to visit -- and calls in Paul, expert alligator catcher. On the other side of Billie Swamp Safari, a razor-tusked wild hog tests Cory's animal-trapping skills. And, newbies Matt and Shea learn how to capture trespassing raccoons and tackle alligators. Their skills are quickly put to work as they rescue a clutch of baby gators from being eaten by a hungry bull gator.

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