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This reality follows the daily lives of people who live in the remote parts of Alaska throughout the year, even during the state's horrifically brutal winters. Hunting, fishing, trading and foraging are the keys to survival in this environment, and life is always a struggle. The series airs on the National Geographic Channel.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic
13 Seasons, 137 Episodes
May 19, 2013
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Life Below Zero Full Episode Guide

  • With winter looming, the residents of Alaska must gather the last of the season's resources before the freeze returns to the land.

  • As the Arctic summer comes to an end, residents of Alaska must seize the final hours of daylight to prepare for the return of winter's fury.

  • As daylight feels unending across Alaska, its residents use every means possible to secure their livelihood in hopes for a prosperous winter.

  • When it's summer in Alaska, the rivers flow, the bears roam, and Alaskans get to work.

  • With 22 hours of sunlight per day during the Arctic summer, Alaskans take on necessary projects to prepare their homesteads for the coming winter.

  • Alaskans must take advantage of the endless summer daylight to secure resources and repair vital equipment before the freeze returns.

  • The spring thaw in Alaska ushers in a new season, new opportunities and new challenges.

  • The Arctic is melting at a rapid rate, and residents of Alaska must scramble to adapt.

  • In the heart of winter, Alaskans are faced with trials that would leave others broken and defeated, and are forced to make grim decisions to survive.

  • Throughout Alaska, it's residents must get back to the basics in order to survive the brutal elements.

  • In brutal conditions, Alaskans must endure severe circumstances to live off the land.

  • Alaskans must dig deep to harvest new resources in order to endure dark winter.

  • In order to survive the wrath of dark winter, A laskans must push their mind, body and soul to the limits.

  • Sue repairs her cabin in Chena. The DeWildes set a fish net. Jessie spends time with his young dogs. Chip receives medical attention after an accident.

  • As winters grip begins to take hold on the Arctic tundra, Alaska residents do their best to survive. In Kavik, Sue Aikens works to shut down camp before her plane arrives. In Denali Park, Jessie Holmes races to the finish line as he attempts to keep his winning record. Outside Huslia, Ricko DeWilde

  • Alaskans are relentless in their pursuit of resources.

  • Sue wolverine-proofs her camp. Ricko hunts Moose. Jessie rescues his boat. The Hailstones prepare for winter.

  • Sue Aikens plays a game of chess with a predator; Ricko DeWilde hunts for moose; Jessie Holmes' plans shift from one final resource mission to simply surviving the day; the Hailstone family prepares vital tools needed to endure winter in Noorvik.

  • As the days grow shorter in the Arctic, Alaskans prepare for the harsh battle ahead.

  • With the Arctic summer coming to a close, residents of Alaska must secure provisions from the land before the deadly conditions of dark winter return.

  • For Alaskans, summer is coming to an end, and before winter returns they must harvest nature's bounty or fall victim to the cruelty of Father Time.

  • With the warm months waning, Alaskans must overcome exhaustion and injury as they maneuver through obstacles and try to stay ahead of the freeze.

  • In Alaska, summer is spent preparing for what lies ahead; the Hailstones spend a night on the water; Sue Aikens battles river currents to source coal; Ricko DeWilde secures food with nets made by his late mother; Jessie Holmes gathers firewood.

  • Alaskans take advantage of round-the-clock sunlight to secure the means to make life more tolerable during the winter months.

  • As the endless sunlight returns to the Arctic, Alaskans must deal with the dangers of changing conditions and the awakening predators.

  • With the rivers flowing and the spring thaw in full swing, residents of the last frontier travel off the beaten path to hunt and gather key resources.

  • The Hailstones bind together for a family hunt. Jessie recuperates from a hard-fought Iditarod. Ricko finds an unexpected treasure. Sue's rush to clear the runway is interrupted by an unexpected breakdown.

  • It's a constant test to survive in the Arctic, but a boundless work ethic allows residents to expand their horizons and thrive in the extreme.

  • The Hailstone family rushes to prepare camp for a possible storm. Winds jeopardize Sue's camp and livelihood, and as goose season opens, Ricko teaches his daughter to hunt. Meanwhile, Glenn heads out to replenish his family's meat supply.

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